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Black Lightning (Power)
Black Lightning



Kuro no inazuma


Caster Magic


Dark Storm
Daimon Hydrech
Sakura Koshida


This magic is alot like regular lightning but the difference is how it's used and it's colour, while normal lightning magic is yellow with a white core Black Lightning as the name suggest is black with a white core. The method of using this magic is to use the hate, anger, pain and bloodlust of the caster. In essence this magic is simply a corrupted version of lgihtning magic, when stuck with this magic the injury is also corrupted acting something like a poison. The area effected always hurts and can rarely be fully healed (Save for Phoenix, God and Dragon Slayers). Due to it's nature all the leaders of the Creascent Archipelago have made the magic illegal and all users are to be arrested unless given permission or have a special title (Twilight Phoenix Guild come under this title).


  • Black Bolt: (黒ボルト, Kuro boruto) The basic barebones of the magic, it sends out a corrupted bolt of lightning at the opponant and due to the rage, hate and bloodlust the impact is highly explosive and destructive.
  • Dark Wave: (暗波, Kura nami) This spell is a 360 degree burst of black lightning perfect for being surrounded, like the other spells it destroys all it touches except the most durable materials.
  • Night Pulse: (夜パルス, Yoru parusu) A more focused version of Dark Wave firing a pulse of lightning and thunder in a 45 degree cone in an attempt to knock everyone back and cause serious hurt.
  • Midnight Bolt: (真夜中ボルト, Mayonaka boruto) A large and more brutal version of the Black Bolt with Dark Wave mixed in for some crowd control. 
  • Black Thunder: (黒い雷, Kuroi kaminari) A simple concussive pulse of black send enemies flying back.
  • Dark Shock: (暗衝撃, Kura shōgeki) A hand to hand shock designed to disable or just plain hurt.
  • Black Barrage: (黒弾幕, Kuro danmaku) The user of this spell forms a orb in both their hands and unleashes a barrage of lightning bolts that arc onto the target causing a destructive explosions upon impact.
  • Twilight Lance: (夕暮れやり, Yūgure yari) This spell involves the user creating a spear made of black lightning which they can either use in melee or throw like a javelin.
  • Twilight Cutter:
  • Void Storm:
  • Dark Lightning Body:
  • Grim Static Charge:
  • Storm of Darkness:
  • Dark Ion:
  • Dark Lightning Punch/Kick:
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