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"Useless, you said? That's the closest thing to nonsense I've heard today. My drums are far from useless! In fact, I'd say that they are more useful than your own Magic! Surely, your Magic has the capacity to make any living being squirm under pressure and beg for mercy. But the question is... Can your Magic enthrall any being without fail? Because mine can."
— Aya to Maricia about her Magic.

"Music is the strongest form of Magic."
— Marilyn Manson.
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Aya Frindra



Furindura Aya


Percussionist of the Thunder God (雷神のパーカッショニスト, Raijin no Pākasshonisuto)




Female Female




183 cm (6'0" feet)


69 kg (154 lbs)


May 16

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Huang's Pearl Emblem Huang's Pearl

Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

Upper right breast


Guild Ace

Previous Occupation

Street Musician


Phantasmal Ensemble


Margreta Bellisara
Cattleya Amadrine

Base of Operations


Personal Status



Unknown parents
Margreta Bellisara (adoptive sister)
Cattleya Amadrine
(adoptive sister)
Invertia (blood bound)


Arc of Rhythm
Lightning Magic


Cursed Drum set

Aya Frindra (フリンドラ・アヤ, Furindura Aya) is a female Mage from a guild called Huang's Pearl and is commonly regarded as the Guild Ace of said guild. Having met up with a demon in the not too distant past, said demon cursed her with a rare Magic known as Arc of Rhythm. Now having mastered this powerful Magic, she is the most powerful member of the Guild and infamous for defeating a massive amount of Dark Guilds in the past. Due to the fact that she, alongside the rest of her team, the Phantasmal Ensemble, managed to halt a coup staged by a mysterious figure in the Magic Council who called herself Chang'e, they are commonly viewed as heroes by other guilds in Fiore. But Chang'e managed to escape before she could be detained by the guards, they have been chasing her ever since. As a result of their everlasting chase, the three of them are rarely seen in the building of Huang's Pearl. But since she has fewer earthly connections than her team members, also her adoptive sisters, Aya has a tendency to visit more seldom than them. More persistent in her hunt, she has been the closest person to catch Chang'e, but the figure remains elusive. Having made it her goal to detain this heinous criminal, Aya has vowed to never rest until the mistress of shadows is brought to justice. As a result of her constant exposure to evil, she has gradually become more and more unscrupulous herself; poisoned by her own passion. Believing that it is a small price to pay, Aya hardly values her own life anymore.





Powers & Abilities

Aya multiple personalities

Aya's alternate identities, from right to left, Break and Passion.

Arc of Rhythm (リズムのアーク, Rizumu no Āku): Her Magic also caused her to develop two additional identities, Break (ブレーク, Burēku) and Passion (パッション, Passhon), which reside in her body. Regular people who can learn Arc of Rhythm through normal means instead of acquiring it through Ritual of Bestowing do not possess such entities inside themselves, but Aya does as a result of being subjected to this particular Black Art, as it is its signature effect. While they have never manifested in the woman's behavior, these two entities frequently clash in her mind. Humorously, these two beings possess qualities which contrasts a majority of the time, as demonstrated by their general behavior. Break, clad in deep purple, is often aloof, brooding and frequently appears distant, especially when meeting her gaze. Passion, on the other hand, is rash, impulsive, aggressive and more often than not, mocking as well.

  • The Drum's Victorious War Cry (太鼓の勝鬨, Taiko no Shōkō):
  • Song of Guidance (案内歌, An'naika):
  • Imperial Command: Heavenly Queen's Song (皇令:天后唄, lit. Imperial Command: Heavenly Queen's Song with Shamisen):


Behind the Scenes

Much like her sisters, Cattleya and Margreta, Aya's epithet serves as an inspiration from a traditional Shintō deity, which in her case is Raijin. Having a lightning motif as a result, her element contrasts her sister's, which are earth and water respectively. This is especially apparent in her case, since lightning is far more destructive than earth and water, which is also reflected in her other Magic, which is Arc of Rhythm. Being far more destructive than Note Magic, Aya was always intended to stick out from her sisters. Just like Raijin himself, Aya uses drums in order to invoke lightning and thunder.

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