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Candy in her shop
Name Candy
Kanji キャンディ
Rōmaji Kyandi
Race Human
Birthday 31st October
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 6'0"
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Violet
Hair Brown
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Beautiful Skulls
Previous Affiliation Mermaid Heel
Occupation Candy Shopkeeper
Previous Occupation Mage
Partner Beatrice
Ingrid Aoife
Kanashi Ao
Naomi Charity
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Candy Lady
Sweet Halloween
Magic Candy Magic

Candy (キャンディー Kyandi) is a mage of the all-female guild, Beautiful Skulls


Candy is a brown haired girl. She is always wearing red flowers in the left side of her hair. Her eye is violet, she is also a light skinned woman. Her top is a tight aquamarine bow blouse with pink stitches at the top part. She is wearing a cream skirt with pink ribbons on the sides.


Candy is a very patient girl, she is also very neat. She hates spicy foods except for spicy candies like ginger candy. She hates people that hates candies. She also hates people that hates sweets. She loves candies and sweets, and she also loves to have money that is why she runs a candy and sweets shop called, "Sweets n' Treats".


Candy is an orphan girl from the Cruella family, that is why she became friends with Boo Cruella. She became a good girl to White Cruella, Boo's mother. White found her in the middle of a riot inside a bag of candy and that is how her name became Candy.

Magic and Abilities                                                                                                    

Magical Abilities

Candy Magic - Candy's main magic is candy because White trained her to manipulate candies and sweets.

  • Choco Loco - Candy shoots chocolate wires that has its own will to fight the enemy. If Candy is weak already if she uses this the chocolate wires can also attack her.
  • Lucky Gummy Bouncer - Candy throws a gummy bear that becomes large enough to bounce the enemy away.
  • Jelly Belly Numbing - Candy throws a lot of vibrating jellies to the belly of the foe and makes the bellt vibrate until it becomes numb.
  • Nutty Buster - Candy throws a lot of nuts flavored with fruits and explodes with a acid citrus.
  • Hardened Milk - Candy floods the enemy with milk and harden it to trap the enemy.
  • Dragon's Beard Sneezer - Candy throws a lot of dragon's beard candy to the nose of the enemy that makes them sneeze non-stop.
  • Jelly Claws - Candy creates claws made out of range jellies to slice and cut enemies.
  • Lemon Candy Burner - Candy summons multiple of lemon candies and throws it to the enemy to burn them with its acid.
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