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The Black-haired man took a sip of his tea, he and his companions had left Nagoya a while ago after the Slayer's Fight, it was intense yes and Damon's opponent was very strong too but indeed Damon won and now in the same night he is supposed to fight another participant of that tournament, god he should get some rest, even his companions said so but the slayer is disobedient. Shiro rented a room for them in a certain hotel since apparently Meredy was in the city too, with this the room wasn't really rented as they were gonna stay in HER room.

"So I will stay with the bigger bed and you guys sleep anywhere" Meredy said while fixing her clothes, she was wearing a black blouse which showed her cleavage and a pink mini-short, she also had that head piece.

"Witch" She heard someone murmuring and turned her head to the now big-exceed sitting in a mini-table alongside Damon, time really passes indeed.

"Said what Fuckin' Cat?" A vein popped up in her head as she shout and slapped the Exceed's forehead while also making an very angry face fault, Reggie just looked at her with another angry face fault and spark flew through their eyes.

"Oi Meredy, even I know that's not fair and geez! Calm down you two! I can hear your voices from outside" Shiro who had just entered the room complained due to the various noises and also due to the fact that he was carying all bagges, once he arrived in a certain part of the room he dropped them while he also fell on the bed.

"OI LEAVE MY BED NOW!" Meredy turned her fury to the pale man and started to spank him in the face, screams were heard, they were product of the man who had complained about the noises, wonderful.

Damon got up from his chair with a smirk, he looked at them "I will leave for a walk, if I take time, call the police" Damon said naturally, Reggie nodded, Shiro didn't react and Meredy just gave him an thumbs up. Damon left the room laughing a bit, and procceeded to leave the hotel too not without informing the Woman in the balcony of course "Weird friends I got" Thought he while cleaning his nose as he was already walking in the streets, and good, it started raining, could be a worse night.

He saw what looked like an Jungle Temple at the end of the street, after all this city was almost inside a Jungle Biome, as he started to walk inside it, he caught a scent, and looked at his back-side while his hat made shadows cover his eyes.

Inside the temple were voices that were speaking as one was a female and the other a strange squawking creature as they were attempting to convince him that he shouldn't fight so soon as the male voice protested that he was fine. The two then looked back as they heard foot-steps coming towards them as the person appeared in front of them.

"My guess is you're the next person I'm to fight right?" The male with pink-hair said as he looked over to his companion. 

Damon turned his head to the front again, the scent would come from behind but it was truly coming from the front-side, maybe the rain affected his smell a bit, he never liked water too much after all, with a smirk "Well, that was fast, thought my opponent would appear by tomorrow or so, pleasured to meet you all, my name is Damon Dammy Draco" He said while bowing his head slightly.

"Natsu, Natsu Dragneel " He replied bowing in the same manner, "This is my partner, Lucy Heartfilia, but she'll be heading out back to our camp" 

Lucy gave Natsu a glare when he said that, but knew what he meant by it, and bowed in respect before walking out as she left the two slayers alone.

"I was hoping to sleep a bit myself, but I figured I'd get a look at our battle grounds, didn't expect to find you coming here to do the same" He said standing up as he cracked his neck. 

"Your girlfriend? Nice to know you Lucy Heartfilia" Damon said with an normal face "I just came here for a walk actually, and my friends were being weird" Damon tightened the grip in his artifact with his right hand and his left one took a grip of his hat "So, like some others, are you looking for the Title?" Damon said cracking his neck a bit, preparing himself.

"Not my girlfriend, more of my best friend, and well I'm interested in trying to see if anyone in this tournament can help me jog my memories I once had. A title like "Dragon Slayer King" isn't exactly my goal, but if I do somehow recieve it, then more power to me" He said sensing Damon's eagerness as he chuckled a bit. 

"You're quite the fighter, I can tell from how you mentally prepare yourself as well as physically, maybe you'll be the one to jog my memory" He said standing up as he prepared as well by stretching a bit. 

"You are very prepared as well Dragneel, I can tell by your look, oh and you didn't answer my question, also jog your memory? Did you hit your head or something? In any case, shall we begin our battle?" Moments after asking and saying those things, Damon brought his arm backwards which now had it's hand engulfed in flames, the Shadow Slayer charged at his opponent but then he quickly brought his arm forward "Flame Dragon's Finger Pistol" Damon fired three bullets made of fire from his finger, thing is, they didn't go in Natsu's direction but instead Damon directed them at the ground below them, there wasn't much sense in directly attacking an powerful Fire Dragon Slayer using weak Fire Spells or Fire itself, one wouldn't be wise by doing that, and yeah Damon wasn't completely brainless as it seemed, he had his moments.

As the three bullets quickly impacted with the ground, they exploded, action which was enough to make the smoke rise, they were on a temple after all things are old, the smoke screen rised high and covered most of the place, Damon quickly disappeared inside it, but after a few seconds he came out of the screen running with an amazing speed with his right fist hardened with shadows, he tried to punch his opponent's stomach with brute force, the scene happened in a very fast pace.

Natsu's heighetend reflexes allowed him to feel the flow of where Damon was coming, even with the smoke in his face, focusing his Eternano hardening into his stomach as he took the hit, and was skidding backwards but stopped as he smiled and wiped off the dirt.

