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Battle Inn



Sen in

Location Statistics
Located In

Mochina Island

Controlled By

Akira Hatsumata

The Battle Inn (戦イン, Sen in) is the most well know eatery on Mochina located in the Captial City. Currently run by Akira Hatsumata a former member of the Oxen Division of the Mochina Royal Guard, who has been called the greatest chef in the Crescent Archipelago.


The inn itself is located in the People's Quater near the main square where all the people walk around and get a bite to eat. 


The building itself looks like a miniture fortress with Battle Inn on the front above the door which takes the form of very large wood and iron doors (luckly these doors open via magic). Inside the place is open and spacious with an indoors eating area with the kitchen at the back allowing the patrons to see the food being made, upsatairs is the VIP/overflow Area where special guests, parties and excess patrons can eat. Past the kitchen is the outdoor eating area which has many sakura trees giving the meals a sense of drama and epicness.


True to Mochina's nature the food is full of flavour and can have a powerful kick to it. The menu is seperated into 5 sections: Starter, Main, Desert, Vegan/Vegitarian and Specials.


  • The Five Alarm Soup: A spicy soup that uses 5 different and hot chilli pepers, advisable that patrons ahve a strong stomach and tolerance for heat.
  • Shrimp/Duck Gyoza: Shrimp dumplings shaped alittle like bananas filled with ship and crisp veg and marinaded in a sweet chilli sause and served with a teriyaki sauce.
  • BBQ Beef/Pork Ribs: BBQ ribs made of either Beef or Pork in sets of 4 or 5. The sauce is strong and robust with a wood smoked taste.
  • Sweet Chilli Onigiri: Rice Onigiri with a sticky sweet chilli sauce int he centre. This item is a popular take away snack.
  • Chilli Squid with Chilli and Garlec sauce: Squid deep fried and marinaded in corianda with a nice chilli and garlec sauce.


  • Crispy Beef Ramen: A bowl of crispy beef with noodles and a hardy broth which is flavoured with chilli flakes to give the ramen a nice kick.




  • Mochina's Favirote Noodles: A plate of noodles with a various choice of sauces and meats, the most popular is the Teriyaki Beef choice or the Sweet and Sour Pork choice.


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