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The Divine Bitch

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20 (Pre Timeskip) 27 (Post Timeskip)


160 cm


54 kg


7th November

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Professional Status

Koma Inu

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Magic Council

Dragon Soul



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Dark Mage


Dying Yggdrasil

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Team Holy Forest


Hotoke Perzsike

Asher Segenam

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Hotoke Perzsike

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Divine Dragon Slayer Magic

"Performing tasks which require you to do something you're good at, something that comes easy to you, matters little. To do the things that challenge your very being carry much greater impact."
— Carwen

Carwen Vroman is a grown Dragon Slayer, taught in the arts of the Divine Dragon Slayer. Carwen used to be a cruel and selfish woman, who could not see further than her own desires. She once believed that the Dragon Slayers were a superior kind of wizard, one who deserved to be acknowledged as being the greatest of the great and she would have proven it by any means necessary.

These days she has settled down a bit, re-evaluated her life and come to the a very uncomfortable truth. She isn't. Dragon Slayers aren't. They are not superior, they are not greater than anyone else. So much was proven to her in her battle against a certain other Dragon Slayer. With her life in shambles, her belief shattered to pieces, Carwen is just barely clinging to her sanity by a thread and on the other end of the thread, holding on to it for her sake, is someone that she believed she had severed all ties.


Carwen is a short grown young woman with a lithe and young looking body. Despite her age, many a person mistakes her for being younger than she is, something she cannot decide whether she should be flattered or insulted by. Many have described her as being unnaturally beautiful. Her red eyes, burning with devotion and passion, speak of year old joys. Her black hair, shining in the light of the radiant sun. Luscious and soft lips, her womanly features at a lovely average size and her light, porcelain white skin, smooth and alluring to the touch.



Carwen was far kinder in her younger days than she is in her current state. Carwen was a timid young woman, barely daring to step out into the light. She always preferred to keep herself unknown to most, letting most of the attention go to her friend, rival and partner, Hotoke. She would often state to those that asked for details about their mission that it was a success from the moment they assigned Hotoke to it. She merely assisted in hastening the results.

She was a very messy and improperly behaving in her younger days, her clothes never properly tended to, clothes and room as dirty as can be. Many have claimed that this is due to a lack of discipline and care about her own image, but such is simply not the case. She does care about her image, she does care about what she looks like. She just simply can't find the reason to bother about what others think of her. The only opinions that matters are her own and that of Hotoke and other Dragon Slayers.

But then, something changed during Hotoke's seven years of absence. With him gone, she had been forced to take up many of his former responsibilities: His old missions, his new missions, and cases which had been given to him. During these times, she had been forced to step up to the task, claim the praise that was rightfully hers. And you know what? She loved it. She enjoyed hearing them praise her good deeds, to hear the rune knights whisper of her accomplishments. It filled her with such pride that she could not describe.

But with this pride also came a new sense of arrogance. Sure, she always believed the Dragon Slayers to be a superior kind of wizards, but now she even started to place herself above them, claiming herself to be the greatest of them all. Or, at least, that she possessed the superior form of magic. There had never been one moment where she had retreated, run off or re-grouped, even if the costs were high because of it. "My faith is an immovable fortress. I shall stand my ground," she would often say. Even when she faced off against foes that were even stronger than her, she would claim that they were nothing before "The light of the Ancestors".

She has also proven to be quite brutal against those whom she deems to be her enemies, savagely beating them senseless, long after they have lost consciousness. "I'm beating the sin out of them," she would often say. She is also something of a fanatic, believing that the Divine Dragons are gods in the flesh. She followed this idea for the longest of time, until she finally did something she never would have thought was possible. She mastered the ultimate art that was taught to her by her Dragon Father. Now she thinks herself, like those dragons that came before her, to be a god in the flesh, looking down on everyone as if they were inferior. After that she also became far cleaner as she deemed that a god had to maintain her image, even to the lesser ones. She also ceased to chant before she cast her spells as the chanting is for those that has not yet reached "godhood".


Carwen has changed a lot from whom she was previously to the Dragon Slayer Royale. She is no longer that cold hearted bitch that wanted to bring mankind to heel, but rather, she has become a lot more like how she used to be in her younger years when she worked with the Magic Council. She has changed from being a rather superior "higher than thou" kind of individual into a much more soft spoken and humble person.

