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Black Sabbath



Burakku Sabasu


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Faust Mephistopheles

S-Class Mages

Francis Sharp


Dark Guild

Black Sabbath (ブラック・サバス, Burakku Sabasu) is a dark guild lead by its guild master, Faust Mephistopheles, who is driven by his wild and unbelievable ambition to become a god and rule the universe. In order to do so, the guild plans to elicit chaos, mayhem, destruction and other wicked deeds to bring about Armageddon on Earth Land, with Faust firmly believing this will lead the way to his ascension and absolute rule. The guild's location however, is currently unknown for the time being, though it is known to be somewhere within Earth Land.

Location and Design






Name Rank Team Status
Faust MephistophelesGuild MasterNoneActive
Francis SharpS-Class MageTeam ???Active
Lo BenedictMageTeam ???Active
Grim TombstoneMageTeam ???Active


  • The name of the guild is meant to invoke Faust's twisted ideals and goals, given his desire to become a tyrannic god and rule the universe. In particular, Sabbath is a reference to the holy day of rest in Judaism, in which God rested after completing the entirety of the universe in one week. Therefore, the Sabbath is a holy day to the Jewish faith. Given its usage by Faust, who is decisively unholy by nature, the title of Black Sabbath implies a perversion and tainting of the pure Sabbath day.
    • Unintentionally, Black Sabbath's name can evoke the image of the rock band that went by the same name.
  • The concept of Black Sabbath, as Wyvern 0m3g4 has put it, was intended to bring together a collection of his most memorable, enjoyed and heinous antagonists and villains from over his 10+ years of writing fiction. It was also intended to bring Faust into the wiki so he could act as the respectful overarching antagonist to Gilgamesh Prime.


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