"Not bad, but I'm not so easily phased!" He said before disappearing from sight as he moved towards Damon, concentrating Fire into his fist as he aimed for Damon's chest, swinging with high speeds. 

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!"

As more of the smoke began to clear up, Damon's left arm was revealed to be stretched back a bit, having a slightly metalic appearance about it, suggesting that it was hardened. As Natsu's fist approached him, Damon could only move back slightly, so that his left arm could move in the way he desireded. Slightly moving his shoulder, Damon quickly clenched his hand into a fist and brought his hand foward, intended on meeting Natsu's punch head on. This fist was combinded with built-up speed, brute force and was hardened "Shadow Dragon's Stone Crusher!" Damon called out as his fist made contact with Natsu's, sending a powerful shockwave throughout the area. The Stone Crusher's unique effect would take place now and since it had little preparation, three consecutive stabs would be sent.

Natsu could feel the extra three impulses that ran through his arm, though the effects were dampaned due to his hardened arm with the use of the Eternano in his system that allowed it to take the impact as he held his ground against Damon, focusing fire to his feet as he swung upward with his leg, aiming it right at Damon's head.

"Fire Dragon's Crushing Claw!"

The intensity of his fire resulted in his flaming leg taking shape into what appeared to be a claw of a dragon as it aimed right for Damon's head. 

Damon clenched his teeth with such force, they might have cracked as he tried to think quickly. He knew that bending his knees to try and block the incoming kick was out of the question, he would only end up taking more damage. However an idea quickly manifested in his mind as he stated to channel shadows into his neck, thus hardening it while at the same time, he gaterhed a few shadws within his mouth. He could see that Natsu's kick was coming in close and was most likely very powerful. For a second, he briefly wondered if he could resist such a spell "The heat, yes. The impact, probably not" he quickly concluded as he raised his chin and released the stored shadows in his mouth in the form of a thin stream, acting as a jet propulsion. However instead of making his entire body fly back, the stream forced Damon's neck to strech back and allowed him to avoid Natsu's deadly kick. As the stream of shadows would act as a cover, darkening things up a little, Damon prepared for his next action as he hardened his left arm with shadows, the fire reflecting off of it and giving it a shiny appearance.

Natsu's missed kick made him quickly jump back to get some distance between him and Damon as he started to understand a little on his opponent from observing with his quick eye-sight.  Interesting, so this is the Dual-Element Slayer users I've heard about, his Fire attacks allow him to do range and quick fire shots to hit me when it can, while his Shadows operate like an extension of himself, stretching far on his body and whenever he can get it. He's a tricky opponent no doubt, been a while since I've had to think outside the box for a battle like this he said in his mind before beginning to focus his magic energy as he took in a deep breath, channeling the Eternano through his throat and lungs as it allowed him to draw in a little more air, resulting in his stomach expanding as he looked back at Damon. First, a little flare

"Fire Dragon's Roar!!!"

When released, the flames showed to blow directly towards Damon in a form of a plume as it grew bigger, causing more of a smokescreen effect than a full on fire as it still had a burning effect on the whole area. With his cover, Natsu began the next step as he focused his magic, using Transformation to change himself into part of the wall, moving to another part of the area as he lied in wait.

Damon saw as the flaming burst came after him, with an smirk, he tossed his artifact to a certain part of the temple and continued to walk towards the roar, with another smirk he raises his left arm foward, revealing his preformed spell "Shadow Flame Dragon's Dome" With it a dome made of fire and shadows started to surround Damon's body, it's shadows would try to keep the Roar's fire from reaching him and it's flames served more to give resistance to said shadows, Damon continued walking calmly with the dome active until the roar passed fully through him, he got burned yes, Natsu's fire was hot but not enough.

Damon looked around searching for Natsu, only to notice the mage either hiddened himself or is using an disguise magic, Damon smelled the air quickly taking note as he found Natsu's scenet mixed with a bit of stone's scent "You became a wall? Really?" Damon said while looking around, his eyes shining slightly in amazement, to find Natsu would be a bit complicated but yeah given the entire temple is made of stone, could take some time to find his opponent although he found smart of the Fire Slayer to use another magic instead of just Slayer Magic.

Damon approached the temple's wall, he took a look of his surrounds again and procceeded to bring his left arm up putting it slightly over the wall, then he began to put force, Damon increased the amount of force with each moment, his fingers started to pierce the large wall which began to crack making the building tremble, with far more force Damon got his fingers almost completely in the thick wall which had been damaged severely and had many cracks through it, probaly through most of the temple, Damon looked around again as he saw a piece of wall which hadn't cracks.

Smirking again Damon looked at said unaffected wall and followed to stretch his now hardened left leg in a backward motion, then with brute force Damon threw an powerful kick which was strong enough to pierce through the temple's wall without making it crack completely "If you transformed into stone, I wonder what happens If I break you" With an body swing, Damon's leg started to literally cut through the walls from both sides, breaking through the stone violently as he was about to reach said unaffected wall.

"One thing I forgot to mention, who said I was trying to hide?" Natsu said releasing his transformation while adding flames to his feet to propel himself forward to avoid the attack, and while he was in mid-air, Natsu knew that Damon's foot wouldn't be able to stretch back quick to protect him as he then focused his magic once again in his throat before releasing a second roar, only this one was much more faster than the first one as it more of a jet-stream flame that aimed directly at Damon.