Carwen has regrown her old kindness again, now greeting people not as if they were beneath her dignity, but as equals, if not even superiors. This is much due to the fact that she lost in combat for the first time in years, resulting in a severe drop of self confidence in her stature, something that has been seen in how she fought in the early days. Luckily she has regained some confidence on the battlefield, but her social skills are still sorely lacking.

With Hotoke's guidance, Carwen have attempted to find herself on stable ground once more, to learn how to be a... I suppose not good, not yet, but at least a decent person. So far her progress has been coming along well. The area in which she has come to be lacking the most in is her fortitude. She often loses interest in training and generally lacks the interest to become greater than what she is.

Combat is also a field in which she struggles. Not for lack of capabilities, not for insufficient power, but rather that she still finds it hard to hold back. She is not sure why, but gaining the upper hand in battle makes her feel like how she used to be. The sense of superiority, the power to outwit and outmatch your foes is still something that is exhilarating for her and she is ashamed of it. There has been many a moment where she forgets to hold back, even in times of ordinary friendly sparring. More than once has she needlessly pummeled those that could no longer stand up for themselves. It is as they say: Old habits die hard.

She strives to live after a good and strong moral code in hopes of rebuilding her character, but it is very difficult to stray from a path that one has been walking for years. Had it not been for Hotoke's advice and kindness, she may never have recovered. Not that the little details matter. What matters is that Carwen will pull herself back up, she will redeem herself and she will learn what it means to be a true mage of Ishgar, more than that, what it means to her to be a Dragon Slayer in this current age.

While still uncertain of the meaning of being a Dragon Slayer in the age of man, Carwen has seemingly brightened up. She appears to be of a far more joyful nature, taking part in guild activities and socializing, things which would never have struck her as something she would ever do. It came to be after she began to consider to herself what the meaning of her life was now as a Dragon Slayer. Then she realized that such things did not really matter to her. Not anymore at least. Instead of looking for the meaning of her existence as a Dragon Slayer, she has begun to look for her purpose as a person. She is uncertain where life will take her and what is in store for her, but she is ready to embrace all that comes her way as long as her dearest friends are with her.


Hotoke Perzsike


There was once a time when she had nothing but the utmost respect for the mage Hotoke. They worked together as comrades and allies, fighting the foes of the Magic world. The two of them also developed something of a friendly rivalry, always competing over who was the superior slayer. It often ended in ties or with her winning. Then came the moment that would put great strain on their relationship. Hotoke abandoned the Magic Council to take control of a wizards guild. Carwen felt left behind, forsaken. Despite this, she attempted to maintain their contact with each other, once in a while, challenging him to a fight or two. Then came the ultimate offense. After the events of the grand magic games, and after they bore witness to the dual dragon slayer mode, Hotoke and Carwen took different approaches to this discovery. Carwen reviled the very idea to "defile" her own magic with another, while Hotoke stood impressed and astounded at this new form of Dragon Slayer Magic. After a future fight in which Carwen was on the brink of victory, Hotoke made the decision to attempt to consume her "Divine Light". Disgusted that her magic had been granted to someone else, and what's worse, that it had been "defiled" by "impure" magic. After that, she swore to forsake all bonds of friendships with him and his guild. With a new purpose in mind, she left the council herself to pursue her new goal. To slay Hotoke.


After her defeat at the hands of another Dragon Slayer, Carwen lost faith in her "gods" and herself. Wandering the lands of Fiore without goal or aim, Carwen sunk into depression, barely finding the strength to carry on. It all seemed pointless. Then came the day when she visited a small village in the great mountains of Fiore where she heard the stories of Hotoke Perzike's deeds and the ones of his guild. Figuring that Hotoke might be her last chance at finding some sort of purpose to make life worth living again, she sought him out. When she found him he was less than accommodating. But with her insistent pleading she was eventually granted permission into Dryad Locks' grounds. It was a slow process, but she and Hotoke began to become friends once more. Hotoke has pretty much become the rope to which she clings to for her survival. While she knows that she probably has become a bit too dependant on him she thinks little of it. All that matters to her now is that her old friend has taken her back. They have even come to spar together once again, something which brings joy to her heart.



