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Grendel Spirit (グレンデルスピリット Gurenderusupiritto) is a Take Over spell that lets the user take on the form of a tall, massive, extremely bulky white monster with a curved mouth. Although it walks slowly with something of a limp, it is shown to be quite powerful.
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Grendel beast
Beast Form: Grendel Spirit





Caster Magic
Take Over


Mercer Hallow


Grendel Spirit is a Take Over spell that allows the user to take on the alleged form of the mighty creature, Grendel. This form has many abilities similar to that of its source in the fact that it is exceedingly resilient to most normal weapons. This poses a problem to the average soldier or mage that tries to fight the user head-to-head. This form is also resilient to a couple forms of magic including that of the elements, poison, and barriers. But, this form is extremely weak to magics that can be described as "holy" such as Light Magic, Prayer Magic, and Cross Magic.

A couple other abilities this Take Over form has is the ability to produce poisonous saliva. This poison is particularly powerful in the fact that it can cause a similar effect to necrosis and even cause infections. Furthermore, this form is massive, standing over 7 feet tall and looking like that of a white beast. It has arms that reach to the floor and a pair of small, muscular legs that can cave a man's chest with a single kick.

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