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"I was born from the darkness of man; I am the product of their dark desires and dark ambitions... I am the darkness that resides in the hearts of men... But my past and my creation make me wonder why I continue to search for the light that resides in all beings, except me... I am a wolf howling to the moon, a child weeping for their lost mother, I want what I can never have..."
— Azrael on his goal of redeeming himself and its futility
Azrael Nox Abyssi Tenebris Nihil Ferin
Mugetsu 2
Name Azrael Nox Abyssi Tenebris Nihil Ferin
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Human (?)
Birthday 31st of May
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 61kg
Eyes Left: Silver

Right: Scarlet

Hair Black
Blood Type O-
Unusual Features Heterochromia
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Mercenary
Previous Occupation Monk
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Magic Darkness Magic, Teleportation Magic, Sword Magic

Azrael Ferin is an extremely powerful mage who has made several modifications to his body, and a extremely powerful magic user. He appears to be a normal human, but is in fact the only of a race born from dark human experimentation. Azrael utilises several magics, and was once widely renowned for use of Bone Breaking Magic. His true loyalty is to himself and those he deems worthy of it. The main method he employs to earn money is to sell his abilities as a mercenary or an odd jobs worker.


Azrael has the appearance of a young man, standing at 6'1. His physique is muscular, but he is more lean than muscular,his form being comparable to a dancer. His entire body works like a fine machine, all parts pronounced as they work in unison to achieve extreme physical prowess. However his body is not without its flaws, namely his scars; a series of eternal reminders of his past, they adorn all his being and range from various small scars and lacerations, to vicious burn scars and deep slash wounds. Azrael has a pointed jawline, making his face seem somewhat imposing (in stark contrast to his normal personality), and when combined with his pair of cold mismatched eyes, with his left being a cold and unbending silver and his right being a deep scarlet, which tend to make people fear him or become uneasy. Azrael's face has also been noted to extremely handsome and refined by the masses, something he has always been mildly annoyed for unknown reasons (possibly due to his previous occupation as an assassin and its use of anonymity). He has somewhat long dark black hair, with it flowing down a small distance past his neck, the hair segmenting into small groups near its ends.

The most common look to see on Azrael's face is one of complete ease, going against his imposing looks. But he is sometimes seen with a mask of complete blankness on his face, which scares some people as they find it unnerving the same way looking at a mannequin is, as they are unpredictable a human isn't intended to be. He has a third look, that he almost never wears, a look of rage; when he gets angry he will become extremely primal and animalistic, and this is shown on his features by him openly baring his teeth and no longer hiding any of his emotions, a stark contrast to his blank face; while like this he wears his emotions blatantly and is easy to read as they are displayed in the same manner as an animal does. But there is also a fourth look that has never (in the current age) been seen, and it is a look of nothingness. If he is ever pushed to the point beyond rage he will lose all emotions and his face shows this; it is no longer a mask like the aforementioned look, he now has a complete lack of emotions. The people who saw this side of his described it as inhuman and disturbing to see, as completely alien to their plane of existence, something that is unnatural for humanity to see or even attempt to comprehend.

In casual situations Azrael has very little variation in terms of clothing, meaning he has two outfits. His first outfit consists of a high quality, slightly baggy, navy blue woolen cardigan that buttons up until it reached the sternum, where it opens up in a V-shape. Underneath this he wears an old white, single breasted dress shirt, which shows slight signs of lage after its years of loving use in the form of the multiple scratches and scrapes that pockmark the shirt. On his legs he wears a pair of old, faded black jeans that have multiple cuts and scrapes marking it, marking this out too as having been lovingly used for many years (or douchely artificially added, .He also wears an old black leather belt with a surprisingly clean and undented silver buckle. On his feet he wears white socks with relatively new black sneakers which show very little signs of wearing down (unlike the majority of his clothes). His other outfit is newer than his previous outfit, and as such does not display the signs of age the other does. In this outfit Azrael wears a baseball tee (a shirt with a white main body and coloured sleeves that reach to the crook of the elbow) with light grey-blue sleeves; with the shirt being actually quite new, even for a normal human. On his legs he wears a pair of dark grey, long cargo pants in which he stores things such as money and knives. For his shoes he wears the same shoes as his previous outfit.

