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Band of Arduinna

Bando Oufu A-duina


バンド オーフ アーヅイナ


Holder Magic
Ten Rings of Norvino


Yvana Crogan

 Band of Arduinna(Bando Oufu A-duina バンド オーフ アーヅイナ): Is one of the Ten Rings of Norvino that was passed down in the royal family until it came into the possession of the current Queen, Aivenna Solus, who then passed it on to one of her royal knights, Yvana Crogan, who she saw had the most wisdom to utilize it's ability more effectively. 


This ring is considered to be the most unusual of the ten, for reasons unknown, it was told by every generation royal family that only the most capable of the knights must be chosen to wield this. It begins with the user slowly channeling their energy into the ring, which triggers a melding process of both body and mind as the user suddenly have the sudden visual views of what appear to be screens of sorts, which only appear in the user's own perspective as the ability kicks off. When the user sees anything in their sight line, it allows them to quickly glimps into what appear to be possible futures of said object, and can determine the object's fate or multiple fates. However, there are certain risks to one using this ring in battle, one being that the determation of the future takes quite a while to officially come into view, meaning the user is vulnerable to any form of attacks. The second risk is that when the user sees the future in anyway, it has about a 75% outcome of any paths to be true, meaning it is up to the user to determine what would be the best course. 

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