Canes Venatici
Name Canis Venantici
Japanese Name
Romanized Name

The Hunting Dogs


Key Type Silver
Owner Ridhwan Griffin
Former Owner
Way of Fighting
Relatives none

Tuesdays and


Canes Venatici is one of Ridhwan Griffin 's Celestial Spirits .


Canes has the appearance of a very large dog.His eyes are yellow and fur is light-brown in color with a cream/white fur for half of his face.


Canes is a very serene and apathetic type of person.He is also extremely calm, even in situations such as someone( Nuryn Kuroki ) almost dying.He is also very serious most of the time,rarely expressing his emotions and has a cold/hostile attitude towards people.

Despite his calm side Canes is also a very violent fighter and enjoys fighting more than anything else.He is arrogant and proud of his abilities.Canes looks down on people weaker than him.

Other thah being blood-thirsty and brutal,Canes is actually a great strategist, able to create very complex plans that are able to predict people actions.Suprisingly Canes is also a very warm-hearted and kind person.He is quite protective of his current owner Ridhwan Griffin ,playing a father like role towards the young man and has faith Rid in becoming a great wizard as well as guardian.



Magic and Abilities

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Canes is an extremely proficient unarmed fighter, often using his punches, kicks, and even headbutts to combat his opponents to great effect.Such skill is paired with amazing physical prowess: aside from his strength, Canis has displayed high degrees of speed, agility and reflexes.

Immortality: As a Celestial Spirit, Canes cannot die, unless he is somehow forced to stay in the Human World for too long without the chance to return to the Celestail Spirit World.



Canes's appearance came from Sajin Komamura of Bleach.



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