Azrael also possesses a separate outfit that he wears for combat, which is much more suited it than his previous clothes. For this he wears an open black long sleeved jacket which seems to almost bring shadows towards it, with small sections of matte steel armour around his right arm at the joins such as his elbow, and all of it being dotted in crimson Runic script. Underneath this he wears a black t-shirt, with there also being a small knife slung on a belt above his heart. For his lower half he opts to wear even thicker black jeans, with there (again) being armour at his knees, and his shoes consisting of dark boots with metal soles and steel capped toes (the metal isn't really there for protection so much, rather because he likes the sound they make when he walks around). Similarly to his shoes, he also has black leather gloves with metal plates on the backs of his hands and a little hanging over the edges of his knuckles, and a fine metal weave on the underside of his hands (although this isn't because he likes the sound of it, he simply views them as more practical for his line of work).

In formal situations Azrael wears a simple, but elegant, three piece black suit (of which he always keeps the coat open, for unknown reasons) with a white double breasted dress shirt (this one is separate to the previous dress shirt, as he only wears this on formal occasions and this is double breasted (naturally)) and a pair of black dress shoes. An interesting fact is that he always employs an Eldredge knot (a complex beast of a knot) for his tie's knot of choice.


To those who know of Azrael's true history and origins he is nothing more than a psychopath who kills without reason or purpose. In the past Azrael's personality was similar to this, as he would kill anyone who disagreed or annoyed him to any extent; he would also use people for brutal experiments that had the sole goal of increasing his own being. People viewed him as a malevolent god who needed human sacrifices to appease, and as such they would give people to him who he would then warp the very being of, all the while enjoying the likening of his powers to that of a god, which would cause him to become arrogant and begin to view himself as an actual god. 

But in recent times Azrael's personality has gone through a significant change when compared to the murderous being that once occupied the same being as he currently does. He recreated his personality after going on a "pilgrimage" (as he doesn't believe in a god or any religion, he is skeptical to call it an actual pilgrimage or allow it to be affiliated with a stereotypical pilgrimage) around the world where he used no magic and lived as a wandering monk. It was in these days that he saw the good in humanity and desired to be more like the people who were the epitome of this purity. But he was never able to fully commit to these ways, and as such he is a confusing individual in various ways.

Generally Azrael is a calm, well mannered, respectful person who will help those who need help. He does these things as he views them as common courtesy among people and should be upheld. However he is also a cynic and will always look underneath the underneath to see whether a person is worthy of those common courtesies, and if he deems them unworthy he will treat them with neutrality as opposed to kindness. This is often shown when he is around criminals and other unsavoury people, as he will give them no respect, but nor shall he insult them; he is entirely neutral and uncaring towards them. He will also poke fun at people in a friendly manner, as he views it as friendly and something he enjoys doing. However, he will also mock people he barely knows if he is bored enough. He is a somewhat quirky person, as he likes sweet things to the point of it being inappropriate (e.g. ordering pouring a large black coffee and adding copious, unsaturable amounts of sugar), and his strange habit of not considering how people will react if he was to do certain things (generally very, very, very dangerous things or just inappropriate things by modern standards).

Also when he is around the same people for long periods of time the teasing will become more common as he gets close to them and as he gets to know them, the reasons for this being he teases those close to him more and as he knows more about them he has more information to use. Azrael also treats those close who are becoming close to him with a certain reluctance to be around, as he is afraid that they will die and he will be left even more alone than before he met them. However that doesn't mean he will not put his life on the line to save them and allow them to live; however Azrael views the greater good as more important than the lives of his friends and his own personal happiness. As such he is not willing to disclose his most dangerous knowledge in return for the safety of those he cherishes; for example he would not give up the secrets of how to perform a successful Etherious heart transplant, as he knows that if the information was released then many more than the hundreds will die. But this belief is also a two way street, as such he is willing to sacrifice thousands to save a single person if it means the saving of millions. Azrael also has a firm belief in honour and manners, as seen when he was shot in the back and what he was most annoyed by wasn't that he had been shot, but rather the shooter didn't apologise.

