Stallion Take Over
Beast Soul: Leopardman

ビーストソウル: レオパードマン


Bīsuto Sōru: Reopādo Man

Parent Magic

Take Over


Alessandro Barbossa

Beast Soul: Leopardman (ビーストソウル: レオパードマン Bīsuto Sōru: Reopādo Man) is a Take Over Spell.


User transforms his entire body into that of a Leopardman, a feline humanoid creature with the capabilities of human speech. In this form his hair becomes a large, bushy mane on the back of his head and he gains golden fur on his body and face with black markings all over it, it also has a white section of fur around the edges of the golden fur surrounding a pale underbelly. He gains ears near his forehead, a larger nose and a tail. This take over is unusual because he still retains his clothes whilst in this form.

Special Features

Leopard Death Fist (レオパード死拳 Reopādo-Shi Ken): A fighting style developed and practiced solely by Leopardmen, it makes use of their extendable tail and strong hand to hand combat skills, often restraining the enemy with their tail and attacking with powerful punches.

Enhanced Strength: In this form, Alessandro's strength drastically increases, allowing him to not only catch up to enemies but also fight hand to hand with them after and/or during pursuit. He has also shown on several occassions in this form that he can break boulders and Magic Four Wheelers in one strike with no trouble at all.

Enhanced Speed: As a leopardman is part Leopard-a feline known for it's speed-Barbossa can move at great speeds, whether on four legs or two. As he already possesses great speed, this further increases his ability, allowing him to nullify time-based Magic such as Slowing Magic.

Extendable Tail: He can also, through unknown means, extend his tail which can be used as a fifth limb to grab objects or even to smash, break or whip things.

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