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Alucard Bat Manipulation
Bat Manipulation Magic



Kakuisuri no Mahō





Bat Manipulation Magic (蚊食鳥操りの魔法 Kakuisuri no Mahō) is a form of Caster-type Magic exclusively utilized by Vampires, and is a form of inherent skill learned upon being turned. Unlike most forms of Caster Magic, it requires no previous knowledge to be performed, and many vampires first perform it on instinct. Due to its many uses, it has also been called the Bat Body Magic (蚊食鳥身の魔法 Kakuimi no Mahō).


Out of all the magical skills utilized by Vampires, this is among the most prolific; the ability to command and become the night's most reviled creature. Through Bat Manipulation Magic, a Vampire can command hordes of vampire bats similar to Dragon Supremacy Magic; hijacking the mind of the bats themselves and causing them to do the bidding of the user.

This magic has multiple purposes, but the most useful of which is to command flocks of bats to fight in the stead of the user. While this is an unorthodox method of combat, it nevertheless proves effect when the user brings in a flock numbering in the thousands. Unable to make sense of their surroundings in the chattering, biting flocks, opposing forces quickly lose their focus and cannot function as a cohesive unit, while a singular opponent is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of bats.

When the flock reaches a large enough number, the bats can be controlled as one would telekinetically control water; overwhelming the opponents with a pressure of a large wave. At high enough speeds and dense enough flocks, opponents can be rent asunder on contact, or crushed beneath the weight of a large congregation of bats. By condensing the bats and covering the sky, a vampire who still bears their weakness to the sun can create protection for themselves in a situation where the need to fight in daylight arises.

The most valued use of this magic, however, is the Bat Body function; when the need to take flight or move at higher speeds in the air arises, a vampire can collapse their physical body, bursting into a flock of bats. This is one of the first vampire abilities unlocked, often when a vampire tests their own speed, and due to the magical nature of these creatures, their clothes are formed into bats along with their own body. As with manipulation of actual bats, the flock of bats created from the user's own body can damage opponents with all the speed and strength of their original form.

It is also possible for a user to turn portions of their body into that of a bat; an example would be creating large, bat-like wings from their shoulder blades to give them flight whilst maintaining human form.


  • This magic, while typical of vampires, is based on one of Dracula's abilities in Dracula Untold.
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