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"From this day forward, the three of you will be my disciples. During my time on this plane of existence, I will help you three to realize the task that every dragon's have when they are born. What the task is, I cannot determine for you, only you can decide."
— Bladerus tells his disciples

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 Bladerus(ブレドルス Buredorusu): is an ancient dragon that was originally known as the Gemstone Dragon King, one of the most powerful dragons around during his time. Originally Bladerus was going to choose the next person who would surpass him, but due to some speculations, he was forced into exile and the crown being passed to the new dragon king, Achnoglia


Bladerus is an elder-looking dragon; mostly golden in colour, with a rather serpentine body. He appears regal; and has numerous golden spikes jutting out of his body, shaped akin to that of jewelry. His wings are adorned with white feathers, and he possesses a head similar to that of a griffin. Lastly, Bladerus possesses twin tails.


During his younger days, Bladerus was often seen to be the wild reckless beast that often stirred up different forms of trouble he could find. In most situations, he seemed to have just scoffed it off and act like it was no big deal, and it lead him to be shown as a overconfident dragon that many found intolerable to be around. One of the incidents due to this confidence resulted in him being defeated by the Dragon King, and having him shamed by many. He eventually went into exile, realizing during that time that he needed to be more humble to those around him, and that even he wasn't invincible at times regardless of the strength he had.  As the years went by Bladerus began to slowly mellow with age, focusing his efforts on gaining wisdom, rather than focus so much on getting stronger. This form of change came with great improvement on his personality as he also began to teach the younger generation about what he did and what mistakes he made in order to help them improve as dragons. 


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