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"A brilliant Mage whose beauty is eclipsed only by her power. Are you surprised? Well, she is my daughter after all."
Cuda about Azeli.

Azeli Rosefeather
Azeli Rosefeather
Biographical Information
Kanji アゼル・ローズフェザー
Rōmaji Azeru Rōzufezā
Alias Amaterasu (天照, Heavenly Illumination)
Physical Description
Race Human
Age 18 (X791)
Gender Female
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Weight 36 kg (80 lbs)
Family Cuda (Father)
Allies Monique Aldona (Mentor)
Verion Yathagil (Master)
Enemies Jiretto Ekuseru (Adversary)
Magic Fire Dragon Slayer Magic[1]
Occupation S-Class Mage
Affiliation Fable logo Fable
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Japanese VA Nana Mizuki
English VA Stephanie Sheh
Image Gallery
"Ever the same, ever the different."

Azeli Rosefeather (アゼル・ローズフェザー, Azeru Rōzufezā) is perhaps one of many children belonging to Cuda, yet the only the Saint acknowledges openly to be of his blood. Forsaken by her mother at birth, her life fell within the hands of her philanderer of a father, who came to a better understanding of the opposite gender upon frequented experience. Naturally, she came to resemble him in more ways than one, translating even to her ways on the battlefield, attributing to her renown as Amaterasu (天照, Heavenly Illumination). Nurtured by the Fable guild since youth, she embodies its principles to the very core, while also having acquired the status as an S-Class Mage some while ago.

Celebrated for her captivating and otherwise eccentric physical manifestation, of what is considered to be nothing short of extraordinary in terms of raw appeal, Azeli functions coherently as a cover girl for Sorcerer Magazine, having topped their charts in both the "world's cutest" and "hottest" categorizations on numerous instances, respectively. Coincidentally, she is foreseen as being the most beautiful woman within the entirety of the Fable guild, and as a result, has her behavior monitored constantly by her now overprotective father, who keeps prying scoundrels intending to woo her at bay through the powers of his own name.

A Second Generation Dragon Slayer harnessing the element of Fire, she is currently a seated officer of the Fable Fortification Institute of Mass Effect (寓話要塞学院団塊為, Gūwa Yōsaigakuin no Dankaitame), serving directly beneath Verion Yathagil, the Seventh Seed of Fable, as his right-hand. Her training was overseen by Monique Aldona, another very capable Dragon Slayer, whom she sees as a mother figure.




Magic and Abilities

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (炎の滅竜魔法 Honō no Metsuryū Mahō):



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