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"I...I accept this mission humbly."
— Carolyn's reaction to getting her mission.

"Within the night, the owl cries."

Carolyn Wallace (カロリン ワレース Karorin Wareisu) is an apprentice to Veronica Dragunov among the Magic Council and a current candidate to be a Rune Knight. She has been assigned her "graduation mission" in the form of investigating the Dark Guild uprisings in Cedar. Little to her knowledge, she would be faced with a number of former Dark Mages, and would have to ally with those same Dark Mages to hunt down the present threat.



Carolyn's Appearance.




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Carolyn's Strix in use.

Strix (梟鳴る千山万水 (ストリックス) Sutorikkusu; Latin for Screeching Owl, Japanese for Owl Echoing Many Mountains and Seas Away) is the name of Carolyn's own weapon. It is a customized variant of one of the Magic Council's more classified weapons, and appears to be a very prestigious weapon only given to those apprentices who have achieved a notable feat during their duty. Strix was gained by Carolyn through her adventures and subjugation of a Dark Guild single-handedly while her team was decimated by an ambush. 

Strix takes the appearance of a large broadsword, the blade's length being her height, specifically. The blade appears to be quite thick near the base of the blade, before thinning gradually. It is separated into a number of sections, which are defined through thick black increments present. The hilt of the blade is made out of an unnamed wood and is ornamented with red fabric. As well as this, the guard of the blade holds the insignia of the Magic Council on it.

The ability of Strix appears to be the splitting of its blade through an extremely long, thick wire inside the blade. The wire appears to be able to be condensed into the sword through a unique mechanism at its base, storing a large amount of wire that is kept together cleverly and efficiently. Carolyn has demonstrated heightened skill with the blade, using her own magical energy to influence its direction and make it very difficult for her enemies to track her attacks.

Magic and Abilities


Behind the Scenes

  • Carolyn's name means "Song of Happiness, Stranger".
  • Carolyn holds a prominent Owl motif, which inadvertently connects with the title of the story.
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