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Burst Magic-
Burst Magic





Noriko Hayate (Master), Yui Tetsukumo (Specialist)

Burst Magic (劈魔導, Heki Mahō) is a Caster-Type Magic, in which employs mental and spiritual focus in tune with high physical attributes. It is a special magic in which only the physically inclined are more prone to use than other more conventional forms of Magic. 


Burst Magic, in a sense, is a type of magic which enhances the abilities of a close quarters combatant or a martial artist indefinitely, making a Mage a powerhouse when it comes to using their bare fists and feet. By harnessing the electrical currents of pure magical power within a mage, one can bring it out in a frightening, explosive and encompassing manner. By doing so, the body of the mage needs to be incredibly durable to handle the stress of releasing such raw power by the magic initiated, as well as meld in sync with the user's own physical power to become potent enough to overpower other forms of magic. 

Doing so, it is quite possible to adjust the flows of other magic-types around the user, manipulating its currents with the projection of magical energy emanating from their body to mimic a particular frequency the magic itself to ricochet, reflect, or nullify the magic itself. However, the limit of Burst Magic's capabilities are only reduced by the ample Magical Power the user has (as well as his/her control over it) and the amount of physical endurance and strength the user employs. 

If one attempts to use Burst Magic recklessly when their stamina and magical power is used, it will burn them from the inside out, and quite possibly cause an instaneous combustion. It is one of the most painful and quickest ways for a mage to die, hence why it hasn't been encouraged for others to practition it unless properly trained. This also goes without saying that anyone who doesn't have proper stamina who tries to copy or mimic this magic with their own magic could leave them physically crippled and difigured from the wild chaotic energies they would have little control over. 

Known Spells

  • Burst Limit
  • Burst Sprint
  • Scarlet Burst Kick
  • Scarlet Lotus Kick
  • Scarlet Burst Fist
  • Rapid Burst Barrage


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