Unknown to the rest of the world, a gathering of vicious monsters known as Dark Guild Masters was taking place in a secluded corner of Fiore. Seven masters who were wearing black robes with numbers on them, gathered around a large square table arguing what their next step was after one of the other masters had been defeated and captured by a certain alliance.

"That Damned Gavin has ruined everything. He let those worms defeat him and let our precious Dragon Slayers escape. Said one of the masters who had the number 4 on his robe.

"I knew he wasn't the right person for the job." Said another with the number 7.

"He was never a team player to begin with. My sources tell me he was gonna use the slayers for his own personal agenda." Said the master with a number 5.

"Like any of you idiots could really pull of all he did? Let's not forget, his guild numbered in the hundreds! None of us even come close to those kinds of resources!" Shouted the master with the number 2 angrily.

The Dark Guild Masters began to argue amongst themselves shouting back and forth, each with an angry tones.

Stop your bickering! All of you are acting like children! We have come to discuss our next step. Whats done is done. We need to figure out how to get back our experiments and put an end to the alliance" said the master with the number 1.

"That power hungry idiot has set us back quite a bit. And now I'm told our slayers have joined the guild's in the alliance that stopped Shattered Dusk. How are we supposed to get them back? Said number 5 completely furious.

"We will discuss everything when all masters have gathered. Number 8 still hasn't arrived." Claimed number 1

When all of a sudden a girl came prancing in laughing and singing while skipping about the room. She was wearing a white frilled short dress with a red long sleeve vest over it that had a black bow on her chest, black stockings and black heels. The masters were completely surprised by her presence, but what really surprised them most was the fact her clothes and face were smeared with blood. She didn't stop skipping about, but she did begin to say " I'm sorry to say, but the other master won't be coming. He ran into some......unexpected visitors. But don't worry I have brought someone far more fitting to take his place.

All the masters stood furious of her presence and remark. "What the he'll are you? What did you do with 8?" Shouted 2.

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