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Blaze Lightning Magic
Blaze Lightning God Slater Magic

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Blaze Lightning God Slayer Magic (炎雷の滅神魔法, Enkaminari no Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster Magic and a type of God Slayer Magic that urilizes fire and lightning making it a dual element type of magic.


Blaze Lightning God Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic that grants the user the ability to modify, absorb, and generate the elements of Flame and Lightning. In order to initiate the magic, the user modifies their eternano into electrons while simultaneously raising the motion of the particles using their own magical aura. This process of merging both methods of using Lightning and Fire Magic respectively combines both elements into a mixture which is shaded black due to the powers of the "god" inside of the user- hence the name "God Slayer Magic". Essentially, this magic allows the user to manipulate the combined element in any way that they wish without any limitations- or the user is capable of splitting the elements apart to manipulate lightning and flames separately. Because of this, the dual-element god slayer magic is known to be extremely versatile.



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