Divinity and Darkness: Destined Duel in Paradise

Talons of War

Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Masterful Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Carwen has proven herself to be a true force to be reckoned with. The style she has trained and mastered is a style that makes use of her being quicker and more agile than her opponents to deliver quick, rather light and precise attacks. It has long been considered a somewhat ineffective style as it does not pack much of a punch, but in coordination with her Magic, this style has gotten her out of more than one troublesome fight. While not necessarily the best at hand-to-hand, she is still greatly competent and she much prefers it over sword combat, which she deems to be a barbaric "art".

Immense Strength: As her style of combat is not really based around powerful strikes, Carwen hadn't developed her physical prowess as much as she possibly could have. Carwen never really found the use or purpose in training in a field which she did not truly require when she preferred to rely much heavier on her magical capabilities, speed and reflexes. Then came the time when she returned to her former partner's side, she and him have taken up their usual training schedule, only pumped up to a hundred. As a result of her intensified training, and some cheat help from Hotoke, her strength has stepped up to the pace. Where her magic once served as her sole mean of combat, now it also serves to enhance something that is already quite potent on it's own. She has trained to the point where her natural strength surpasses Hotoke's Wooden Hammer spells, a spell which has shown to be able to shatter rock and bend steel with the greatest of ease. However, ever since she achieved the state of Draco Surge, her strength has been elevated to even greater heights. She has enough strength to lift the heaviest of objects and throw them great distances with minimal effort. She has also stated that she is able to keep up and still go toe to toe with some mages who taps into drive with relative ease and even stand up to fellow slayers of the third generation who utilizes Dragon Force, much due to the previous mention of the achieving of the Draco Surge. Since the time of her "ascension", her strength has reached the point where she is said to be able to perform blows with enough power to rival that of a meteor, devastating ground and construction alike with her bare fists and without further enhancement.

Immense Endurance: One of the fields Carwen truly excels at. Carwen is a mobile and impenetrable fortress in battle, able to take the sort of beating which no human should be able to endure. This has been demonstrated in the past where she has been able to take multiple ground shattering, steel bending strikes to her frame and not even flinch from it, fallen from considerable heights with next to no repercussions, taken blows which could be compared to a barrage of canonballs to the chest and still stand up ready for more. After unlocking Draco Surge, even this tremendous endurance has been elevated. She can now endure strikes even more powerful than such, and she even naturally possesses a minor resistance to any magic that is not draconic in nature.

Incredible Speed and Reflexes: Even without magical influence, Carwen is still an impressively quick woman, able to catch up to most of her opponents in the heat of battle. Even some mages who utilize speed enhancing magic stands in awe of her astounding natural speeds. And as if that was not enough, with her propulsion spell, she is able to push herself even further, reaching the near supersonic when she strains herself. In battle she takes use of her near inhuman reflexes to intercept and redirect her opponents attacks away from her, and if possible, take advantage of that. Her perception is next to inhuman, able to register informaton and changes of the enviroment in an instant, as seen when she performs her infamous propulsion technique: Twister, where she spins around through the aid of her propulsors at remarkable speeds. No person should be able to interpret their surroundings when spinning at such speeds, yet she is. In recent times, Carwen has grown even faster than what she was before. According to her, she is almost twice as fast naturally as she was previous to her surge, and faster yet when she applies her ever so trustworthy propulsors. She is now naturally faster than she was previously while applying her Dragon Force, an ability which monumentously enhances all physical properties.

Abundant Stamina: Due to her excessive training and sparring sessions with her friend and comrade, Hotoke, Carwen have stamina to spare. She has shown off her stamina reserves in many a occation. Such as when she had been searching endlessly for hours in the mountainous snowy terrain or during one of her and Hotoke's sparring matches where the fight lasted for a total of two days and she stood barely winded afterwards.

