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Cactus Magic



Saboten no Mahō


Caster Magic


Chiku Nekura

Cactus Magic (仙人掌の魔法, Saboten no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that causes the user's body to sprout multiple spikes.


Cactus Magic, named for how the user is literally a living cactus, is useful as a form of defense as, if the user is attacked, can grow spikes that pierce the attacker. It also allows the user to pull out the spikes and use them as weapons or to shoot them outwardly from their body. A major drawback is that it causes the user immense pain as they can feel the spikes pushing out of their skin. Because of this, users must train a lot in order to raise their pain threshold, since most users end up passing out on their first try from sheer pain.


Chiku's Spells

  • Spike Expulsion: Multiple spikes protrude from Chiku and are then shot outwards.
  • Prickly Surprise: Chiku's body becomes covered in spikes which can be used to inflict pain on others via melee attacks or can injure those attackig Chiku's body.
  • Cactus Fist: Chiku's fist becomes covered completely in spikes, making his hand look quite odd. It's main use is for melee attacks.
    • Needle Missiles: After using Cactus Fist, Chiku can then shoot spikes from his hand.
  • Climbing Cacti: The palms of his hands and soles of his feet protrude spikes which allows him to cling to surfaces easily and climb up objects.
  • Spiny Arm Blades: Multiple spikes extend from the sides of his arms that line up to create a blade-like collection of spikes.
  • Prong Gatling Gun: Chiku takes a huge breath and spits out spikes rapidly like a machine gun.


  • Despite the low number of users, Cactus is not a Lost Magic as its users tend to keep a low profile.
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