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Bōnzu (ボーンズ) is a Caster Type and a form of Take Over Magic That Zero acquired during his travels to Bellum. It is a skeleton type monster that has purple flames exuding from his arms,shoulders, head and long tail like if the flames where pieces of armor.
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Bōnzu is a monster that is just a skeleton with a long tail and has purple and white flames coming out from his body. The bones from this monster is many times stronger and more durable than steel. This monster has incredibly sharp claws from its hands and feet. Zero acquired this beast Take Over when he visited Warriors Village to take the Trial of Warriors.

Magic and Abilities

Increased Durability: In this beast form Zero is able to withstand large amounts of attacks and damage and continue his plight for victory. Not only are the bones incredibly hard and near impossible to break,but a constant flames surrounds Zero at all times cushioning many blows.

Increased Flexibility: In this form Zero is able to twist,bend and move in many different ways that allow him to dodge attacks; magical or physical. This helps to not only evade damage, but to land attacks of his own.

  • Tail: Can use his tail in many ways such as attacking or defending. His tail is sharp enough to cut through many attacks or use it to deflect them as well. His tail can also extend with the use of Flames and then circle in front or behind him to create a shield for much larger attacks. He is also able to use his tail as a type of weapon like a sword or hammer. The tip of the Tail can change to various shapes such as a blade, hammer, axe or drill.
  • Kamikaze: Wraps himself around his target, then proceeds to cause a massive explosion with the fire surrounding himself. Although it does not actually harm Zero, his flames take a few minutes to return and engulf his body once more.
  • Dead Rising: Creates a Purple Fire Magic Circle underneath the intended target. From this Magic Circle, numerous purple flamed skeletons rise up and attach themselves to the target and then proceed to explode causing major damage and burns.
  • Cross bones: Shoots purple fireballs from his hands that are shaped like bones in a crossed manner. They explode on contact or if Zero wishes then he can make this spell burst around the target and engulf them in flames burning his target.
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