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Brand Magic



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Brand Magic is a Holder Magic type that revolves around Brands, magical tattoos with various and near-limitless purposes for any who possesses it.


The user gains abilities and magic depending on the beings or species that uses Tattoo Origin Magic; a magic tattoo spell that allows said beings to crates a brand on humans which allows them to access the mark and temporarily enhance their powers tremendously.

Power Activation - by the user command, it can make the Brand appear on their bodies, such as the Werewolf Brand or the Vampire Brand, and activating it's abilities for a short time. After that, the brand disappears to recharge.

Transcendent Energy Manipulation - The user can tap into energy of known beings in existence, allowing the user to gain various abilities through the said energy or enter a form of even higher abilities. ▪ Sealing - The user, non-human, can seal a certain origin into the Brand for further use in the future, such as given to people who are willing to have the Brand to use their powers.

Symbol Magic - This brand that grants to the user by a non-human being or another mage through getting a tattoo, allowing the user to activate them for various effects. This can turn the tables on fights or missions in a instant.

Infusion - The user can infuse elements/magic into object or attacks by releasing the sealed powers as a conduit into the said object or attacks, increasing various potential in each one.

Elemental Magic - The user can manipulate the elements such as fire or water in the form of magic. Each one has different abilities that suits its type.

▪ Sealing- This can be used to create a Brand for a person to use or seal it into a object to turn the tides in any situation.

▪ Infusion - The user can infuse their spells/attacks to increase the damage output with dependable effects from certain magic sources. They can even infuse their weapons/objects with different types of magics, granting it abilities that can perform certain feats through magic.

Spell Mixture - The user can an mix different spells in battle, creating new ways to chain spells to attack the opponent in many different ways, making the possibility endless and unpredictable for the said opponent to counter.

Magic Augmentation- The user can enhance their magic abilities greatly to cause more damage to the opponent, but only for a short while as it can put a strain on the user

▪ Power Augmentation - The user can be a supporter and can temporarily enhance other mage's magic, depending on their level, to great or devastating levels.

▪ Brand Absorption - The user can absorbing a certain to only element from an outside source via, Eternano Absorption, recharge the said Brand, so it can use its ability before it runs out.

▪ Brand Casting - The user can cast spells from the brands on their bodies to attack. For example, Lightning Brand Magic user focused their magic into the Brand which causes it to light up, and then the user can cast spells from the same mark, making it a Holder Magic type.

▪ Brand Augmentation - The user, for a short time, can enhance/amplify their current magical and physical capabilities to incredible levels under a time limit. This isn't to be used to much as it can put a strain on the user's body.

▪ Brand Empowerment -

Tattoo Branding Magic - The parent magic to Brand Magic. This magic allows humans to create Elemental, Superhuman, and Weapon based Brand for mages for various usage, and the Draconic, Demonic, Divine, etc to be used to enhance normal magic's abilities. First, The user first focuses their magic into their two fingertips, causing it to glow. Then, they infuse it with any Elemental Magic to use, causing it to give off different magical aura. Finally, they begin to create the Tattoo on their skin, slightly altering the magic origin in their bodies to handle the change.


Lupus Brand Magic - A Brand gives the user magical increase in power and transform one into a werebeast.

▪ Magic - The user possesses magic powers due to the history of their family of mages and they are way more powerful than a normal mage fo ever be.

▪Aura Generation - Gains the aura of the Werewolf of the Werebeast Clan.

▪ Lunar Empowerment - the user can gets stronger while in contact of the moon via moonlight.

▪ Lunar Manipulation - The user can manipulate the powers of the moon via, the cycle of the moon, gravity on the ocean tides and various other abilities.

▪ Lunar Mind - the user is at possible risk of losing their minds under the full moon, making the user a dangerous one to be around.

Lunar Magic - The user is grantes with this magic.

▪ Spell Mixture - The user can mix their spells with Lunar Magic, creating new and more power style of magic.

▪ Lunar Infusion - the user can infuse Lunar Magic into their spells, attacks and weapons, given each attack different damage on them.

