Bug Soul



Baggu Sōru


Caster Magic
Take Over



Bug Soul (バグソウル Baggu Sōru) is a Caster Type Magic and a form of Take Over.


This particular form of magic allows the user to Take Over the appearance and abilities of insects. This ranges from developing an exoskeleton for enhanced durability, wings for flight, stingers and even the ability to create poisons. Along with these, the user is also able to shrink their body mass to that of an insect's. All shown forms of this take over are speed-type take overs, granting the user enhanced speed.


Suzu's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Bug Soul: Hornet (バグソウル:スズメバチ Bagu Sōru: Suzumebachi)

Suzu takes over the appearance and abilities of a hornet. In this form she gains a large, spherical tail section with a stinger, insect-like limbs as well as an additional set of arms. She also gains antennae, a pointed nose and a pair of insect wings. She also acquires a yellow and black striped pattern on her body. This form grants her the ability of shrinking to the size of a hornet as well as flying at extreme speeds. Her stinger also becomes a valuable weapon which can be used almost like a sword and is coated in a poison which induces sleep.

Bug Soul: Mosquito (バグソウル:蚊 Bagu Sōru: Ka)

This transformation grants Suzu with a full body exoskeleton, with a black colouration and orange coloured solid portions, the ones on her arm appearing as circular bands of bone-like material. Her arms and legs also appear to have several stingers jutting out of them and both of these sets of limbs have been elongated. Her hands have been replaced with pincer like mechanisms and on her rump, lies a balck and orange wing case which allows her to store her insect wings. On her head she possesses a mosquito like headpiece, which can be pulled over her face to grant increased sight and she is also able to utilize the large stinger on the front. Her feathery antennae and long feelers extending from her headpiece grants her enhanced senses as well as her shrinking, flight and durability in this form. She can also use this stinger to drain containers of fluid, like a mosquito.

Bug Soul: Wasp (バグソウル:ワスプ Bagu Sōru: Wasupu)

This form transforms Suzu's body into a less extravagant or radical hybrid insect. She takes over the appearance of a wasp and is seemingly her most powerful transformation. She gains a predominantly yellow body with black warning markings as well as several spikes on some of the black portions. Her wings also become longer and thinner than other transformations, her hands have became steel claws and her headpiece has changed more radically: the eyes have became much larger - further increasing sight, the proboscis is now shorter and can produce corrosive poisons and she has black facial markings. The extended feelers are now tipped with claws and are prehensile. This form also drastically enhances her speed.

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