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"Feel the wrath of the white tiger god!"
— A typical quote said by users of this magic.
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Baihu's Wrath
Baihu's Wrath



Byakko no Gekijin


Caster Magic
Subspecies Magic
Ancient Spell



Baihu's Wrath (白虎の激甚, Byakko no Gekijin) is considered to be a very powerful Caster Magic in its own right. It's considered to be a form of Subspecies Magic — finding some basis in other magics like Take Over and Mimic, albeit with some stark differences. It's been noted that this magic's origins within the country of Joya — which is well-known for their ancient traditions & worships.

It's later found out that this magic was created long ago by a now-extinct clan of tiger-beast tamers who wanted to inherit the traits of the beasts they tame. There are also rumors surrounding this magic, stating that it was a blessing of a god that the clan worshiped — hence its name. It took many years for this magic to be developed & perfect, only to be usable by a select few. Though its secrets are passed down from generation-to-generation, there are a handful of known users. This makes the magic very rare, yet obscure in today's society.


Baihu's Wrath - Partial Usage

A user turning parts of their body into that of a White Tiger's own.

Baihu's Wrath - Aggressive Personality Shift

The highly aggressive, bloodthirsty, and feral nature of the magic's caster.

Baihu's Wrath - Tempered Magical Aura

The highly tempered magical aura of the caster, becoming visible & hard like metal.

Ferrokinetic Powers

"The element of metal is mine to command; all things that fall under it is within my jurisdiction! This is the blessing that's given to me by the white tiger!"
— A user boasting about their ferrokinetic abilities while employing this magic.

White Tiger Full Transformation Stage

"In this form, I will devour you — bone and all!"
— A quoted stated by a user in this stage.
Baihu's Wrath - White Tiger Form Complete

A fully transformed user lunging at an opponent.


  • If one considers the concepts of this magic from a certain viewpoint, it's seen as an advanced form of Transformation.
  • This is based off of the Mu Bai Clan's affiliation with the White Tiger from the series Doluo Dalu II — Jueshui Tangmen.
  • Bai Hu is the name of the White Tiger deity guarding the west. It's part of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellation. It's recognized by many names in various Asian countries, Byakko — the Japanese variant, is the most well-known one. This creature is also associated with the element of metal in the Wu Xing — something that's denoted by the magic's ability to manipulate metal to a certain extent.
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