In battle Azrael's personality also goes through a drastic change (provided he's taking the battle seriously, if not then he will keep the previous mentality), which goes against his previous easy-going ways. When he fights he dons a mask of blankness, and as such he shows no emotions in battle unless they are able to work to his advantage. However, his emotions are still there and they still surface at times. But there is another personality that Azrael harbours, but this is much more of an alter-ego that a change in mindset. If he is somehow angered to the point where a normal person will go into a blind rage, Azrael will go into a much darker rage. In this state his mind becomes that off a demented killing machine that hungers only for the death of its target, and will destroy anything and everything in its path, even those he cares about. When he is like this he loses much of his intelligence and becomes increasingly bestial and predictable. However, there lies an even darker and more alien state than the former, one that terrifies Azrael more than anything else. To enter this state something he values must be destroyed in a heartbreaking manner, in a way that would make a normal person break down or cause Azrael to feel a deep set hate. But instead Azrael becomes devoid of all emotions with only one goal: revenge. When he is like this he will speak with no emotion at all and will not respond to anything; when he is like this he is comparable to a god, a being entirely ineffable and alien to all but beings like it. The only way he can leave this state is for the target to be sufficiently harmed.


Very little is known of Azrael's history, but the rumours that surround him speak of bloodshed and him as a malevolent god who demanded sacrifices. He eventually tired of these ways and faked his lynching at the hands of those who didn't view him as a god, and he wandered aimlessly around the wilds of the world for a period of time.

At some point after this he abandoned his previous ways and became a nomadic monk, seeking enlightenment. During his travels he didn't use any magic, but instead lived off the kindness of people and his own mundane ways of earning income. However, he never even came remotely close attained it.; instead, he attained a new understanding of life and remade his personality into someone who wouldn't make people run in fear. He ceased being a monk at this time.

Powers and Abilities

Natural/Altered Abilities

Genius Level Intellect: Azrael is known as a genius, but he rarely chooses to use his intellect as he views the world as "better off without the old me". That being said he will use it in battles, as he will be able to quickly pick apart enemy magics and develop counters (although they might not be as effective as he planned them to be, as they might be based of false or incomplete information).

An example of his intelligence is his use of Runes, and the previously dead branch he uses. Due to there being no one to properly teach him Azrael had to build his collection from the ground up, often having to turn to chaining various Runes together to create new ones. While this may seem not particularly grand, it is important to note that these particular Runes can be easily denied by the world, forcing the caster to have to figure out ways to bypass certain restrictions.

Multilingualism: A benefit from his travels, Azrael is able to speak and read most common languages of Earthland. However, he is generally seen to formal whenever he speaks in a language besides the most common of Fiore as his knowledge of them is somewhat dated.

Master Surgeon: He is an extremely capable doctor and surgeon, able to perform such acts as heart transplants in stunning time. However because he knows no healing magic he is somewhat limited when compared those who have such abilities. But he was able to transplant a heart from another species into another species body, by himself with no magic aid (how he did so is not known, but it implies an exceptionally high amount of skill).

Incredible Agility: Azrael is known to be able to move like a master acrobat, whether this is because of a change to his body is unknown. His agility is most commonly used in combat, where he will constantly be on the move and be moving in and out of the way of attacks with fluid grace. Or he will use it to maneuver around obstacles, or use them to his advantage.

Immense Killing Intent: A skill that all people have, Azrael's is among the worst ever come across in a human, or any being in fact; his Killing Intent manifests itself as a feeling of madness entering a person which can drive them to insanity. The only way to combat it is to release one's own Killing Intent or be have great enough reason to believe they can win. Azrael also has an immense amount of control of this, to the point where his Killing Intent is undetectable (a testament to his prowess as an assassin).

Body Enhancements

Body Enhancements: Azrael has performed more experiments on himself than anyone else, however he has performed them on himself beyond his years of experimenting on others, meaning that he has some of the most advanced bodies in Earthland, although not necessarily the strongest or most durable.

  • Enhanced Senses: After many years of self-experimentation Azrael's body has developed enhanced senses, to the point where they are more like a primitive animal's that a human's. His hearing is good enough for him to hear whispers with only minor straining and his smell is strong enough to track people's scent. To counteract the disadvantages of having senses that his body can't quite handle he is capable of turning them off, or rather, tune them to the level that he needs.
  • Advanced Speed: This is an ability Azrael has attained via countless alterations to his body, his speed is now unnaturally at the level where he is can't be tracked by a normal human. His speed is fast enough that he can seemingly teleport from one place to another to even a somewhat combatant, although it isn't enough to catch a speed specialist off guard.
  • Altered Magic Origin: Azrael's Magic Origin was one of the things first changed about himself; however, the change was anything but minor. His Magic Origin has the ability to seal itself off, allowing him to remain untraceable to those who detect magic power. However, the time required to seal and unseal his Origin is half a minute, and such it is dangerous to use without planning and preparation. The other alteration to it is that he altered it in a way that involved compacting it to the highest point, and then filling the gaps with another compacted Origin, and then so on, until the space was as full as possible, and he then used an Alchemist to fuse them together, effectively giving him a slightly bigger amount of magic, but the real advantage comes from the production rate, several times faster than it previously was.
    • Second Origin: From altering his Magic Origin, Azrael discovered his Second Origin; from there he forcefully awoke it, and can now activate it as he pleases. However, unlike those who have achieved Second Origin naturally, usage of it will result in pain whenever he uses it which continues as long as it remains active, although the power boost is great enough for him to gain an uncontrollable Monster-Aura, and that occurs when he is holding himself back significantly.

