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Tybalt Grant(Former)
Lisabelle Grant (Current)


Dark Guild


Oak Town

A Dark Guild located in Oak Town, Cacophany (不協和音 Fukyōwaon) was an underground human trafficking guild. During the Year X783 the guild master was Tybalt Grant (タイバルト グラント Guranto Taibaruto). He was a man of little morals and a greedy man as well, wanting nothing more than jewels and more jewels. He established a slave labour trade between Fiore and the other kingdoms of Earthland, trading kidnapped children and adults with other similarly minded Guild Masters. His base of operations was commandeered by mage hired by the Magic Council and he was jailed for life. The guild was disbanded.

Only a year later, the guild reformed under their first master's daughter, Lisabelle Grant(リザベル グラント Guranto Rizaberu). She left the trafficking for what it was - the past - and continued on to take part in more minor illegal activities. Assassinations and the like. Her main goal was to avenge her father and Cacophany stood well behind her in her cause.


Cacophany Guild

The guild entrance

Located in a relatively dingy part of Oak Town, the Cacophany guild hall is nothing much to look at. On the inside it is just as plain as it is on the outside, resembling a dirty of bar of sorts. Underneath the guild however after rooms upon rooms, expanding into Lisabelle's headquarters, rooms for guild members to sleep in, and a make-shift library. Despite the fact the guild was destroyed after the Magic Council's raid, much of it's treasured literature still remains. Granted it wasn't much to begin with but it is something.



Lisabelle 'Akira' Grant - Guild Master of Cacophany

Founded as a legal guild in the year X745, Cacophany took an almost immediate dive into the darker side of life. Their first guild master, Tybalt Grant was a ruthless man with loose morals and a penchant for trouble. The guild was quickly disliked by the council and branded as a 'Dark Guild' following the many unsavoury jobs they agreed to take. Following the council's raid on the guild and the imprisonment of Tybalt the guild has had a hard time getting back on it's feet. Thanks to current master Lisabelle Grant, however, the guild is well on it's way to it's former glory, as a notorious and feared guild in Fiore's underworld.
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