▪Power Augmentation - the user can enhance their abilities for a short burst or they can enhance others as a form of support.

▪ Symbol Magic - the user gets the mark of the werewolves by a werewolf.

Vampire Origin Brand Magic - a combination of Vampire Form Brand Magic and Vampire Energy Brand Magic. This brand contains both powers that makes the user very deadly.

▪ Vampire Form Brand Magic - The user transforms into a vampire temporarily, gaining its abilities and getting a tremendous boost of power.

▪ Vampire Energy Brand Magic - The user can manipulate and infuse their spells and attacks with vampiric energy via, Blood Magic, making them stronger.

Draco Brand Magic (optional) - This brand was created by synthesizing both draconic energy to infuse elements for spell casting and physical attacks while the other grants the user a dragon-like form that grants the user draconic powers that came from a living dragon.

Draco Element Brand Magic (optional) - This Brand was created by synthesizing draconic energy, stored it into a Brand and places it painfully on the subject's body. With this new brand the user can infuse weapons, spell casting, and physical combat with newfound draconic magical energy to damage, but not kill, dragons.

▪ Draco Form Brand Magic (optional) - This Brand is created by magically synthesizing dragon DNA, constructs it into a new brand and then places it on the subject's body like a tattoo. Once it's done, the user can transform into a dragon at will, once they are experienced enough to handle it.

Hellion Brand Magic - This Brand is created by magically synthesizing demonic elemental magical energy and demonic DNA, constructs it into a new brand, and places it on the subject's body, granted the user demonic elemental power and a devil-like form along with its abilities.

▪ Hellion Element Brand Magic - The user can manipulate demonic elemental with spell casting, weapon infusions, and physical combat.

▪ Hellion Form Brand Magic -

Elemental Brand Magic - This brand was created by synthesizing various magic known on the Elemental Magic list, magically covert it into a symbol that appears on their two fingertips or on the palm of their hand with concentrated Eternano in the brand, and then the user touch the subject's body, painfully causing the brand to form on their skin. After the Branding is finished, the user can now cast different elemental spells along with other abilities.

▪ Fire Brand Magic - The fire brand was created by synthesizing and magically convert Fire Magic and Fire-Make into a magic Brand that is later placed on the user's body, granted the user its powers.

▪ Light Brand Magic-

▪ Lightning Brand Magic-

▪ Water Brand Magic-

▪ ▪Draco Element Brand Magic - This brand grants the user Draconic Element Manipulation, allowing them to mix draconic energy into their othet spells for a short time.

▪ ▪Vampiric Elemental Brand Magic -

▪ ▪Hellion Element Brand Magic - This Brand gives the user Demonic Element Brand, allow the user to infuse demonic energy with their other spells for the time being.

▪ ▪Sanctus Element Brand Magic -

▪ ▪Spirit Element Brand Magic

Sanctus Brand Magic - This brand grants the user to infuse divine elements into their spells and the user can enter into a god-like state, increasing their powers further.

▪ Sanctus Form Brand Magic -

Sanctus Element Brand Magic -

Gene Brand Magic - This Brand has the ability to transform the user into different species on their command, but only for a short time.

▪ Hellion Form Brand Magic - The user can transform into a demon/devil, granting thr user demonic abilities and magic.

▪ Selachi Form Brand Magic - The user can transform form into a Shark-like form for a short time.

▪ Pathera Form Brand Magic -

▪ Ursine Form Brand Magic -

▪ Vulpe Form Brand Magic -

Elemental Brand Magic - This Brand has the ability to give the user a new magic for them to use as a brand on their bodies.

Fire Brand Magic - This Brand grants the user Fire Magic capabilities.

Water Brand Magic -

Lightning Brand Magic -

Darkness Brand Magic -


It can go wrong if they are not careful.

Each Brand has their own weakness.

There is a limit to how man brands the user body can have. Too much can make an inexperienced mage go insane.

Nullification Magic can stop the brand from working.

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