Master Assassin

Master Assassin: Azrael, over the course of his life, has become extremely well versed in the ways of assassination. His style of assassination primarily uses stealth and distraction to reach his target, who he will then deal with silently and quietly. Although he is an assassin he does hesitate to kill innocents, and will only kill them if it is a necessity. Azrael's method of assassination is either using a nearby object and making it intangible and making it solid once it is in the correct area of a person's body, or to crush the target's windpipe.

But perhaps his most terrifying ability is to blend in with a crowd; despite not seeming like much, this is his amongst most deadly skills. Through the use of this he is able to seem like an ordinary person to the highest point and is able to take advantage of the lowered guard to kill his target.

Immortality (Speculated): Although never directly confirmed or denied by Azrael, he heavily hints that he is immortal and that he has lived far beyond the lifespan of a human. Although the extent of this in unknown, he is just extremely long lived and has altered his body to function as it did in his prime (or either incapable of aging or ages at such a rate that is unnoticeable), as seen through his lifespan and current bodily prowess. It is unknown if his healing ability has anything to do with this, or if they are completely unrelated.

Ways of Combat

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant:

Magical Abilities

Immense Magic Power: Azrael, from the moment of his birth, had an excessively large amount of magic power. In his younger years this caused him to be bedridden, his Magic Container not mature enough to hold all of his power, resulting in it spilling into his body and causing his body to be soaked in Ethernano, damaging it. When he became older his body finally became capable of successfully holding the power, and his magic power reached phenomenal levels, making him one of the strongest mages in the world at this time based off sheer potential. As he grew older the next generations developed stronger and stronger Containers, resulting is his own, while still incredibly strong and among the highest in the world, to become less noteworthy.

Incredible Magic Control: While most magicians don't normally dabble in the process of analysing just how much a spell costs and how to achieve the greatest amount of power from the lowest amount of magic spend, Azrael was one of the first to do so. He eventually learnt how to maximise the potential of every spell, resulting in not a single drop of magic being wasted. A visual representation would be most mages being a bucket with a large amounts of holes in it drawing water from a well; they will get water, yes, but they will also lose a sizeable amount of water in the process. Whereas Azrael has removed all holes from his "bucket", meaning he gets the greatest amount of water from each time he puts the bucket in the well.

Master Magician: Azrael is viewed as one of the greatest mages who ever lived, and this is information from when he "died" hundreds of years ago, His current level of power is unknown as he never goes all out (as if he did so he fears he will lose all the humanity he has gained over the years). He is extremely knowledgeable of old magics, but he is quickly able to determine and analyse magic that are foreign to him.

His magic seal is a circle that has an always changing symbol inside it, and the seal itself is entirely black (an anomaly unseen in any other mage).

  • Magic Construct Creation: By manipulating his magic into a physical form without splitting it into a specific magic Azrael is capable of creating objects from pure magic, such as swords or guns. The constructs power is based on the amount of magic that's used in their creation, so they can vary from incredibly strong to unnoticeable.
  • Magic Aura Gathering: By exuding his magic power into specific areas of his body Azrael is able to increase the attack power or defensive power of that area of his body. Once he does this a black aura will surround the selected area and will slightly burn any foreign flesh it comes into contact with.

Rune Magic

Rune Magic: A magic reliant on the use of symbols to create varying effects, Azrael is a master in the usage of Runes. His specialisation is in Lost Runes, from a time known as the Age of the Gods, with the runes being notable for their strange effects and being the Rune equivalent of a dead language due to their immense age. Due to him being the only known practitioner it is unknown if he is particularly good with them, or is simply a novice, but he claims his skill with them is "the best in the world", ignoring the fact that he is the only person alive who knows them.