Still with an calm face, Damon looked quickly at his extended leg as Natsu used an powerful fire roar at him, Damon increased his leg's swing and didn't stop until he reached an pillar, there he wrapped his leg around the stone pillar with force, and then instead of stretching his leg back towards his body, instead Damon did the opposite, by jumping a little in the air his body began to go in his foot's direction with speed, avoiding almost the entire roar although Damon felt it's heat, the shadow slayer hit against the pillar slightly unwrapping his leg, his left arm covered in shadows with a bit of flames in it, he was prepared for the next act.

Natsu landed on the other side of the arena as he looked at Damon, clapping a little at the quick thinking he had done as he then decided to go on the offensive as he focused his flames, causing them to spark up on his body as it created a scale-like pattern that covered most of his body as he took his fighting stance.

"Fire Dragon Scale's". 

"It's good to receive a compliment of someone like you, though you may not remember why, you are one Dragon Slayer that many others look up to" Damon said approaching the temple's wall again which had 3/4 ripped apart "I don't know what happened for someone like you to lose your memory, but yeah I'm quite glad I got to face you" Piercing the wall with his fingers again, Damon started to bring his arm up again with brute force, the remaining part of the temple couldn't stand it and began to crack, Damon put more force and then it was completely ripped off the lower part of the temple, it wasn't much of a difficult task given the temple was old.

Ripping the upper part of the lower part made some smoke come out of it and fly towards the outside a bit, from the city the temple could be seen to have turned crooked slightly as some citizens wondered what could have caused it. There, Damon raised his arm a bit more as he looked at Natsu who had his scales active, then with another movement, Damon brought the entire temple down towards the floor and Natsu, the collision had made an enormous explosion of wind and a big smoke screen to cover the place, said explosion could be seen from far away.

The ground beneath them was completely destroyed, and once most of the smoke screen was cleared away, Damon got out from below an pile of rock as while his arm trembled a bit since it got damage from the impact, he looked around to see if he had success on damaging Natsu or no, he then looked at the sky briefly as the rain had stopped, good he wouldn't be wet anymore, Damon sharpened his instincts waiting for the result.

The rumbling was heard as a fist broke through one of the broken down rubble as the scales on it were still there, eventually the rest of Natsu's body followed as he got up from underneath with a big comedic bump on his head as he winced from the pain.

"Thanks I guess, though it is rare to get hurt with these scales on, even if it's just a bump" He said clearing the dust off his clothes as he looked towards his enemy, feeling the intensity in the air as he smiled before cracking his knuckles. Something triggered as he then showed his hand to Damon, using the fire on his fingers to show the words, Come on, smiling at the same time as well. 

Damon smelled the air around a bit, there was a swamp near the temple which wasn't strange considering they are almost on a forest, smelling a bit more deep he found the camp which Natsu and his blond friend were using, good, since he knew where it was Damon would take care so none of his spells could burn the location nor the fight would reach there, he didn't want to harm anyone although some stone pieces may have flied in the city's direction during the impact, if he could redirect them, he would do so so they could hit Meredy's room, Damon made an sweatdrop and continued to focus on Natsu who had showed an Come On made of flames on his hand.

Damon hardened both his fists as he looked at the floor for a moment, then he looked at Natsu and rushed at the Fire Slayer with amazing speed due to the force of his legs, to normal eyes he would've disappeared but Natsu's weren't normal as he knew, quickly reaching the latter's place Damon brought down his arm and then trying to hit Natsu he brought it in a upward movement aiming for his opponent's jaw.

Natsu's reaction time allowed him to block the attack as he was pushed back a bit from the force of the impact before he then went on the offensive to jump and aim a spinning roundhouse kick right towards Damon's head. 

Damon hardened his head with shadows in order to decrease the impact from Natsu's kick, while also benting his right knee, he hadn't time to low his head so he needed to take the hit, however he didn't resist it completely, due to Natsu's speed, the latter's kick was stronger and therefore made Damon nearly turn up-down, Damon still trying to recover his position threw an hardened kick at Natsu's stomach, this is was possible since his knee was bent.

From the position he was in, Natsu could only harden his stomach scales to decrease some of the damage, but still felt it as it pushed him back. The momentum only drove him as he summoned up flames in both of his fists, aiming as put both his hands together in an attempt to swing them to do a heavy hit right at Damon's chest. 

As he kicked Natsu's stomach, Damon started to get shadows in his mouth which procceeded to get bigger, then he noticed as his opponent had succeeded on defending his kick and now tried to hit him with both his fists in fire, he was aiming at Damon's chest apparently. Damon, trying to not lose time, released a larger amount of shadows than before which procceeded to push him away from Natsu, but wheter the stream hit Natsu or no, he didn't know.

Natsu's attack aimed now towards the shadow stream as it collided with each other, but allowed Natsu to at least manage to evade the attack before releasing another roar right towards Damon due to him now being distracted by the focus of continuing the stream of shadows to keep pushing himself back.

