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Ayame is a phoenix who is known everywhere for her prowess over fighting against overwhelming odds. This ability has given her the alias of "Army of One". While she is not as strong as other phoenixes she is still feared among her enemies.



Unlike most beings who have some form of immortality or long life, Ayame doesn't view it as a curse. Instead, she views it as an opportunity to see and experience new things. This is a testament to her most known traits, which is how she can see the good in everything and her curiosity.

Ayame's second most known trait is her habit of daydreaming and spacing out at any given moment. When she does start to space out or daydream she completely disconnects herself with reality. There is currently no known way to bring her out of this trance, which means Toby and Honjo are forced to let it take its course.


Toby Nightwalker

Honjo Masamune


Ayame Shouki was born in an unknown cave located on an unspecified island that is probably a couple of miles off of the shores of Fiore. Ayame was raised by both of her parents until she was four years old, which at that point her mother left while her father stayed on the island to raise her. Her life on this island was rather peaceful. When Ayame turned eight years old, her father began to teach Ayame the basics of fighting. While at first her father taught her traditional martial arts, it soon evolved into how to take down multiple enemies. This change was brought about when her father discovered her high aptitude for the very rarely practiced art of one-against-many form of fighting. In just six years, Ayame was skilled enough in this form of fighting to take down an army of her father's clones.

When Ayame turned fifteen, her Phoenix Essence Magic finally awoke from inside her. It didn't take long for Ayame to learn how to integrate her new magic with her fighting style.



  • Twin Lacrima Swords: Twin Lacrima Swords are a set of twin swords that was created and then given to Ayame 50 years ago from a village as a reward for saving their village. These swords are made up a special kind of Lacrima known as "Crystal Phoenix Lacrima." It was given this name because this Lacrima was made up of part of Ayame's magic power that was transformed into a Lacrima state. However, the result of transforming Ayame's magic power is a lot different that transforming a human's magic power into a Lacrima. One such unique ability is that Ayame is able to store in a part of her subconscious. When Ayame wants to manifest the twin swords she only needs to think about and it will appear in her hands without needing to use magic power. Another unique ability this sword has is since it is made up of Ayame's magic power, it has the same abilities as the crystals produced by her Crystal Essence Magic. This means the sword is not only extremely durability, but also it constantly absorbs ethernano. With every ounce of ethernano that is absorbed, this sword's durability and cutting ability increases greatly.
  • Lacrima:

Magic and Abilities

Crystal Essence Magic

Crystal Essence Magic is a Caster Magic and a crystal-type Phoenix Essence Magic used solely by Ayame Yagami. This magic allows Ayame to produce extremely durable crystals from various parts of her body as well as create crystals from a distance by summoning her magic power to the desired area. She is also able to have absolute dominance over the crystals she produces. Ayame is able to absorb almost any crystal she touches and use that crystal to restore her body to a healthier state. The crystals produced by this magic are a lot different from normal crystals. Aside from their incredible durability, what makes Ayame's crystals different from normal crystals is as soon as it is produced it begins to constantly absorb some of the ethernano in the atmosphere in order to further increase its overall power and durability. This means if the crystals are not broken within a minute minutes it could prove to be a near impossible feat to break the crystals after that time frame.