While the runes may seems simple and somewhat weak when compared to other magics, one must take into consideration that Azrael normally doesn't use a single Rune at a time. If he were to do so then his attacks would lack a significant amount of punch, but he is capable of upgrading them on the fly and using them in the thousands. "Upgrading" them refers to him increasing their complexity and amount of magic power used in them in a way that doesn't necessarily qualify as its own spell, but rather as a version of the same spell which has transcended to a new level.

One important thing to remember when understanding the Runes from the Age of the Gods is that they were the written language of the Gods, being who embodied concepts such as fire, life and death, natural disasters, so they don't behave in the same way that modern Runes would. Instead they can be viewed as artificially created Gods of sorts, things that are concepts that exist outside of each other, only being bound or guided with the addition of either rules a God has set before or the addition of another Rune.

While these principles may seem advantageous, which they are, they also have downsides of vague ideas such as "to cut" not necessarily behaving as one would expect, possibly due to unknown rules Gods have placed on certain things, residual magic interfering, or the fact that common sense doesn't always apply to them. To rectify these Azrael has to imprint his will into the Runes, so they behave as extensions of himself rather than ideas completely separate to his desires (which, in a sense, makes him a God due to him enforcing his will upon concepts, except his required him to inscribe a collection of clearly outlined Runes which all culminated in him being given control over his own Runes into his Magic Container).

However, despite the fact that his Runes are concepts and extensions of Gods to an extent, belief is something which can destroy these concepts. This is due to the fact that "Old Gods" (Gods from the Age of Gods) are simply concepts which are part of nature, integral to the very way things are and shall be there until the end of time itself, there are "New Gods", beings with normally barely noticeable power who are created out of human belief and are these belief brought into reality via large amounts of soul resonance being focused into a specific idea, giving it an independent existence on the astral plane (a soul of sorts), upon which they are given governance over what their original concept they were associated with, although their power depends on the amount of resonance they have (belief people have in it), which they use to further establish their form and push the boundaries of their concept.

For example, if a sword is viewed as "unbreakable" by multitudes of people then a New God will attempt to bring that concept into existence by weaving its way around the already existing concepts enforced by Old Gods to bring the sword to as close to unbreakable as possible. This may result in the sword being "unbreakable by the hands of man" due to an Old God not actively enforcing that principle, but it can still rust from time, be shattered by a Demon, be smelted down, or simply fall apart one day. For Azrael to break this sword via Runes then he would need to cause the belief the people have of the sword waver, or simply overpower the New God in a battle of brute force, by overpowering its concept with a multitude of his own concepts, by using large amounts of magic in a single Rune, or by bringing the existence of the New God to an Old God, who could negate it's existence in a single thought.

