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Black Steel

Intangibility Nullification






Aether Cade
Pluto Morior
Victor Crassus
Roman Arthur
Gram Nidle
Aaron J. Fox
Vrak Aether

Black Steel is a powerful material known for its strength and special properties.


Black Steel is considered one of the strongest metals on the planet.  It has higher durability and cutting power than Adamantine, something know for its defensive properties. Black Steel is also known for its ability to nullify magics that grant intangibility.  The metal itself has a melting temperature twice that of normal steel, and a freezing point twice as low. Highly tempered Black Steel is even capable of resisting the temperatures of Aether Cade's Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic. This allows wielders of these weapons capable of harming those individuals, such as Water users, or density shifters.  It can only affect those that can make themselves untouchable however, and has no extra effect on those that use magic that can make their body harder, other than being able to cut through those who can't make their bodies' stronger than it.  It also provides great defensive capabilities against Blade Magic and other variations of it, depending on the grade. Aether Cade's Black Steel sword, Sekhmet, was known to even block attacks from Vincent Alvaro's Blades of Death. Black Steel fashioned into armors has also been known to protect people from magic canceling, or magic nullifying attacks, such as with Nullification Magic and Rupture Magic.  


Black Steel is created from smelted Black Iron.  Black Iron Ore can be found in any location with high pressure and eternano content.  This includes mountains, caves, and other locations deep within the earth.  After being acquired, the ore must be smelted under temperatures over 3000 degrees, combining it with the necessary carbon, and creating the desired product.  The process unleashes the ore's full abilities, giving it the powers described above.

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