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Battle Cry

喊声 (バットルクリー)


Battoru Kurī (Kansei)


Caster Magic

Battle Cry (喊声 (バットルクリー), Battoru Kurī (Kansei)) is a Caster Magic, and a Subspecies Magic of Sound Magic that incporporates the user shouting a repeated phrase, according to the rhythm of their attacks in order to enhance its power and intensity.


Battle Cry is meant solely to be a supporting type of Magic. It has no offensive value, nor defensive, and its only function is to increase the power and intensity of one's attack, magical or physical. It is done by the user repeatedly shouting a phrase unique to them, typically a four letter word, that is chosen by the user. Once the word, or phrase, is chosen, it is the only one that will work with this magic for said user.

The usage of Battle Cry is considered difficult at times, even complex, as the user must shout their respective word repeatedly and non-stop, according to the rhythm of their attack, when it is executed, to when it hits, in order to increase their attacks power, and intensity. In addition, the louder the user's own natural voice is, the more powerful their attack becomes. Some users have a unique enhancement depending on their fighting style and personality. For example, one user's Battle Cry may enhance their attacks' speed out of everything else, or another's may grant their attacks a unique trait that they can willingly activate, such as producing extreme heat, making their attacks almost fiery.

As aformentioned, Battle Cry can also enhance spells, and magical attacks, but doing so is considered very difficult, as some spells' rhythm is difficult to predict, thus executing Battle Cry is more difficult, in addition to some spells requiring incantation, which means they must mentally say the incantation, while simultaneously shouting their phrase. It is for this reason that Battle Cry is preferably used for physical combat, since it is much easier to predict the rhythm of one's own moves, hence it has become much more popular with martial artists, than most Mages.

As for weaknesses, Battle Cry doesn't have many, but the most glaring weakness is that if the user is unable of coordinating their shouting to the rhythm of their attacks, then they will be needlessly yelling with no boost. Additionally, if the user mispronounces their word, or in anyway, stops midway, they will instantly lose their boost, and at times, their own attacks will backfire on them. It's for this reason that Battle Cry requires many hours, days, or even years of training in order to properly use it with the rhythm of their attacks, much less master and use flawlessly.


  • This magic is inspired by the Stand Cry from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
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