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Beautiful Horror Stories



Utsukushī Shippaidan


Caster Magic
Ancient Spell


Raymond Kurland

Beautiful Horror Stories (美しい失敗談, Utsukushī Shippaidan) is an occult Caster Magic and Ancient Spell which has recently been acquired by Raymond Kurland after his travels to Bellum and taking part in one of their many civil wars.


Beautiful Horror Stories is considered to be a magic that is considered revolting by the general public. While the word "Beautiful" does apply to some of the phenomenon produced by it, the sheer juxtaposition placed through its complete opposite is considered to highlight the vulgarity of this magic. The magic, unlike standard fear-inducing magic, doesn't actually utilize the opponent's own fears in order to conjure them into reality, but rather, it simply allows the user to manifest apparitions which are believed to be horrifying, or in a better manner of speaking, disgusting, and use them against the opponent to psychologically torture them to submission. Although that might be the primary focus of the magic, it actually works quite well in combative purposes. Because everything formed by this magic is, quite literally, a physical apparition, it is impossible to escape from it through sheer willpower, and the user of the magic may utilize it in order to combat an enemy from virtually any range.

However, in order to use this magic correctly, it appears that the essence of one's willpower - one's soul - is split into two halves. These two halves are the "beautiful" and the "horrifying" part of the soul, essentially creating an individual placed with a multiple personality disorder. Although it should be noted that, while this multiple personality disorder exists, it exists in an almost harmonic state. This is due to the nature of the magic which, once again, requires two different forms of magic in order to properly function. One must be capable of creating the beautiful images of scenes such as flowers, whereas the other must directly complement it with an equally horrifying image that is related to the same common fears of the people. If this is not done adequately, then the user may not bring about its effects to its full potential, causing no psychological impact on the victim and therefore nullifying the magic. The psychological effect applied against the victim is brought about through the contradictory images placed upon one another. The magic emitted from the synchronization of horror and beauty subsequently release a radiation of some sorts, which acts upon the brain to increase the victim's sense of fear, making it much easier to combat them in the long run. Also, due to the nature of this magic creating rather extravagant effects, it is difficult to use repeatedly unless one has copious levels of magical power.


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