Inconceivable Magical Power: Carwen has never been a genius in magic as a whole. She has difficulty learning something new and she is rarely willing to go any far extents in order to acheive new power other than enhancing what he already has. This has more often than not set her back immensely as this limits her growth. However, in the fields of magic she has already learned and mastered, she is peerless. Her magic is a devastating sight to behold, the feats she has accomplished are aweinspiring and catastrophic. There was a time when she was just a mere mage just like so many others. Then under the competitive friendly spirit of a fellow member of the Council, she began to grow to greater heights, becoming a most exceptional mage, able to take on some of the most powerful S-class wizards and dark mages that littered the world. But it is in recent times that she has trully risen to new heights. Many friends and allies of her has made statements of how she has surpassed the ranks of "ordinary" mages and ascended into Saint levels of power. Ever since her intesified training after attaining dragonhood, she has yet to fully exert her power. She has stated that this is all due to her fear of tearing up the very ground on which they stand upon should she ever perform such a feat. Some Have come to compare her incomprehensible power to an ocean. Unending, powerful and unexplored. Carwen, seemingly finding her cockyness once again, has stated that this is a false assumption. It would be more accurately compared to a planet. The magic council has time and time again stated that this is a ludicrous statement and that such a thing just can't be. However, due to lacking efficiency in their magic-scaling technology, no one has been able to prove her wrong in these claims. No matter which it may be, it is still grand and powerful to such an extent that she was able to uphold a battle with one of her dearest friends for over two days without running dry.

Second Origin: As if her original magic prowess was not enough to prove her might! *Cough*. Either way, it is unknown exactly how she accomplished this, but some time after joining up with the Koma Inu guild, Carwen unlocked her second origin, passively sending her to even greater heights in both magical and physical prowess, but also further enhancing her magical container to hold even more magic within her to the point where there might actually be some incling of truth to her exagerrated words at this point.

Lock Burst

Lock Burst is a supplementary Caster Magic which allows the user of said magic to perform a monumentous feat of physical and magical prowess. Lock Burst can be acheived by anyone and can be applied to any form of magic known to man. Since it's discovery, Lock Burst has come to be known as the All-Encompassing Ultimate Art of Magic.

Lock burst is, as stated, a supplementary magic which in and of itself is completely useless without an additional magic in one's aresnal. Upon it's activation, the magic will "analyze" the user in order to figure out which magic the user has the strongest affinity to. Once it has done this it will grant the user one additional spell of tremendous power. This spell warries from looks and effects, all depending on the magic the person is at their best with. This magic can be applied to any other form of magic, ranging from Molding Magic, Holder Magic, Ancient Magic and even all manners of Lost Magic and then recieve the properties of the magic. The spell that this magic spawns is significantly more powerful than any other spell in the mage's arsenal, with enough power that a mere average mage can cast a spell that surpasses the likes of Fairy Tails legendary guild spells. A well trained mage is said to have the sheer power to devastate a city and more with this magic. Then again, not all spells are of a destructive nature. It all comes down to the magic itself and what the user prioritises with said magic. Hotoke can also sacrifice pieces of his soul in order to further enhance this magic's power to even greater extents through the act of Soul Relinquishment.

  • Heavenly Judgement of the Pristine Dragon God: Heavely Judgement of the Pristine Dragon God is undoubtably Carwens most powerful spell that she carries in her arsenal. Due to that the Divine Dragon Slayer Magic is her one and only magic in her possession, Carwen carries with her a most astounding affinity for it, and the Divine Glass Dragon Mode in particular, thus her lock burst spell is imbued with Anti-Dragon properties. When she activates Lock Burst, she will give of a radiant blue aura which could threaten to blind anyone who has the lack of common sense and actually look straight at her. After this step, she becomes invulnerable to all manners of physical and magical attacks, no matter their purpose or origin. During this period of invincibility, great meteors consisting of divine glass will rain from the heavens, crashing down to earth with devastating results. The spell has only been used by her once, and that feat was apparently performed on an unmapped island which surpasses the size of Tenrou. Carwen have claimed that the spell in it's base form carries with it a power that by increments, surpasses the Etherion Satelite, and as such, the island which was never mapped will never be mapped. Just like in Hotoke's position, the magic council has strictly forbidden her to ever utilize this magic without their consent. If she ever were to do so, she would be banished and branded as an unredeemable Dark Mage. This magic does not come without a cost however. Beyond eating up whatever magic she keep within herself, even if the magic power were to be recovered, she would remain incapable of magic feats for an extended amount of time. She can even further enhance this spell through the act of Soul Reliquishment, empowering the spell to even greater heights, but once more, there is a price. at the cost of pieces of her soul, she will remain weakened for an even greater amount of time, and even after she has recovered from the typical drawbacks, there will be even more to it. As the soul has been "injured", it takes even more time for it to recover, rendering her magic weaker than ever before until the point where the soul has recovered from its "wounds". These effects gets more severe the more of her soul she surrenders, but should she ever sacrifice more than 99% of it, she will never recover from it.