Seeing as that current amount of shadows succeeded on making Natsu stop that two arm attack, Damon also saw how the current shadows in the stream weren't enough to counter his roar, with this, instead of stopping and trying to escape in another way, Damon continued to release the strem and then he increased the amount of shadows in his mouth, action which was enough to enlarge the stream successfully changing it into a roar "Shadow Dragon's Roar"

Both of the roars seemed to have merged with one other as they collided, which resulted in a powerful explosion from the aftermath, which sent Natsu flying a good few feet as he was caught with some of the blow back because of it as it resulted in his scales being breached and losing them as he cracked his neck and looked at Damon.

"Seriously" Damon said honestly looking at Natsu in return, the Fire Roar made by Natsu had much blunt effects on Damon since the shadow slayer had quite a resistance to fire and heat although part of his black coat was burned, he then procceeded to get up from the pile of rocks he had fallen in, he then gave an smirk at his opponent as he continued his sentence "How much power do you have Mr. Dragneel?"

"Quite a bit myself, though I'm sure you're just as powerful if you've managed to still be up after the attacks I've thrown at you" He said chuckling as he took in a deep breath and let it out as it caused his fire to go out almost naturally. "Think it's time to get serious my friend, I hope you're ready". 

"A weight left my shoulders now that I know you weren't serious" Damon starts to hit his clothes slightly in order to take out any dirt in it "So you also need help remembering things about your life right? I guess I know how to help" Damon dashed towards Natsu with an amazing speed, however as he approached his opponent frontally, Damon disappeared in a flash of shadows and reappeared at Natsu's side, aiming an elbow at the man's cheek.

Natsu's now serious demeanor did not change as he took the hit, only to be pushed back slightly before his flames erupted in an attempt to counterattack by focusing one single dragon roar, adding his Eternano manipulation, split it into five individual roars that aimed right at Damon.

Damon's body was caught by the Five Roars thrown at him, he didn't have time to resist or react as then, each of the five pyronic roars hit him which was enough to cover his entire body in flames bursting him away a few meters causing an wide explosion which brightened the surroundings and also set fire to some surrounds, as it was clear, Damon's body could be seen laying on the floor.

Natsu didn't give time to worry about if Damon was unconscious or not as he propelled himself upward with his fire to focus more of it into his hands, contaning them in a sphere as it grew larger than Natsu, but then suddenly shrank down before Natsu threw it downward,

" Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!!! "

The small orb went at a high speed towards Damon as it then expanded to a great size, drawing closer and closer to Damon. 

"I was serious when I said I'll help you with your memory" Something touched Natsu's shoulder lightly as he had sent the Big Ball of flame towards Damon's body, he turned his head slightly around, there was, Damon, the Shadow Slayer had appeared at his opponent's back and had just prepared an shadow-hardened punch which trembled, just as Natsu turned to look, the punch was inches away from coming into contact violently with his cheek.

The impact rang through the area as it made contact, sending Natsu flying towards the ground as he slammed hard into the ground as he rubbed a small blood trail from his mouth, knowing that he was gonna need a plan to try and get to Damon. 

"Any memory returned?" Damon shout and dashed as Natsu passed through the area and jumped in his opponent's direction as he layed on the ground, he stretched both his shadow-hardened legs higher in the air as he was nearly above Natsu, then he threw an powerful stamp-like move towards Natsu with both legs, trying to hit the Fire Slayer while he was still in the ground.

Natsu heard the rushing wind that Damon pushed with when he sent his foot down as he quickly jumped out of the way to avoid the attack, then quickly focused the eternano in the air as it created a wall of sorts as he used it sort of as a platform to bounce off of as he propelled himself towards Damon in the sky in an attempt to hit him with his Fire Dragon's Claw, only this time it was added to both of his feet as his fire had been increased in heat as it now appeared to be blue, covering up to both of his knees as he attempted to do a hard drop kick. 

Damon clenched his teeth as Natsu approached him and leaned in to use another Fire Dragon's Claw, although this time the flames were stronger and hotter having a blue-colored pattern, as Natsu began to approach him, Damon had already began to bring his feet back, then he thought of something, if Natsu was using heat, he could use heat too, as his legs were approaching the normal size and Natsu was about to hit him, Damon ignited both his hardened leg and took chance of the heat energy his opponent's fire was exerting, therefore empowering his own flames which became bigger and brighter as Damon sent a powerful speed-enhanced double-kick against the upcoming claw of Natsu.

And then, came the impact-explosion of flames which was large enough to swallow part of the ruins and part of the field, instead of staying in it's radius, Damon used the impact and push away his legs gave to him once he collided against Natsu, he went flying away from it, as he was about to hit the ground violently, he burst his feet with fire to land in a slower pace, Damon looked as the explosion was near it's end, preparing himself once again, his clothes burnt.

The result of the impact made Natsu get flung right into a few trees as they snapped off, resulting in Natsu taking some damage as he landed on the floor, groaning before he got up as he could tell the fight was now serious since he had felt that last hit from the explosion. This is getting me nowhere, we're counting each other's moves and the backlash of the shock-waves might finish us up at this rate, I have to find a way to change the tide of this battle He thought to himself before looking back at Damon as he cracked his knuckles to do something a bit more creative with his magic. Focusing his fire and taking a deep breath, Natsu began blowing a sphere of flame around his mouth before he then sent it to Damon at a high speed as he repeated the process a few times, resulting in multiple flame spheres aiming right for Damon.

