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Beat Magic



Mahou Wo Bitto


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Beat Magic (Mahou wo bitto, をビート) is a magic which allows the caster to amplify their bodies via listening to several different types of music over a lacrima headphone. The Amplifications that the caster's body receives depends on the beat that the music has.


When the Beat Magic is initilized, the body will take in any sound waves that it receives and the brain thinks of as music. This stops the caster to receive un-wanted or un-intentional amplifications to their body by sound waves that are coming from everywhere. Once the body aquires the sound waves, it will move along it in the same speed that the song goes. The mind will also be effected via that it's emotional state may change depending on what music is put on.


  • Heavy Punch - While listening to Heavy- songs, the caster is capable of amplifying their physical strength tenfolds, allowing them to give of more devestation blows with more destructive power.
  • Skip Beat - If the caster is listening to any electronic songs genres then they will be capable of casting the Skip Beat spell. The Skip Beat spell allows them to dodge any form of attack, should it be physically possible by their body.
  • Royale Step - Royale step is a spell that can be used should the caster be listening to classic music. The spell allows the caster's body to move elegantly and proffessionally and thus become more efficient in and less stamina consuming.
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