  • Crystal Manipulation:
    • Piezoelectricity Manipulation: Ayame is able to generate and control a special kind of electric charge that is found in materials like crystals called piezoelectricity. This electric charge is generated by creating a thin layer of crystals underneath her skin with her Crystal Manipulation ability and then pressurizing the crystals with the very same ability. This creates a piezoelectric charge and it can be emitted from a single body part or the entire body. Once emitted, Ayame is able to control it to her whim with her mental energy. Ayame is able to use this electricity to perform a lot of different feats such as badly electrocuting an opponent with a simple touch, enhancing her physical prowess, or using the electric charge itself to perform close and long range attacks.
      • Electricity Immunity: Ayame's ability to create a special electric charge has given her the ability to be completely immunity to electricity in any shape or form, such as lightning or electromagnetism.
    • Lacrima Manipulation: Since Lacrima is a crystalline substance, she has absolute dominance over it. In addition, she has the ability to produce both small and large quantities Lacrima. She can create almost any type of Lacrima with varying difficulty as long as it isn't an elemental Lacrima or a Dragon Lacrima. Unlike her Crystal Manipulation, this ability does have a limit to how much she can use it because of the terrible strain this ability puts on her mind and body. When she does use it, Ayame has shown the ability to make various constructs out of Lacrima with ease. She has even shown the ability to give these constructs life.
      • Lacrima Consumption: Ayame has the very rare ability to safely consume almost any type of Lacrima. When she does consume it, the effects are a lot greater than when she absorbs normal crystals. When she consumes Lacrima the consumed Lacrima restores her body to a healthier state. In addition, the consumed Lacrima temporarily effects the abilities of her Crystal Essence Magic depending on the Lacrima she consumed. This has been shown when she consumed a Lacrima that has been charged by a fire mage's magic power, which caused the heat of her crystals to increase greatly or when she consumed a Lacrima that was charged with magic power from an ice magic, which allowed her to temporarily produce and control ice.