Damon saw as various fire-balls came at him with amazing speed, cracking his fists a bit, he punched the ground below him with brute force making it explode, he then procceeded to swing his arm brutally through the ground as he hadn't stopped his punch making a powerful shockwave which procceeded to make dirty and some rocks be lift up from the ground therefore blocking some of the fire-balls causing several explosions which pushed Damon back a bit, he looked forward again as the place had an smoke-screen blocking his view, he looked a bit to northeast as a fire-ball came and moved to the left in order to dodge, however another fire-ball came from the smoke-screen successfully hitting and burning his left shoulder, action enough for Damon to clench his teeth, seeing as his right shoulder was ok, he shadow-hardened his right fist completely and procceeded to grab the fire ball which came from northeast, although it burned his hand slightly, he then began to run past the smoke screen.

As he did it, Damon started to twist his now hardened arm while still holding the fire-ball, twisting it the most he could Damon then releases the twisted arm which starts to rotate violently like a powerful drill, while continuing to run, Damon began to pierce the fire-ball in his hands which made the fire deploy itself through his arm making it a Burning Drill which Damon launches violently like if it was a spinning rocket, separating it from his arm and launching it towards Natsu with the same speed the fire-ball had if not higher while also having a bigger size than Damon's arm drill, the burning drill continued as Damon's arm stopped rotating and he prepared for the next action.

Natsu blocked the attack as he felt the blow as it hurt his arms slightly, but due to that, it gave him the opening he needed to launch a more powerful roar than the other ones as it traveled right along the path of Damon's extended arm, aiming right at his face. 

Damon saw as his subsquent attack got blocked "Damn, he got it" Damon twisted half of his torso as Natsu launched an powerful fire roar towards him, clenching his teeth Damon untwisted his lower body "Shadow Dragon's Beyblade" Creating a mini-hurricane which procceeded to dig an hole in the ground below him as he descended upon it although his arm was slightly burned as he didn't stretch it back in time.

Natsu jumped back as he started to notice he was panting slightly, he was recognizing the battle was starting to take a toll on him and knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up forever, but shook it off and kept going by slamming his hand right into the ground as it caused multiple cracks to emerge. Finding the one leading towards the direction of Damon, he focused as the fire then erupted from off the ground as it went forward towards Damon's hole he had dug.

The burning continued to travel underground, heading towards the hole that Damon had digged himself in. Not having having enough time to evade something as fast as this roar, it was probably the end of it. No matter how resistant to fire he was to fire, this attack was producing more heat than he could handle, and due to the closeness of the area he was stuck in with his arm back to its normal length, which he cold have used to throw himself away from the incoming blazing projectile. Upon the attack reaching its mark, a fierce explosion occured, fire errupting from the hole as it shot up to the sky, signifying it had hit its mark.

"I'm glad that I am battling you" A calm voice said behind Natsu, who felt something resting on the back of his neck. A black sheath it was, resting on Natsu's left shoulder. When looking at the explosion, parts of Damon's body could be seen flying out of the blast zone, into the sky as they erupted into fire particles, vanishing within the Vulcan.

Natsu looked over his shoulder to see Damon alright with no scratches or burns on him as he stared at disbelief, but then started putting two and two together as he realized what had just happened. "I wasn't fighting the real you at all, your shadow form was able to meld with the sword of your's, leaving me to fight the clone...." He was at a lost for words as he shook his head to get ready for what Damon had in store. 

Damon opened his black coat a bit showing a lot of cuts and burns through his torso "About the clone part, yes you are right. With the help of Pyro's Essence I was capable of erupting the air with flames, said flames could be given color by me, and I gave such flames my own colors like I would do with Rainbow Fire, I arranged them together to form a body like mine and gave them stability, by connecting my shadow to the clone's, I could do most of it's movement, though with this I could get half of the damage received by it, wasting magic again by controlling it" Damon smirked at Natsu "I really admire you Mr. Natsu, you are one of the only who inspired me to become stronger" He put his black cloak back again although it was ripped in some parts "When I ripped off and threw the ruins at you, I had the chance to made it, it cost me magic yes, but it was worth, with this I could have a higher chance to beat you than I had, if I didn't do it, perhaps I would be laying down now on the ground, who knows" Damon backed away from Natsu a bit "Mister Natsu Dragneel, show me the power you got" Damon smiled widely as he made it sound like a demand to his opponent.

Natsu smiled a little before he started full on laughing as his laugh could be heard throughout the forest, in his mind he never expected to meet someone who could push him this far, a worthy opponent to fight and use everything he had to win. It's an old feeling he felt before, one he missed for such a long time, and turned back to Damon. "If you want my full power, then first take on my secondary power" Natsu said as he began to focus his magic, causing electricity to start charging around him as his body became engulfed in a fusion of Fire and Lightning, resulting in an aura that made him almost seem as if he ascended to a new form entirely.

Lightning Flame Dragon Mode!!"

The shock-wave from it's activation caused a high wind that flew far as Natsu cracked his neck while looking at Damon, taking a fighting stance. 

Damon covered himself in flames while grinning, he prepared himself by putting his open left palm in the ground as a sign he would take a boost to run towards Natsu, he closed his fist in the ground harshly taking an enormous straight-forward jump with his legs making the ground around him shatter a bit and some surrounding trees be encased in flames, while doing so he stretched his right arm backwards as he didn't hold his weapon anymore, his stretched and now hardened arm was quickly engulfed in flames, this while he dashed with an very amazing speed towards Natsu.

