Cameron Lannister
Name Cameron Lannister
Alias Shadow in Memory
Race Human
Birthdate 29th of November
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 87kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation S-Clase Mage
Previous Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives All Deceased
Magic Memory-make
Fire Magic

Cameron Lannister also known as the Shadow in Memory is a very powerful mage who utilizes Fire Magic and two Molding magics; Memory-Make and Ice-Make.  Cameron has mastered all these magics, thus making him a formidable opponent. 


Cameron is a well built man with delicate facial features. Having a lean and muscular body due to spending years in training. He has blue eyes and long black hair. 

His attire consists of a black coat worn over a blue long sleeved button down shirt tucked into his black pants. he also wears a white neck tie and black shoes. He also wears black gloves on his hands.


Cameron is usually mature and serious. He dislikes people who goof around or people who always joke around. He is composed and really quiet. He prefers being alone than interacting with others. He does his best to avoid conversations. He describes himself to be a loner. 

Later in his teenage years, Cameron discovers his skill in persuasion and deception and puts it into good use. Upon realizing his newly acquired abilities he became very manipulative. Often manipulating those around him to get his way. 

Cameron is very knowledgeable and is can be depended on. He is trustworthy despite his very deceitful nature. After becoming an S-Class mage he becomes friendlier and is more approachable. Although he still retains his serious personality. He sometimes shows that he has a mischievious personality. Often playing pranks on on random people when he is bored. 


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Magic and Abilities

Fire Magic:  This magic allows Cameron to generate and manipulate the element of fire. Cameron uses white flames for his magic. These flames are filled with dense magical energy making them very destructive. Cameron can combine this magic with other magics using his Memory-Make magic, thus creating more powerful spells.

Ice-MakeIce-Make allows Cameron to create objects made out of ice. Cameron, having mastered this magic is able to use both Dynamic and Static Ice-Make. Allowing him to create both animate and inanimate objects. 

Memory-MakeThis magic allows grants the user amazing memory capacity, being able to memorize even the tiniest detail. This magic also allows the user to memorize spells and combine them with other spells the user has memorized. Cameron has mastered this magic and is able to use it with ease. He uses this magic to combine spells to make more powerful spells.

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