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Cardascia is a remote island situated in the middle of the ocean, far from any other landmass. It is a tropical island that sports dense rainforests, somewhat mountainous terrain, and a massive cavern system known as the Cardascian Subterranean Complex.


The island has a tropical climate. It is somewhat mountainous on the northern side of thr island, wherein lies beautiful valleys through which rivers flow. Dense vegetation covers these mountains. The southern side of the island is much flatter in terrain and even has plains scattered throughout the rainforest that dominates that region. All around the island are entrances to the Cardascian Subterranean Complex that even exist in the form of sinkholes.


WIthin the dense rainforests in the island, there are small exotic birds and frogs scattered across the surface. The island is mostly occupied by a unique species of buffalo as well as a unique species of leopard that can only be found on that island. As far as fish are concerned, There isnt much freshwater fish in the freshwater lakes and rivers of the island as most fish dwell in select areas of the Cardascian Subterranean Complex. Fish in the oeans surrounding the island are species that can be found elsewhere on Earth-Land, though there seems to be an abundance of Red Snapper

Cave System

See Cardascian Subteranean Complex

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