Divine Dragon Slayer Magic

(神聖の滅竜魔法 Shinsei no Metsuryū Mahō): The Divine Dragon Slayer Magic is a most curious one. Despite the nature of the magic which, like all slayers, are meant to grant the mage the power to slay dragons, among the mightiest of creatures in existence, Divine Dragon Slayer Magic seems awfully weak at first glance. With power that only barely is able to compare to more traditional magic, many would dismiss this style as being inferior to others. However, the true strength of "The Divine Light" is not to deal immediate damage, but rather to empower one's future spells and weaken the opponents. Similar to the abilities of Sting Eucliffe, the Divine Dragon Slayers leave similar Stigmatas on their foes after each spell, decreasing one certain attribute of the target, such as speed, strength, magical power, endurance or resitances with each stigmata. Each stigmata on the target also increases the damage caused by the next coming attacks. Carwen uses this with great efficiency, focusing on well aimed and timed attacks to get the most out of it.

Divine Dragon Slayers such as Carwen typically holds a powerful belief in something greater than themselves, taking the form of the Divine dragons that came before them, regarded highly as their ancestors. It was believed that they are the source if their magic as well as empowering it when the mage honored them with prayer. This belief has been dashed to pieces as Carwen these days can perform this magic without her false gods just as well as she could with them. If anything, she has become so much stronger because of it. Without the idea of the ancestors restraining her, her might has grown many times over, able to compete with some of the more powerful dragon elements out there despite possessing the quite possibly weakest element.

Divine Slayer Magic has a rather interesting disadvantage against other Dragon Slayers since they can consume their Element, a Divine Slayer can not eat traditional light and may only consume "Divine Light" in which other Divine Slayers would be the only source of the element. That does not stop other Slayers from being capable of consuming her light though.

Passive Magic

  • Divine Stigmata (Shinsei Seikon): All spells the caster uses against the opponent will always result in it, leaving a stigmata branded upon the skin of the target for a certain amount of time. Similar to the Stigmata's left behind by some of Sting's spells, this has slightly different results. Instead of immediately stopping the targets movements, these have the option to either limit the target's strength, magical power, speed, resistance or endurance. Additionally, for each stigamata on the target, the next coming spells strikes with increased damage. While potentially a very powerful instrument, there are limits to these. There can only be a total of three on one target at once and they can be damaged to the extent that they can no longer function. However, after some abundant training, her stigmata's has grown powerful enough that they no longer seat themselves on the skin, but rather in the very flesh of the target, meaning that to destroy the stigmatas, one has to rend their own flesh. Clothing and armors do little to protect the target from the stigmatas as all that is required for it to be planted on the target is that the target receives at least some considerable damage.

In recent times, Carwen has begun experimenting a bit more with her magic, attempting to develop new techniques in order to achieve victory. As she has all but ceased doing her missions solo and come to prefer to coordinate her attacks with others. With her new partnership with Hotoke and Asher, she has begun the development of abilities which fit better in a team fight rather than one on anything and everyone. Among other spells, this has led to her discovery of how she can user her stigmata's to enhance physical and magical prowess rather than weakening it. These enhancing stigmatas can be placed by mere touch rather than being inflicted by a spell. Like the original stigmata's these one's absoirb ambient ethernano as well, charging up for an even more powerful spell. However, unlike the original which causes tremendous damage to the afflicted target, these ones will rather than explode, they will begin to surge rejuvenating energies through the marked targets, restoring their health, stamina and magic reserves.