  • Ignis: A simple Rune used to generate flames, it can create anything from a candle to a baseball sized fireball, its power coming from the amount of power that it contains, being hot enough to easily melt steel.
    • Divinus Ignis: A favourite of Azrael due to its powerful nature and ease to cast, it is an upgraded version of Ignis, with it being a small rune which creates an even smaller orb of fire, its size is that of a marble, it's power is even greater, with it being capable of breaking through a relatively strong barrier. The only downside of the rune being that it requires a forty seven seconds to charge up, although Azrael has bypassed this by tattooing several of them on various parts of his body.
    • Occulatio Ignis: A normally invisible Rune, it's main use isn't for direct combat, but rather as a bomb. It can remain hidden until Azrael sets it to detonate, upon which it will explode with enough power to break bones and severely burn any who touch it (although it's primary power is in it's explosive force, the flames are merely a side effect). Azrael normally uses these by either covering the battlefield in them and hoping that the enemy dies from them (a foolproof strategy, of course) or via his knuckles and using them to augment his strikes (he alters it slightly when he does this so it doesn't have its normal 360 degree but rather a 180 degree blast radius away from him).
      • Anguis Occulatio Agnis: One of Azrael's more situational and dark techniques, this is a trap quite like its progenitor, except in it's area of detonation; the target's body. If given the chance Azrael will cover the target's body with these runes and simultaneously detonate them all in an attempt to end the target. This differs from Occulatio Ignis as well due to its nature, in the fact that the additional word allows for it to move freely from one area to another, with which Azrael will normally either target the heart, Magic Container, brain, or limbs.
  • Fulgur: Possibly because it's so flashy, Azrael uses Fulgur on a regular basis. It discharges a bolt of lightning from itself. A single strike from one of the lightning bolts is quite painful, capable of killing a civilian, and damaging a mage.
    • Maximus Fulgur: A greater version of the former Rune, the Maximus version is significantly larger, being the size of a house, while maintaining its progenitor's level of power all around. It takes seven seconds for it to be charged enough to be released, and as such Azrael has two on his collar bones and two on his shoulders.
    • Divinus Fulgur: The smallest version of this Rune, this creates a spear of lightning capable of travelling at incredible speeds, fast enough to pierce a target one hundred metres away within a second, all the while maintaining a level of power three times greater than a normal Fulgur.
      • Divinus Differtus Fulgur: A spell which takes four hours to charge, Azrael has a total of four of them on his left arm and thirteen on his right arm, with their power being enough to reduce a castle to ash by releasing twelve of them at once. While they are among the strongest of his Runes their power comes not from their high destructive power, but from their speed and range, both travelling at 200 m/s and being as large as a car, making them very hard to dodge.
    • Fulgur Argentum Geminus Gloria Telum: A complex fusion of magic and science, this Rune combines the concept of a railgun by using a Rune that generates lightning as a supply, a combined Rune that creates a magic track for it and the electricity to flow through, and then the silver projectile is added as its projectile, which is then charged and fired. This process creates a railgun from which Azrael is capable of firing a supercharged Telum from, which it can travel at 4 km/s, a terrifying prospect. Unlike the other variations of Flugur it does not require long to charge, with it being ready in seconds, but there is a extremely large and noticeable downside to using it: he will blow himself up. While this sounds humorous and manageable, one must remember the level of the explosion, the equivalent of several kilograms of dynamite all exploding at once. As such, despite the immense power behind it, Azrael normally doesn't use them (although he will still happily bombard his enemies with them).
  • Celeritate: One of the most commonly used Runes in Azrael's arsenal, Celeritate allows for speed to be increased significantly. It doesn't differentiate between organic and inorganic entities, allowing for it to be used on almost anything, but it does differentiate when something ends and something else begins. While this may seem simple and not very important at all, it is when it is used on living beings and complex objects, as it can result in a person's right leg being faster than their left or a single part of an object to damage the others due to its superior speed. While this is fine for simple things such as bows or sword, it is potentially lethal for the living.
    • Turba Transigo Anguis Celeritate: An improved version of Celeritate that is meant for complex things, it moves around the object and leaves Celeritate around the body in all areas that are viewed as separate. This Rune requires some mindfulness from Azrael as it doesn't can't tell the difference between organs and body parts, so it has the potential to accelerate someone's heart to the point where they have a heart attack. Provided, it has increased significantly when compared to when Turba and Transigo weren't part of the Rune, which viewed each cell as separate and that they were what needed speed and didn't activate as a whole. The result of which was the target rapidly aging due to the large increase in mitosis.
  • Discuito: A Rune with similar effect to Crash Magic, the main difference is in the method of breaking down the substance; whereas Crash normally does it in a methodical geometrical manner, Discuito instead does it by forcibly breaking all bonds that hold the object together. Although this sounds quite similar and almost the same, it is less restrained and more dangerous than the aforementioned magic due to the fact that it breaks all bonds between the two, be they physical or magic. Azrael normally likes to employ this Rune by backhanding his opponent.