  • Instantaneous Crystallization: With a swipe of her hand or a snap of her fingers, Ayame is capable of instantly crystallizing the area around her. She is able to crystallizes entire ecosystems. Ayame generally does not use this spell offensively. Instead, she uses to perform more supplementary feats. An example of these uses is how she uses it against weapon users, crystallizing their weapon in order to make it useless against her. When she does use it offensively, she has shown the ability to crystallize magic as powerful as Dragon, God, and Devil Slayer Magic.
  • Crystal Spear Wave: Ayame unleashes dozens of giant crystal stalactites in all directions. These giant crystal stalactites are sharp enough to easily pierce through the toughest of surfaces. Ayame generally uses this spell to instantly deal with large groups of enemies who have surrounded her.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Scream: Ayame inhales deeply before letting out a scream while releasing millions of crystal needles at the same time. Due to the sheer amount of crystal needles, the mass of crystal needles looks more like one blast instead of multiple needles. When the mass of crystal needles comes into contact with the opponent the crystal needles slice the opponent repeatedly for what seems like an indefinite amount of time due to the sheer number of crystal needles there are. This spell has the potential to be very deadly, which is shown when Ayame sliced an opponent to ribbons with this spell.
    • Lacrima Phoenix's Scream: Ayame inhales deeply while gathering a large amount of magic power in her mouth. She then increases the concentration of the magic power until it is crystallized, causing it to become Crystal Phoenix Lacrima. Unlike the Crystal Phoenix Lacrima that her sword is made of, this Lacrima is more of a pseudo-Lacrima rather than a real Lacrima. It is called a Lacrima because of the similarities it has to an actual Lacrima. Ayame compresses the newly created Lacrima, then rapidly decompresses it as she lets out a loud bird-like screech. This causes a large blast of Crystal Phoenix Lacrima to be released from Ayame's mouth. When the blast of Crystal Phoenix Lacrima hits the target, it releases a large explosion of magic power that launches foes off their feet with enough force to cause blunt trauma.
    • Crystal Phoenix's Clamor: Ayame inhales deeply as she gathers a large amount of liquid crystal in her mouth. Ayame then compresses the liquid crystal before decompressing the liquid crystal as she lets out a loud shout. This causes a large torrent of liquid crystal to be released from her mouth at great force. The force of the torrent of liquid crystal is strong enough to effortlessly propel most opponents across large distances.
    • Crystal Phoenix's Screech: Ayame inhales deeply and gathers crystals in her mouth. She then pressurizes the crystals as much as she can, which gives it a strong piezoelectric charge. With a loud screech, she releases the crystals in the form of millions of crystal needles. Each needle has enough piezoelectricity to paralyze almost anyone it pierces.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Talon: Ayame generates several small waves of crystals as she kicks the target. When the waves make contact with the opponent, it causes the opponent to be launched off their feet as inflicting them with several scratch marks that look as if they were created from a phoenix scratching them.
    • Lacrima Phoenix's Talon: Ayame releases several waves of magic power that has been concentrated to the point of crystallization: giving it very similar properties to Crystal Phoenix Lacrima. When the waves of crystallized magic power hits the opponent, it releases a well-sized blast of magic power. This causes the opponent to be launched great distances, inflict blunt trauma, and inflict the opponent with several well-sized cuts.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Feathers: Crystal Phoenix's Feathers is Ayame's version of spells like Iron Dragon's Scales. This spell allows Ayame to coat part or all of her body with a thin layer of crystals, which dramatically increases Ayame's offensive and defensive capabilities. While the layer of crystal is thin and somewhat weak at first, the crystals ability to constantly absorb the ethernano in the atmosphere causes the durability to increase with every passing second. It is for this reason that most opponents think that the layer of crystals are adapting to their attacks. The one weakness this armor has is attacks that is magic-based attacks like the Magic Ray spell. It only takes a couple of these spells to break this armor.
    • Lacrima Phoenix's Feathers: Ayame coats her body with her magic power and then increases the concentration of the magic power. This causes the magic power to become crystallizing: turning it into a substance very similar to Lacrima. Unlike, Crystal Phoenix's Feathers, this defensive spell is very effective against magic-based attacks like the Magic Ray spell. This is because of the Lacrima-like nature of the crystallized magic power.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Wing Attack: Ayame swings her arms in a downward motion and releases a large amount of liquid crystals in the form of a whirlpool. Upon impact with the opponent, the target or targets will be launched off their feet with enough force to easily break bones as well as cause the opponent to suffer from severe blunt trauma.
    • Lacrima Phoenix's Wing Attack:
  • Crystal Phoenix's Drill Peck:
    • Lacrima Phoenix's Drill Peck:
  • Crystal Phoenix's Domain: Crystal Phoenix's Domain is one of the many spells that was created for the sole purpose of defeating a large number of foes. It is spells like this and her fighting style that gave her the alias "Army of One." To perform this spell, Ayame places her hands against the ground and disperses her magic power across a very large area. This causes sharp pillars of crystal to quickly grow out of the ground throughout that very large area in the hopes of skewering Ayame's opponents.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Needle Storm: Ayame generates magic power from both of her hands, causing a bright purplish glow to be emitted from them. Ayame then swings arms as she releases the magic power. This causes a large wave of crystal needles to be released from both hands, which mercilessly bombards the opponent. This spell is generally used to attack multiple opponents at once due to the number of crystal needles.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Bomb: Ayame generates and then shapes crystal into a spherical shape. Once it has been shaped she throws it at the opponent and upon contact, the sphere releases shockwave of magic power that launches foes off their feet as well as release numerous crystal needles in all directions.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Wall: This spell allows Ayame to create a thick wall of crystal in front of her. Ayame does this by quickly focusing on an area in front of her then summoning her magic power to that area. When her magic power reaches that area it immediately transforms itself into a crystal wall.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Imprisonment: Ayame releases a wave of magic power in all directions in the form of a thin layer of pressure. Anything that the magic power touches is instantly trapped in a thick block of crystal. This spell is shown to be hard to avoid because the pressure is both hard to see and it has the potential to cover distances in a very short period of time. However, while it is difficult to dodge, it is easy to block. This is shown when Toby merely exerted a standard Magical Aura to protect himself against this spell.
  • Essence of Crystals: Crystal Reflected Light Cannon: Essence of Crystals: Crystal Reflected Light Cannon is one of Ayame's Secret Art spells. This spell allows her to use the reflective properties of crystals in order to produce a very powerful blast of light energy.


