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Zeus Hummer
Bolt Hummer




Parent Magic

Lightning Magic


Konoha Akahada

Bolt Hummer is a powerful spell that allows the user to use the positive and negative energies around them, clashing them together to send down a powerful bolt of lighting that turns the opponent into a living lightning rod.


When Konoha focuses electricity through his body, the energy starts to spread around the area, collecting all the positive and negative energies as they start to collide with one another up to the clouds. Soon the energies start to merge with each other, causing an imbalance that results in sparks of lightning until they grow to giant size. When that happens, Konoha focuses the energy pathway, taking control, and bringing down the bolt of lightning down onto the opponent at near sound-breaking speeds. After thwe attack, the energy leaves behind a static charge on the user, allowing Konoha to shoot out Lightning from any angle and having them drawn to his opponent. 

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