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Bounce Magic

さかなぎ まほう


Sakanagi Mahou


Caster Magic


Mages of Isle of Nome
Other mages of Earthland

Bounce Magic (さかなぎ Sakanagi) is a Caster-Type Magic involving the use of magic to launch the user a great distance and "bounce" off of surfaces. This magic was brought into the open by PEACE.


Bounce Magic is a Magic that enables the user to propel and "bounce" themselves off of flat surfaces, immensly increasing their speed and strength. Every time the user comes in contact with a surface, they must release a burst of magic through their legs to launch them off of the surface, or "bounce". A downside of the magic is that the user can only target their opponents by angling themselves toward their target after "bouncing" off of a surface. The more surfaces that are repelled off of, the more powerful the consequent attack will be; however, that also means more magic is required.


  • Leap Year: The most basic Bounce Magic spell. The user channels large quantities of magic into their legs before jumping at the same momentum of releasing said magic, sending the user high into the air.
  • Bounce House: The user bounces off of multiple surfaces in their environment before angling themselves towards their target. 
  • Bounding Guillotine Leg: The user runs to gain momentum, then jumps straight up into the air, doing a frontflip before bringing the back of their leg crashing down upon the target.
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