    • Atomus Discuito: Quite possibly Azrael's strongest Rune, this is different to Discuito due to its scale, as instead of breaking an object's bonds at a macro level, it breaks it on an atomic level. By using this Rune Azrael quite literally performs nuclear fission, or, in another sense, creates a small nuclear bomb out of his target. The damage done by this is not easily repaired, and depending on the nature of the subject, it may not be repaired at all. The only times that Azrael ever uses this are when he wants something that he deems a threat to nature dead - as in, really REALLY dead dead.
      • Anguis Inexplicabilis Atomus Discuito: A purely hypothetical Rune which Azrael has no intention of ever finding out whether it works or not, this Rune would result in all life being destroyed. It multiplies out endlessly and each of them searches for targets, with them then detonating, the end result being an endless amount of explosions. To do this Azrael would need to somehow manage to find a supply of endless magical power, although the fact that he even creates it implies that there may very well be a well of such power, for he abhors the idea of wasting time. Even without an endless amount of magic power, this Rune is still capable of untold destruction with Azrael's power alone.
  • Redintegro: An antithesis of sorts to Discuito, this Rune is made to repair destruction, although in this state all it does it turn matter into perfect spheres. If other words are added then it can be applied to almost anything that needs repairing (although there is a very real chance that the Rune would backfire and turn them into another sphere, which is why Azrael doesn't use it on people).
  • Incisus: One of Azrael's favoured Runes, it allows for him to "cut". While this may at first seem vague, one must remember that Azael's language of Runes don't follow modern ideas or concepts, as they themselves were written by those who were embodiments of concepts themselves. As such, the concept of something being "cut" can be very dangerous if it doesn't have an already established defence, or if there are areas which he is capable of exploiting.
  • Ostendo Stamen: One of the few permanent Runes on Azrael's body, it allows for him to have a limited form of precognition. In battle it manifests itself as allowing him to see what is about to happen an instant before it happens, and outside of battle it allows for him to tell if something potentially lethal is about to happen or if he is about to consume poisoned food. Although this Rune would seem ideal to give people freely, Azrael has found people find seeing things that may happen incredibly infuriating, as they lack any control over the Rune.
  • Acidum: An elementary spell for Azrael, this allows him to create a small amount of an incredibly strong acid, capable of eating through human flesh near instantly. He doesn't use it on a regular basis due to that fact, as he doesn't particularly like the idea of spilling it on himself.
  • Obliviscor: One of his stealth Runes, it allows for people to forget his very existence moments after meeting him if he applies it to his face. Another application of it is using it to erase a person's memory, even those unrelated to himself, allowing for him to effectively kill another person for all intents and purposes.
    • Obliviscor Devorantem: Instead of simply destroying memories, Azrael can transfer them to himself with this Rune. The memories can either be added to his own (which would cause very strange results, resulting in a titanic battle between two personas, but also giving him all of their knowledge), given to another (with the aforementioned situation occurring in their mind), or stored in a Lacrima/Rune for later use (normally the stripping of pure knowledge away from personality as much as possible, allowing for Azrael to "devour" another person's knowledge and magic, allowing for him to theoretically master every single magic in existence or at least achieve a level incredibly above that of a human's).
  • Sanguis: Similar to what its name implies, Sanguis concerns itself with blood, although not in a mystical sense. Instead it focuses on the manipulation of blood, specifically focusing on the physical aspects of blood, not concerning the mystical aspects of it. With this Rune Azrael is capable of creating constructs of blood, create more blood, or simply manipulate blood, allowing for him to simply drain his opponents of all their blood (a very efficient, if somewhat disgusting, method).
    • Sanguis Venatio: By combining the concept of every individual having unique blood with the idea of a hunt, Azrael can create a small bullet made from blood to hunt down any whose blood he has knowledge of, with the speed bullet itself not being what makes it impressive (being only 5 m/s). The bullet will hunt them down until it is either dead, has somehow been drained of all the blood that it is tracking, or the spell has run out. Simply being struck by one of these is quite dangerous due to the fact that it can easily give someone blood poisoning.
  • Ligabis: This Rune causes its target to collapse onto the ground and be unable to move at all, a prisoner inside their own body. It can't be simply overpowered by brute force, but the only way of breaking out of it is to use either a form of magic which would allow for it to be bypassed, or to use the inbuilt release code (a series of fluctuations in magic levels which will cause it to release and become inactive, but still present).
  • Opsequim: A Rune normally used on beast which are strong enough for Azrael to deem worthwhile to take on as familiars of a sort, it forcibly causes the target to defer their loyalty to himself and cause them to obey him. Due to ethical reasons he doesn't use it on humans (normally) and due to the fact that humans he would view as despicable and strong enough to place the Rune on will be able to simply overpower it, and he doesn't particularly care for using people as minions either.

