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Bos Horn
Ishiyama High
Name Bos Horn
Kanji ボス ホーン
Rōmaji Bosu Ho-n
Symbol Bos Horn
Master Unknown
Type Dark Guild
Location Unknown

Bos Horn (ボス ホーン Bosu Ho-n) is a Dark Guild whose location is currently unknown. Not much is currently known about the Guild at the moment except that it is outside of the Balam Alliance.


The Guilds main base is an old, abandoned high school that was taken over by the Dark Mages. It is covered in graffiti and has a very derelict appearance.


This particular Dark Guild has a considerable amount of members in it. Most of the members aren't much to consider themselves, however the sheer number of such fodder members is quite substantial. In total, there are only about ten people who are even worth mentioning. Eight of them work in two man cells, while the other two are the Guild Master and his Assistant. The greatest strength of the guild is that all of the members Magic Powers are connected to each other, allowing them to draw on more magic than they themselves have.


Name Rank Team Status
Arawn Halomtano Guild Master None Active
Person X Assistant None Active
Ali Mann Mage Fire Active
Flint Mage Fire Active
Unknown Mage Lightning Active
Unknown Mage Lightning Active
Unknown Mage Dust Active
Unknown Mage Dust Active
Unknown Mage Sound Active
Unknown Mage Sound Active
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