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Cara Devledge is an independent mage who travels Fiore with her brother, Takeshi Devledge. She uses Crystal Phoenix Slayer Magic. She is engaged to Andrew Intra.


Cara Devledge

Cara is a beautiful woman in her mid 20's. She has silver hair, with a red streak in her bangs, and blue eyes. She has slightly pointed ears, and she was born with them.

Cara's usual attire consists of a black blazer, which is buttoned up, a black skirt with white trimming, a white blouse, and black boots. During the Grand Magic Games, Cara wore a matching uniform with her team, a black cloak with gold trimming, white dress shirt, a skirt with gold trimming, and a pair of boots.


Cara is a very loving and caring person. She has a big heart and is often commended for her heroic actions. She is will also save anyone, no matter who they are, unless, of course, they have hurt her friends devastatingly. This was shown when Cara saved Andrew, even though he attacked her and her brother weeks earlier. She will not stand for her friends to be hurt and is very protective of them. Cara is also shown to be very silly and sarcastic, and makes silly and somewhat immature remarks. Cara is also a very playful person, often wrestling with Andrew and Emma and sneaking up on her team and scaring them.

Magic and Abilities

Crystal Phoenix Slayer Magic (結晶の滅竜魔法 Hikaru no Metsuryū Mahō)

  • Crystal Phoenix's Scream : Cara's signature Phoenix's Scream. Cara charges up magical energy, then shoots out a barrage of crystals from her mouth.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Slash : Cara encases her hand in a claw-like crystal, then slashes at her opponent.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Talons Cara encases her feet in crystals and sends a devastating kick to her opponent. This spell is strong enough to knock back both Emma and Andrew Intra.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Diamond Assault : Cara forms a ball of magic in her hands and shoots out a barrage of crystals from it.
  • Crystal Phoenix's Lucent Strike : Cara encases her hand in a giant crystal and stabs at her opponent.

Crystal Magic

Bow Magic

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