However, anyone could barely see, but there was an sharp-little rock between the two fighters, not in the ground though, it was flying in the same direction as Damon's also with an amazing speed, it seemed to be engulfed in a tight near-invisible eternano aura, apparently, it was aiming at Natsu's head, not that the Fire Slayer wouldn't dodge.

Natsu's Lightning Flame Mode had enhanced more than his appearance, he was shown to be able to move at a might faster rate than before as almost like a bolt of lightning, he managed to narrowly escape the rock before it pierced him, jumping up in mid-air as he focused in the fire and lightning into his mouth, mixing it with his Eternano before he then blew it right towards damon at a speed that could match even a bolt of lightning.

"Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar!!!

The roar showed to almost spiral as it showed to be an intense bright fire along with electrical currents that were inside it, heading right to Damon. 

As Natsu used his enhanced speed to evade, the thrown rock, Damon smirked and clenched his teeth at the same time if that's even possible, at the same moment he threw his head backwards a little and stopped his punch spell albeit with a bit of difficulty, seeing as Natsu ascended to the midair, the Fire Slayer had sent an dual roar towards Damon who had prepared an roar for himself as his mouth inflated, his body didn't stop moving however due to the inertia "My chance" Damon smirked as he finished accumulating his elements while Natsu's roar was travelling the air in order to reach him.

Just as Damon was about to release his dual roar in order to collide with Natsu's dual roar which was almost reaching him, Damon moved his left hand in the air in a quick motion, it was then that a little-sharp rock appeared in his place, Damon had reappeared in the rock's original location, he looked to the ground very quickly while grinning, if one looked from midair, could see the part of the ground albeit not big but surrounding the two combatants was darker than the normal "Good thing I had activated the Shadow Dragon's Dominion at that time" Damon thought remembering when he touched the ground to find a rock, he also had luck the moon was "sending" it's bright in the correct direction, so it could make some shadows for the trees, shadows long enough to reach the flying rock and Damon who used this to connect the two and switch places, he also had luck the distance between him and the rock wasn't much.

As the rock and Damon switched places, the latter took advantage that his head was turned backwards slightly, this meant Damon was looking directly at Natsu who was in the midair "Shadow Flame Dragon's Roar" Damon released a big mass of flames mixed with shadows making the fire seem a bit darker than the normal, it acted quick and travelled midair torwards Natsu, Damon's dual roar was almost as big as Natsu as it was near to hit the Fire Slayer.

Natsu's enhanced hearing heard the powerful roar coming his way as he quickly turned around, extending both of his hands as he focused with all his might, condensing the Eternano right in front of him as it created a clear-platform turned into a wall as the blast hit it, finishing the hardening, Natsu quickly dropped down as the wall he made broke, resulting in the blast missing him. 

Damon's sudden powerful roar had made his body be pushed backwards towards the ground, which resulted in Damon's head being struck into it, however with a bit of force the shadow slayer quickly got it out of it while having an blank expression, he looked at the midair and Natsu had defended against his roar "As expected" Damon said to himself while still having an blank expression, he then looked at himself a bit and then turned to Natsu, waiting for the next movement, Damon however was very prepared to what could happen next, waiting as the smoke screen would be cleared away.

Natsu could smell Damon close by despite the smokescreen of fire and soot around him as he knew that he had to get a bit more creative. Smiling, he began to initiate a plan by first canceling his lightning flame mode to conserve energy, once he did that, Natsu began taking in short breaths of air as he began releasing circles of fire, puffing them one by one around the surrounding area. Once multiple circles were floating around and the smoke screen began dying down, he went into the nearby tree's, but not before he put mud on his body before he went into hiding.

Damon continued with an blank expression as he moved near to a tree, he looked around as the smoke had faded away and Natsu was nowhere to be seen, Damon couldn't also feel his scent, just the natural aroma given by the place, he then raised his right leg in the air horizontally as he stood tall only with his left leg, with the same blank expression as before putting his raised leg backwards a bit, Damon swings his right leg violently in the trees direction sending an powerful shockwave through the area, moments later the trees of the location had been cut in two and thrown in the air as a result, the shockwave which passed through them could be noticeably black, or in other words, it was the Shadow Dragon's Claw Spell.

Quickly jumped from tree to tree as they were falling down, Natsu  got to the angle he was looking for as he aimed and blew out a spreader of minature fire-balls in multiple directions, each of which aimed at the fire circles that were still around the area, especially where Damon was, as they passed through the circles and grew bigger and faster as the minature fire-balls drew in the fire circles to increase their power. Damon now faced a bombardment of fire-balls coming in from every direction, making his escape almost impossible. 

The Shadow Flame Dragon's Dome formed on both hands of Damon as he spinned his entire body in a 360º degree making the dome surround him, the dome or shield was made of shadows physically which had an fiery aura to it, the shadows would try to endure the blunt effect and the flames would try to reduce the heat Damon would suffer, the gret fire-balls came towards Damon and his protection, successfully hitting him resulting in a big fiery explosion around the area, reaching and burning some remaining trees, the explosion continued bigger as it then vanished leaving a good amount of smoke, Damon's fate unknown yet his masculine figurine visible.