Summoning Magic

Summoning Magic (召しの魔法, Meshi no Mahō): Allowing him to summon entities he has previously come into a contract with, Azrael normally uses this in unison with his Opsequim Rune, which forces beings to become subjugated to him. His collection isn't particularly vast nor strong, but what they are is specialised in specific areas, such as transport, cooking, or simply mass murder. He also has a collection of sticks which he uses to poke dead things with (as he isn't going to poke them with just any random stick).

Bone Breaking Magic

Bone Breaking Magic: A dark and horrific magic that Azrael himself created, Bone Breaking Magic is one of his greatest shames. As the name states the magic allows the user to break bones, but not via any conventional manner; instead the user can break all the bone by coming into contact with them (or within five centimeters of them). The only spell in this magic allows for the user to break all bones in a person's body at once, but more advanced users can break specific bones without harming any others. Although he doesn't generally use this magic, Azrael created it and has a great deal of skill in it, to the point where he can turn the desired part of a specific bone to dust through touch, although the amount of magic power required is somewhat large. He rarely uses this anymore due to his skill with Rune Magic making it a much stronger and varied choice of offense.

"Sleep Magic"

"Sleep Magic": The name of a "magic" that Azrael always puts air quotation marks above whenever he says it, this "magic" involves Azrael "magically" making people "sleep" by with "magic". In reality all however, all he does is hit their neck with a knifehand strike fuelled with large amounts of magic to make it actually work (as opposed to the common use of it in media where a person becomes unconscious due to a regular kinfehand strike).



Rage: One of Azrael's weaknesses, whenever he enters his other personality he is extremely enraged and is easy to predict. A skilled user will find him an easy target to defeat if he is in this state, although he is still extremely powerful.

Fragile Mental State

Fragile Mental State: Due to all the atrocities he has committed in his lifetime Azrael suffers from a horribly fragile mental state that can be broken quite easily by someone who knows how to. However, the results of breaking his current mental state are unpredictable, and can often result in him either being paralyzed or going on a rampage.

Checkers: Azrael is horrible in playing checkers; the reasons for this are unknown as he possesses the intellect for it, but he simply can't play for the life of him. He has only ever won a single game, and even then it was against a legally blind duck and during the game he kept stealing pieces and blatantly cheating (and even then the duck almost won).


  • Clothes: All Azrael's clothes, despite seeming normal, are in fact immensely durable as they were created through the use of Tailor Magic.
  • Fumetsu Zokugai Yaiba (Immortal Killing Blade): An ancient sword that Azrael carries around with him, whenever he travels with it he wraps it in tattered white cloth. Underneath the cloth is a black scabbard, with a red and black hilt and rectangular red tsuba showing. The blade itself is made from a metal that causes it to have a ripple pattern across its metal, and the blade is said to be among the sharpest in the world. It is rumoured to have come into Azrael's possession by him murdering a wealthy collector and taking it from his collection and claiming it as his own; the truth of this is questionable, but in every story there is a grain of truth. The katana is widely known throughout the world for its unique power to cut through anything and leave unhealable wounds when used against organic matter (although the cuts can heal if the wielder wants them to or forgets they cut the person in the first place). But it also has a less known, but even more twisted, power; the power to bring back all those it's killed. By sacrificing large amounts of magic, the deceased may be brought back with everything except their souls, causing them to be the perfect soldiers.


  • It's DAMN hard to come up with spells and abilities for all 10 aspects of death. In case you didn't know I did a magic based around the Ten Aspects of Death (based on the Espada from Bleach).
  • This page features two unique magic that were created by me: Bone Breaking Magic and Tailor Magic (the latter of which was removed due to it not fitting).
  • Despite the page stating on multiple occasions that Azrael has an unsavoury past, it also states that none know the full extent of it, and those that have ideas of his past have based their ideas off rumours and their own.
  • I don't classify "Sleep Magic" as an actual magic as all it consists of is the application of Magical Aura Gathering. And no, I'm not going to give it a subheading under Magical Aura Gathering. Why? I'm lazy.


  • He was named after his grandfather for his matching eyes. And his grandfather's long name was born from a lost bet involving several cows, a flight of stairs, a crate of fireworks, a Wizard Saint, and a mallet, or so the legend goes...
  • His favourite food is large pieces of brioche with copious amounts of honey slathered on it.
  • His photo is of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach after he uses Mugetsu.
  • This character draws some aspects from the Korean comic/manhwa Noblesse, primarily the characters Cadis Etrama Di Raziel and Frankenstein.
  • Azrael has five main magics (Territory, Darkness Magic, Teleportation, Sword Magic, and Bone Breaking Magic). The rest are only used to a basic extent.
  • Azrael's usage of Territory draws from Trafalgar D. Law from One Piece and his use of his powers. They were also made more abstract because eighteen spells would be immensely tedious as there is little to base them off.
  • His song, as decided by his benevolent maker, is Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada.
  • I use Vishvalita Sharaksa as a yardstick to measure how descriptive I need to be. Go check Vishvalita out and appreciate how good Serene is. Go on, do it... Do it... NOW.
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