Crystal-Make is a type of Molding Magic that allows Ayame to create constructs from crystals that originate from her Crystal Essence Magic. This magic allows Ayame to use for a lot of different purposes. In addition, Ayame is able to reuse the crystal from the constructs, allowing her to make different constructs with crystal without needing waste magic power on making more crystals. The constructs that are created from this magic fall in either one of two categories. The first Static Crystal-Make. The spells in this category allow the user to make inanimate objects with crystals. The second category of spells is known as Dynamic Crystal-Make. The spells in this category focus on making animate constructs. While under normal conditions, the constructs in the two categories differ in terms of durability, this isn't the case for Ayame. This is because her crystals become more durable the longer they are exposed to ethernano. Despite this fact, there is a difference in how fast Ayame can create the constructs. It appears that she is able to create the constructs in the Dynamic Crystal-Make category instantaneously, while the constructs in the Static Crystal-Make take a second or two to create.

  • Crystal-Make: Barrier: Ayame places left fist over her right palm with her arms extended in front of her. Ayame then separates her hands by swinging them horizontally. This creates a very large wall of crystal to appear in front of her. It appears that it can take multiple attacks without receiving a scratch, even when it was formed mere seconds before.
  • Crystal-Make: Lance: Ayame puts her right fist over the palm of her left hand. She then separates the two hands as she produces crystals that have been molded into the shape of a lance. The number of lances created by this magic is well over 25 so it's easy for Ayame to use this spell against a large group of opponents or use it against a single opponent to overwhelm them.
    • Crystal-Make: Crystallizing Lance:
  • Crystal-Make: Crystallizing Scythe: Ayame places her right fist on top of her left palm then separates her left palm her right fist. This motion creates a scythe in Ayame's right fist. Once created, Ayame swings her the scythe at her opponent. Anything that the scythe cuts is instantly crystallized then broken due to the sharpness of the scythe's blade. This makes it extremely difficult for her opponents to protect themselves from the scythe. When it makes contact with a living being it cuts deeply into the target.
  • Crystal-Make: Cannon:
  • Crystal-Make: Hammer: Ayame places her right fist on top her left palm before separating her hands. As she separates her hands a giant hammer appears in one of her hands, which she can use to crush dozens of foes at once. Due to Ayame's skill with Crystal-Make, Ayame has demonstrated the ability to create two hammers with this spell.
  • Crystal-Make: Gauntlet: This spell allows Ayame to create a gauntlet out of crystals on one or both of her hands. To use this spell, Ayame places her right fist over her right hand before separating them. As she separates her hands she produces crystals from her desired hand and molds it into the shape of a gauntlet as she infuses a portion of her magic power in the crystal. This greatly increases the gauntlet's durability as well as enhance the strength of that arm. While this is useful, it isn't the main purpose of this spell. Due to the amount of magic power in the gauntlet, the gauntlet is able to shape itself around Ayame's hand to form any weapon. It almost looks as if her hand is molding into the weapon made out of crystal. While she is able to mold it into any weapon, the forms she usually uses is a barrel-like shape that allows her to fire bolts of her magic power.
  • Crystal-Make: Phoenix: Crystal-Make: Phoenix is the Crystal-Make version of the Ice-Make spell: Ice-Make: Eagle. To perform the spell, Ayame extends one of her hands so that her palm is facing the opponent. She then creates multiple phoenixes that are made out of crystals. These phoenixes are shown to be a bit bigger and faster than the eagles creates by Ice-Make: Eagle. When the phoenixes are created, they fly toward Ayame's opponent at great speeds. Since this spell is a Dynamic Crystal-Make spell, the phoenixes are capable of performing feats like avoid obstacles.
  • Crystal-Make: Pack of Wolves: Ayame extends one of her hands and creates a large pack of wolves that are capable of thinking for themselves out of crystal. Once the pack of wolves are created, they charge the enemy and mercilessly attack the opponent.
  • Crystal-Make Unlimited: Sisyphus's Labyrinth:
    Crystal Unlimited

    Crystal-Make Unlimited: Sisyphus's Labyrinth

    Ayame places her right fist on top of her left palm together before slamming both hands against ground. This causes a giant self-conscious crystal labyrinth to slowly form around her opponent or opponents, causing the foe to be trapped inside. This labyrinth changes its routes and paths every fifteen seconds, making it very difficult for people to find their way out. In addition, the crystals that make up the labyrinth bend the light in a way that creates illusions within the labyrinth. These illusions can range from an image of a person to an image of a path that isn't actually there. Ayame claims that the amount of time that it would take to escape from the labyrinth is equal to the amount of time it would take for Sisyphus to push his boulder up a hill. The one weakness this spell has is the amount of time it takes for the labyrinth to form. It takes around fifteen minutes for everything, but the roof the labyrinth to form. Once everything else has formed, the roof is formed instantaneously. During those fifteen minutes, Ayame is able to move around, allowing her to try to keep the target within the area of the labyrinth.