Natsu figured Damon had survived the attack and was in the midst of doing a counter, which meant that he had to take a big risk in order to get Damon to show his hand. He came out of hiding, began drawing in a large amount of air for what appeared to be a roar, but instead when he blew out, it was a jet-stream of wind that started blowing the smoke screen away to reveal both of them out into the open.

As the smoke was blown away by Natsu, Damon took a chance and dashed towards his opponent, his Dual Dome was still active and he concentrated it on his right hand only and made it rotate with amazing speed, all this in order to pull Natsu to Damon with the rotation speed, Damon's left hand was shadow-hardened as he prepared a punch, waiting if Natsu would be caught in vortex or no.

Natsu could feel the high intense pull of the dome's rotation keeping him from moving freely as he dug his heels, but was being pulled forward with Damon coming inbound to strike at him. Realizing what it was now, he engaged his Lightning Flame Mode one more time, charging his dual-elements into one arm as they fused together to create a bright color merge of Fire and lightning.

" Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer!! "

His right hand now embedded with the elements, Natsu roared as he then slammed his fist hard into the ground, causing an eruption as the blast release into the ground. This intention caused the floor to be uprooted right in front of Natsu, blocking not only the pull Damon's vortex was producing, but also sending a rock wave combined with his attack right in the path of Damon.

Damon tries to stop the Dome's rotation since continuing with it would just require more of him, as Natsu stopped the pull by making the ground block it, the shockwave had also sent another rock wave towards Damon who had firstly thought about deactivating the Dome, now he wouldn't do that, he would keep it active although he wasn't gonna make it rotate, he molded the dome mostly on the front part of his body, near his right arm, Damon decreased it's size making it mold on a thick shield, putting his arm forward Damon burst out fire from the back of his feet giving him boost as he crashed against the rock wave with great force breaking through it as he reached Natsu's rock shield and clashed against it, though not with much force since he had used against the shockwave, also in order to not break the dome, Damon's cheeks also inflated slightly.

Natsu's ears heard the crashing of the rock-wave as he knew that Damon was gonna be crashing through as he jumped back, channeling his magic into his scales while in Lightning Flame Mode to add more defensive power to him. 

As the fire burst'ers were still on the back of his feet, forcefully making him go straight, Damon trying to not hit his face against the stone wall, as his cheeks were inflanted, he quickly released another stream of shadows strong enough to make him fly in the air above the rock wall as he made the dome rotates again pulling some rocks in the ground and mixing them in a average-sized rock, as Damon still advancing threw the big rock in Natsu's direction while also shooting two fire bullets from both his hands which was the Flame Dragon's Finger Pistol again, aiming at Natsu's knee while the rock flew towards him, meanwhile Damon would only fall to ground although he used his right arm which was more near to the ground, making him brace himself.

Even though Natsu was in his power-up, the bullets hit his legs but didn't make him buckle as he winced, looking up to see the rock heading towards him as he slammed into it, breaking it apart as he fell back down, and then then quickly drew in more air into his lungs as well as the lightning and fire that surged around him.

"Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar!!!"

The roar exploded from Natsu's mouth as it aimed right towards Damon at a fast speed despite Natsu holding himself up in pain. 

Damon maintained his calm expression while preparing his leg for a swing as Natsu had broken the big rock and resisted the bullets, Damon tried attacking his opponent but it was too late, the latter was way faster than the Shadow Slayer and had prepared an dual roar which went with amazing speed towards Damon, yeah, this time, no escape, he would need to take the full roar although it seems Natsu was affected by the bullets, this roar was still powerful. Then it hit him.

The roar successfully hit Damon violently as it sent him flying towards an tree, breaking through it successfully, then through an average-sized rock, through another one and finally stopping at an tree, not too far away from Natsu's location though, fifty feet or so, Damon lied near the tree's base as he coughed blood and braced himself by puttin his back against the tree which had an apparently large foliage as it made a good shadow over it's base, covering Damon almost entirely.

Natsu's Lightning Flame Mode was deactivated as he started to breath a bit more now with it, he knew that the last two moves he did cost him, but shook his head as he stayed on guard as he sniffed around, trying to find any faint scent of blood or charred as his nose was much more acurate since he lost his memory. He walked around slowly, staying in a defensive stance while he continued searching for Damon. 

"You are really strong" Damon said as he rested with his back against the tree, he was panting and looked at Natsu, he started the talk also wondering if Natsu could see him or no, since well there was a destroyed path towards the tree, he looked around and noticed that many of the trees were indeed cut, not all though, an example was the tree he was laying himself in "But I still can wonder if that's all your strength..." Damon's eyes shine slightly as he thought of Natsu having another awesome mode.

"Haha, yeah you could say this, and at this point I'm starting to feel a little light headed, so guess that means it's time for me to show my true strength once and for all. Hope you're ready Damon, as I told another slayer, I can't promise this will be safe" He said as Natsu cracked his neck before focusing all the magic inside of him, mustering up as much of his energy as he could as it started to cause the ground around him to shake. The higher the magic got, the more shaking it caused as suddenly a powerful spike of energy erupted as Natsu roared, finding himself surrounding in a cloak of Black flames that scorched the very land he stood on as he was breathing heavily. Once he calmed down, he turned his attention back to Damon as the flames licked his entire body almost as if it was caressing him gently.

