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Hono no Zokei Mahou


Caster Magic, Molding Magic


Ailbhe Mason, Ekaterina Vãduvã, Warden Mason (deceased).

Bone-Make Magic (骨の造形魔法,  Hono no Zokei Mahou) is a type of caster magic of the molding magic sub-type; that grants the user the ability to utilize constructs of magic bone powder to make a solid object out of the bone powder, thus, making a magic bone object, or item.


Bone-Make Magic grants the user the ability to have control and create magic bone power, that morphs into what ever the user desires.  The user is able to generate, manipulate and control this magic bone powder at their will. The user is able to morph the bone powder into a shape, object, or item they desire, then hardening it, into a bone shape, object or item. This magic is highly versatile, allowing almost infinite ways to utilize this magic. While this magic is highly versatile, it takes several seconds to make a part of a construct, thus, it takes time to make bone objects, even though the objects are tough, it could be made tougher, with more magic power compressed into the bone powder. The opponent also knows when the user is about to cast a spell, since they must take a pose to cast this type of magic.

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