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"You think you've seen some nasty ass magic that exists out there? Boy, you haven't seen shit until you witness the immense power and loyalty this magic instills in others. This fuckin' magic? It ain't meant to be taken lightly. When you make an oath, you live and die by it."
— A witness
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Blood Oath Hand
Blood Oath Magic

けつえき めいやく


Ketsueki Meiyaku


Caster Magic



Blood Oath Magic (けつえき めいやく, Ketsueki Meiyaku), is a Caster-Type Magic that involves implementing magic into the act of a blood oath, when a pair or group of person would shed blood through cutting their hand with a sharp object or tool and then proceed to shake hands in mutual agreement with/to a task they swear to uphold. Typically, betraying this newly formed 'mutual trust' is taboo and has extremely severe consequences. This is a magic that is well known among dark mages and is utilized in order for both sides to come to a mutual consensus in regard to a situation or act, sometimes needing to bear results in order to satisfy the deal.


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