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Black Aurora

ブラク アウロラ


Buraku Aurora


Caster Magic
Light Magic
Darkness Magic



Black Aurora (ブラク アウロラ, Buraku Aurora) is an advanced elemental Magic which utalizes both Light and Darkness Magic.


Black Aurora is a type of magic in which the user fuses Light Magic with Darkness Magic. The result is a powerful balance of both elements in the form of Black Aurora. However, due to the mixing of polar opposites, Black Aurora Magic is very destructive. When in use, the user with gain a thin aura of magic around their person. This is a result of the destructive nature of the magic being contained. When the user decides to release Black Aurora, they must first contain it in one part of their body so they don't end up blowing everything up around them. Once the magic is released it spontaneously combusts, proving it's raw destructive nature.

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