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After the meeting the group of Cardinals quickly set out for the city. On the path to the city, they run into Ashura's informant who tells them of weak points in the armories construction. Suggesting that they place charges to destroy the construct of the building and allow easy access to the weapons. The group agrees to idea and speeds forward to enter the cities borders. Expertly evading patrolling guards, the group splits up and prepares to take out the armory.

Hyperion got into position. He walked by the armory of the city. "This looks promising." He transformed into light and flew into the armory. "Is everyone in position?" Hyperion asked through his communication lacrima.

"All clear on my side." Rhea says and glaces with a smile at the two guards covered in sand, passed out from a quick attack by the Titan of the Earth. "Ready when you are."

"I am also ready." Hyouka said through the communication Lacrima in a calm yet clear voice, standing next to two guards who were frozen. He did make sure not to kill them with it though. After ending his communication. He turned to the guards and apologized as he'd rather not do stuff like this unless necessary.

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