Avatar Magic

Sword Magic

Sword Magic is a common Holder Magic focused around combining magic power or ethernano with swords. When she channels magic power or ethernano into her sword she is able to perform a large variety of feats. The feats can range from using the magic power itself to using her sword as a medium for her Crystal Essence Magic. Sword Magic also gives her the ability to produce swords that are made out of magic power and manipulate these swords.
Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.52.37 AM

The power of Ayame's Sword Pressure

Finally, Sword Magic gives Ayame the ability to manipulate, shape, telekinetically move, repair, and control over the composition of pre-existing swords.
  • Sword Pressure: Sword Pressure is a very basic technique that Ayame can use with a single sword or two swords. To perform this technique, Ayame swings the sword swift enough so that it appears as if she is cutting the air. This causes a very sharp blade of wind to be released from the sword that was created by extremely focused wind currents. This blade of wind is capable of easily cutting a building in half as well as traveling incredible distances.
  • Demon Blade Crimson Sakura
  • Ken'nan: Ken'nan (剣難, The Calamity of Being Killed by the Sword) isn't an offensive Sword Magic spell, but rather a way for Ayame to move her sword or swords at almost unseeable speeds without putting to much strain on the body, allowing her to take down a large group of foes in a matter of seconds.
  • Storm of Swords: Ayame extends one of her hands towards the sky and creates a thousand swords made out of raw magic power over her head. While this feat would usually take three minutes to perform, Ayame is able to create all of the swords almost instantly due to her control over magic power. Once the swords have been created, they stay levitated above Ayame's head until lowers her arm. When this happens all of the swords mercilessly rain down upon her opponent or opponents.
  • Phoenix Retribution:
    Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.22.40 AM

    Phoenix Retribution

    Ayame channels a large amount of magic power to one or both of her swords so that it surrounds the sword like an aura. Ayame then tightly compresses the magic power around each sword. This turns the color of the magic power around each sword to turn an ominous dark purple. In addition, due to how tightly the magic power is being compressed, it produces a terrible screeching sound similar to the screech of a phoenix. This sound is how this spell got the name "Phoenix Retribution."
  • Wave Motion Blade: Wave Motion Blade (波動剣, Hadōken) also known as Power Blade (力刃, Rikijin) is a powerful Sword Magic spell that was invented by Ayame. This spell is known as Ayame's signature Sword Magic spell. Ayame bends her knees slightly and brings the tip of the sword up so that it is parallel with the ground. Once the blade is parallel with the ground, Ayame channels magic power to the blade before compressing the magic power around the blade. Ayame then lunges forward with her arms outstretched as she simultaneously decompresses and releases a powerful shockwave of magic power. This shockwave is not only capable of traveling across long distances, but it is also capable of effortlessly plowing through a large group of enemies.
    • Devastation Wave Motion Blade: Devastation Wave Motion Blade (潰滅波動剣, Kaimetsu Hadōken) is a spell designed to be the stronger version of Wave Motion Blade.
  • Rising Phoenix Blade: Rising Phoenix Blade (旭凰剣, Gyokuhōken) is one of the few Sword Magic spells that Ayame knows that was created for the sole purpose of being used against a single opponent. While Ayame is within range of the opponent, she throws one or both of her swords into the air. She then jumps up to the air to grab them before proceeding to flip in the air and fall back down to the ground as she channels magic power to her sword. When her sword or swords hit the ground or the opponent, she releases the magic power. This creates a shockwave capable of producing a massive crater. When an opponent is hit by the shockwave or the sword itself, the opponent will be hit with enough blunt force that it can break bones and launched opponent across great distances. When used later in a fight when the opponent is weakened, this spell has demonstrated the ability to be very lethal.
    • Heavenly Phoenix Blade:
  • Tornado Whirlwind Blade: Tornado Whirlwind Blade (竜巻旋風剣, Tatsumaki Senpūken) is an offensive spell that Ayame created shortly after receiving her Twin Lacrima Swords from a village.