" Blazing Dragon Mode " He said in a monotone voice as the flames were whirling around, burning anything they touched to ashes.

"Just what I wanted" Damon got up with ease despite being apparently hurt by the previous spells, he looked at Natsu with the same expression as before, he had activated the Blazing Dragon Mode which made Blackish flames surround his body, indentically to a Flame God Slayer, possibly the flames were as or hotter than one's "I was gonna try to smash you with Colossus Smash, but a clash is inevitable as it seems" He looked at the ground beneath them as the tree's shadow was seemingly bigger "Also, I suppose you didn't notice when I did it" Damon pointed his index finger towards the sky, then the point of his finger began to fade away as he kept that same expression.

There very high above them, someone had sucked shadows as he accumulated them into his stomach and transported them to his right arm afterwards, inflating it's size greatly as it had an black-tone due to the shadows inside it, said action was the activation of the Colossal Attack Mode done by no one other than Damon himself as he had localized Natsu near the tree, he then dashed slightly in the midair to stand perfectly or almost above the tree preparing an gigantic punch as he noticed Natsu was now engulfed in Black Flames.

The False Damon continued to fade away as his entire arm was gone already, he then began to talk as the two warriors looked at each other "Damon did never say he created only one clone once he slammed the temple down, he created me too and put me in the forest while another clone battled Natsu, he wouldn't use much magic with me since I wouldn't be connected with him. That moment when he had put his palm in the ground and grabbed an X Rock to throw at Natsu, he had also put an Y Rock above his fist, when he threw his fist backwards in order to prepare to throw the X Rock, it was an impulse enough to send the Y Rock flying in the opposite direction, then he, the original using the Shadow Dominion, switched himself with the Y Rock while at the same time switching me, his clone with the rock which went in Natsu's direction" The clone smiled as only his bust hadn't faded away, the first smile since he was created "Both are fire dragon slayers which means Damon can do that trick again, the trick which the first Clone used to counter-attack the blue flames of Natsu...Both are hell strong and I'm glad I got to participate partially in the battle" He kept his smirk as he completely faded away in pyreflies.

Natsu smiled as he slammed his foot into the ground, causing the flames to swirl as he drew in as much breath as he could, concentrating everything he had into this one attack, all the magic he had left in his body as it stored up inside of him.

"Blazing Mad Dragon's Roar!!!"

Natsu released his roar as it was bigger than any other roars he produce as the blazing jet-stream, heading right into a collision with Damon's attack. 

The Original Damon high up in the sky engulfed himself in flames as well as he procceeded to form another Colossal Arm with his left arm putting it backwards as a mean of preparation Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Colossus Fury He shout with veins popped up in his forehead as he put a lot of force in his punch, he collided against Natsu's Almighty Roar, using some of it's heat to increase his flames like his clone had done, Damon would protect himself against some of the burning effects "He is incredible, it still burns me" He smirked as the clash had provoked an fiery explosion which also had and blunt effect on the surrounding area, making trees be either burnt or throw away, the explosion was also bright, illuminating that dark night, it's brightness could probaly reach the city too, Black Flames colliding against Fierce Flames, it was the World's Destroying Conflagration.

Damon continued as he switched fists, throwing his left fist at the roar fastly while putting his right fist backwards and then switching the two again, increasing the speed each time he did it as he clashed against the furious black roar which insisted on continuing forward, Damon however kept his resolve as he continued with his furious barrage of fists while shouting with force, said shout could be heard as an roar too by others, the sweat coming down through his body, the explosion had also got bigger, the ground itself shaking, some trees burnt to Ashes, clearly, an very devastating explosion.

With the last of the smoke finally clearing, the sky was filled with the colors of the setting sun, inside the giant crater that was created from the colission of the two powerful spells was Natsu Dragneel, burnt nearly all over his body as he was panting heavily, laying on the floor in defeat as he opened his eyes to see the sky above him. In his mind and heart he was mad, but all he could do was sigh and let it was away, knowing full well that he lost to a worthy opponent as he simply laid there. "Guess the title isn't meant for someone like me, but honestly, I never wanted it. In the end, I got what I was looking for, a deeper meaning into who I am and what I'm still needing, I owe that to you my friend. Win this tournament, show whoever held it that you are dominant" he said coughing a little as he winced in pain from the burns, but had a big grin on his face.

Damon tried to approach his ex-opponent who had burns through the entirety of his body then sitting alongside Natsu, he saw as the fire slayer opened his eyes aiming at the sky then sighing, Damon heard what Natsu had said to him and it was then that he looked directly at Natsu once the latter had coughed "Oh damn, forgot for a moment you are hurt" Damon said as he picked Natsu up and put him on his shoulders with an shocked face fault as he started to run away from the crater in the direction of an certain scent he had smelled, in other words Heartfilia's Camp.

Damon continued to run through the forest with Natsu in his shoulders as he looked to his side and saw that the sun was rising in the mountains already "Damn, I told my team I was just going for a walk" Damon said while running crazily in zigzags as he was near Lucy's camp, after a few minutes Damon and Natsu had arrived at it which was indentified as an tent "Is Mrs. Heartfilia awake? If yes, continue with the silence" Damon shout out aloud and since no one responded "Alright, I will leave this responsability for you" Damon said as he dropped Natsu on the floor and began to run back to the city, he would prepare for his next opponent.

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