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Aydin Cordelia is a mage of the Hylion Koma Inu. Aydin is a user of Shikigami Magic as he mainly uses it for defensive purposes.


Aydin is a very aloof person who does not like to talk or spend time with any of the other guild members. For some odd reason, Aydin will become physically sick if he sees a couch of any sort. Aydin does not like to be bothered by anybody. Aydin rarely goes out on jobs as he hates the outside. Most of the time, Aydin cries in his bedroom or stands out in the rain when it does rain.


Aydin constantly wears the same thing over and over again. He wears a long sleeve black shirt and regular blue jeans on the bottom. He doesn't take care of his hair or put it into any style.


Aydin was forever traumatized when he was coming home from the theatre one night with his parents when a mugger came along and killed both of his parents with gun magic. The only way Aydin copes with this is making Shikigami with his magic that were the same size of his parents and pretending that they are his parents.

Magic and Abilities

Shikigami Magic(式神の魔法, Shikishin no Mahō) is a caster type magic which allows the caster to transform various objects into shikigami. Shikigami are small paper dolls and they are usually decorated with red and blue marks. The dolls have numerous purposes, the main use is to act as a long distance radio between Iwan and his guildmates. They can become shields, swords and the dolls come in varying sizes. The caster can also transform living creatures into shikigami.

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