Swift Blast Style

The Swift Blast Style (滔爆流, Tōbakuryū) is a fighting style unique to Ayame Shouki. When harnessing this self-created swordsmanship style, Ayame gathers and condenses magical energy upon her blade or blades, focusing it at the very tip of the weapon in order to utilize the main ability of the style. The fighting style itself is extremely focused, as Ayame's movements are pinpoint precise and they waste no time in grandiose movements; indeed, Ayame foregoes any 'useless' actions such as large, hard-hitting swings and flashy spin attacks, moving her sword hand around swiftly as to initiate a flurry of strikes while avoiding losing her advantage. Ayame's movements are fluid in a similar manner to a stream of water, elegant with the user mainly focusing on quick stabs and light cuts than the normal. In any case, the moment that Ayame makes a thrusting motion, the magical energy coated on the blade's tip shoots forward, blasting the opponent with a force akin to hand-held cannon; the impact can also cause shockwaves.

Phoenix Physiology

  • Impressive Physical Prowess: Ayame's physical prowess isn't that incredible in the traditional sense of the word. Her physical prowess wasn't trained on the foundation of fighting one-on-one, but rather one against many. This means that to most mages she may seem not as strong as other mages becomes she trained in a drastically different way. Ayame's physical prowess was built around the idea of defeating an enemy in a single blow. While this doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot have a lot of stamina, which is the complete opposite, which is shown by how she fought for days without stopping. It does mean that her physical prowess makes it hard for her to stringing together long sequences of punches, kicks, or other similar movements.
    • Superior Senses:
    • Long Life Span:
    • Rebirth:
    • Combat Prowess: Unlike most mages, Ayame didn't train herself in the art of fighting one-on-one, but instead she trained herself in the art of fighting against overwhelming odds. As a result, Ayame's weakness lies in fighting on-on-one, but when she is faced with a large number of foes she becomes a nearly unstoppable force. While she is weaker against one foe, she isn't weak enough to be called helpless. This is shown during one of her spars against Toby Nightwalker when she manged to overwhelm him for a short period of time.
  • Flight:
    • Atmospheric Adaptation:
    • Supersonic Flight:
    • Aerobatics:
  • Healing Blood:
  • Slayer Exiling:

Magic Power

Ayame has shown multiple times that she has a vast amount of magic power at her disposal. She also has almost perfect control over her large reserves of magic power, allowing her to use the various types of magic she knows to its fullest without wasting any magic power. As a result, many mages confuse her great control for having endless amounts of magic power even though her large reserves are far from having endless magic power. In addition, her control over her magic power allows her to perform spells that would usually take time to prepare, like her Storm of Swords spell, almost instantaneously. Lastly, her control allows her to use raw magic power to create noticeable effects. These effects can range from using her magic power to heighten her senses, physical prowess, or even her mental capacity to manifesting in a physical form like an aura or attacks like blast or beams. When she does manifest her magic power in a physical form the color of her manifested magic power has shown to be a bright purple color.


  • Permission to create a crystal-based phoenix was granted by Kai.
  • Permission to use Moonglade was granted by Per.
  • Permission to use Crystal-Make was granted by Ash
  • Credit goes to Per for helping me create Ayame's Swift Blast Style.
  • Most of Ayame's personality was inspired by Fuko Ibuki from Clannad.
  • Rising Phoenix Blade was inspired by Aether from the Super Smash Bros franchise.
    • Heavenly Phoenix Blade was inspired by Great Aether from the Super Smash Bros franchise.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Drill Peck and Lacrima Phoenix's Drill Peck were inspired by Chidori and Lightning Blade from the anime and manga: Naruto.
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