A talented Caster Mage that also knows some Holder Magic skills, preferring to let his helmets talk for him. He is a short and hard headed Mage that lives in Fiore wanting to join a guild. His has a great style of boxing and has already a reputation of flattening those who are taller than him.


A short brown haired young man with orange highlights by his eyes. His brows are orange and length. His goatee is orange with a few brown hairs. His brown eyes are often shadowed by his black Tricorne. His skin is white with a freckle here and there.

He wears a brown vest with a fishnet style wire mail undershirt showing his semi flabby gut. On his waist is a belt with a pair of pouches for his brass knuckles and a axe holsters on his back waist. His pants are black cargos with a pair of brown boots.


A stubborn young man that will flatten you if you make fun of his height. Capable of being stronger than he looks. He love hats and helmets, they are his passion. If someone has a hat or helmet he hasn't seen before he will pay some jewels for the hat of helmet.

He has a hatred for parents that don't provide for their kids. He take jobs, but chooses to give most of his money to street urchins feeling a loyalty to where he came from. He sleeps on the streets of the city out of habbit and feels uncomfortable in doors feeling like he doesn't belong. He usually lives by an old abandoned black smith shop where he crafts his helmets.

Once he's made a decision he will go through with it until the end. He'd rather die with a decision he's made than back down and live to regret the turning tail. He prefers to go into situations head first if you insult him or those who have a similar life to his. But, if he is not insulted then he'll act cool an make a calculated decision.


Magic and Abilities

Carapace: Being a collector of various magic helmets he is a bit of a fanatic with his helmets. He also can craft his own helmets having a score of helmets that give him all sorts of powers.

Requip Magic: A special Magic that allows the user to switch out different equipment with other equipment.

Hand to Hand Combat: Having an axe and a pair of brass knuckles he is rather skilled with hand to hand combat.

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