"I think you've got me all wrong. My motives aren't so sophisticated as "revenge" or "honor" or any of that... The reason I killed all of those men... was because I could. It's that simple."

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Banishment Curse

Tsuihō noroi






Davy Jones

Banishment Curse (追放呪い Tsuihō noroi): is a Curse utilized by Davy Jones. Recevied after consuming the Fountain of Youth.


This Curse, similiar to that of Dispelling Magic, allowes the user to remove any magic from a target. An example of this would be that if cast on someone using Requip, the armor or weapon would be removed. 

The secondary effect, which serves as a Passive Effect, makes the user immune most magic. The user can no longer be affected by direct-magic. What this means is that Magic such as Eye MagicDisassembly Magic or Telekinesis can no longer function with this user as its source of usage. It will simply act as something blocking the other users from using their respective magic. The user can still be damaged through other means; such as physically (even with the help of magic).

The Negative effect of this Curse is that the user are unable to, under any circumanstances, learn or use other magic or curses. This makes the user unable to be contacted through means such as Telepathy. But the user is still capable of using other Magical Weapons such as Kraken, who holds the Necrotic Curse.

A summary to this Curse would be that the user is capable of Dispelling Magic from other users but also make the user immune to most Magic as a direct-source. This makes the user only capable of handling this Curse, and this Curse alone. Beside Cursed/Magical Weapons.


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