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Cait Shelter

化貓の宿 (ケット・シェルター)




Atepa Lara


Legal Guild


Eurail (Unknown Island)

Cait Shelter (化貓の宿 (ケット・シェルター)Ketto Sherutā) was a legal guild in Fiore before being revealed to be solely a creation of Roubaul's Illusion Magic. It has since been revealed to be reinstated as a legal guild in the country of Eurail, Egalia by it's new master Atepa Lara.




While acknowledged as such by the authorities and even by the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar, Cait Shelter has never been a guild. Its supposed Master, Roubaul, was in fact the soul of the last surviving member of the Nirvit tribe, as well as the creator of the Nirvana weapon, four hundred years prior to the current storyline. Such gigantic structure, which should have protected the Nirvit from the dangers threatening the rest of the world, eventually caused their downfall, with the darkness it had absorbed settling on the peaceful tribe and causing its members to fight and kill each other in a fratricide conflict which cost all of them their lives, with Roubaul passing away from old age some time after. Roubaul, employing his immense Magical capabilities, resolved to continue living on as a spirit, in order to wait in solitude for someone powerful enough who might have accomplished what he couldn't: the destruction of Nirvana.

One day, however, his hermitage received the visit of a blue-haired boy, bringing an unconscious girl named Wendy Marvell and asking Roubaul to take care of her. Taken aback by the boy's resolve, the old man accepted. When Wendy woke up, she asked Roubaul whether "Jellal" had brought her to a guild, and the spirit, unwilling to disappoint her, confirmed that they were indeed in a guild, proceeding to employ his powerful Magic to generate a large number of illusions, each possessing a personality of its own. This is how the fake Cait Shelter guild was born.

Cait Shelter's new members as described by Nolan Ritz.

However sometime in the recent past, Atepa Lara, also claiming to be the last surviving Nirvit descendant: has gathered several mages and formed a revitlalised Cait Shelter. She formed the guild with members coming from all across Earth Land and began their Holy Pilgrimage (聖なる巡礼 Seinaru Junrei) to Egalia and have come to reside on an island in the country of Eurail.


All members of Cait Shelter; past and present, represent an aspect of "life". This is due to their intense harmony with nature and normally pacifistic nature: Roubaul representing "perception"; Atepa representing "the elements"; Shakk, "the next life"; Adrian, "the forests"; Cedar, "the other worlds"; Yammon, "the danger", Wendy & Carla both represented "The Sky"

Name Rank Team Status
Roubaul1st Guild MasterNoneDeceased
Atepa Lara2nd Guild MasterNoneActive
Shakk OrwellGuild AceNoneActive
Adrian MarkoMageNoneActive
Cedar BursettMageNoneActive
Wendy MarvellMageNoneLeft Guild
CarlaMageNoneLeft Guild



Cait Shelter arrive to battle Arcanic Scale.


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