Basic Spells

  • Divine Dragon's Roar (神竜の咆哮 Shinseiryū no Hōkō): 
    Divine Roar

    Divine Dragon's Roar

    One of the most basic and most iconic spells in the Divine Dragon's arsenal. In the caster's stomach the user will gather a vast amount of "Divine Light" and it will continue to gather until the caster is content with with the amount. The energy also gathers very quickly. So quickly in fact, that the slayer can gather more light than he/she expels, thus, if the caster so wished, could allow the roar to go on endlessly until the caster ran out of magic to fuel it with. The initial strike leaves a Stigmata on the target which will cause the damage that comes after to be increased. The roar travels forwards in extreme speeds, taking the form of a ray of blinding blue light with minor crackles of what appears to be lightning emitting from it.
  • Divine Dragon's Iron Fist
    Divine Dragon's Iron Fist

    Divine Dragon's Iron Fist

     (神竜の鉄の拳 Shinseiryū no Tetsu no Ken): One of the most basic and most iconic spells in the Divine Dragons's arsenal. The caster surrounds his/her fist with a crackling, dazzling blue aura of light that greatly enhances the punches of the user. This spell requires a lot of focus to be able to be cast, as when light envelops the casters fist. Light, being fickle as it is, must be kept maintained around the casters fist, lest it fly off in some other direction. Carwen  can easily sustain this spell for a longer period of time simply by feeding it lesser amounts of magic.
  • Claw of the Divine Dragon (神竜の爪 Shinseiryū no Tsume):
    Claw of the Divine dragon

    Claw of the Divine Dragon

    A developed version of the Iron Fist. Instead of clenching one's hand into a fist the caster will let his/her fingers curl into claw-like shapes and surround the hand with crackling, dazzling blue light which greatly increases the cutting power, letting the fingers function very much like actual claws. This is the only spell in the arsenal that does not leave a Stigamata on the target as it is still an imperfect product of development. This spell is not only restricted to close combat. By "dislodging" the light from the caster's fingers, the caster can throw them in the target's direction, thus functioning very well as a medium ranged spell as well.
    • Divine Dragon's Clenching Jaws: Carwen allows the claws to grow substantially, until they are far larger than herself. She then brings these two "jaws" together, crushing her foes that are caught in between. As this spell is an advanced form of the claw, this spell does not leave any stigmatas on the target. It also deals a surprisingly great amount of damage considering its still a basic skill and that it causes great amounts of damage without the aid of a stigmata is not really the typical style of the Divine Dragon.
  • Dragon Howl (竜の遠吠え Ryū no Tōboe): A very basically functioning spell that costs a very minimal amount of magic and does absolutely no damage. The howl in it's design simply allows the caster to let out a massive roar that sounds exactly like that of a dragon, functioning mostly as a way to scare off enemies or, in Carwen's case, use it as a way to signal her triumph.
  • Divine Dragon's Hail Shot (神龍の雹ショット Shinseiryū no Hyō Shotto): Carwen conjures up an orb of crackling, dazzling blue light in the palm of her hand. Carwen will then clench her fist tightly, shattering the orb and keeping the shards in her hand. She will then proceed to thrust her hand forward, opening her clenched fist and thus sending the scattering light shots forward in close to medium range. This spell is powerful but unpredictable due to the shots scattering, not guaranteeing a perfect hit. This spell can be awfully deadly to the opponent should this spell be fired off at close quarters. If she pays enough attention and focus to the release of this spell, she can, possibly, direct the shots to whatever direction she so desires.
  • Divine Propulsion (神の推進, Kami no Suishin): As basic as it sounds. Divine light allows Carwen to boost any desired part of her body or her whole body, allowing for greater punches, kicks and of course, speed. It is one of her favorite spells to use.This is not a spell that leaves a stigma on the target, as it is not its purpose. It exists for transportation and to increase the force and speed of some of her attacks. However, she can also choose to not get affected by the propulsion, which is very effective when she pulls off it's daughter-spell.
    • Divine Blaze Engine: While the spell Divine Propulsion is in all actuality a supplementary spell to hasten Carwen's combat, there is a way for her to use it in a direct offensive way. By directing the propulsion in any direction of her and pump it full of power the light streams can grow so large that it becomes a blaze of Dazzling, crackling blue light, damaging anything or anyone that gets too close to it. It is rather cheap when taking into consideration the damage it can cause, but the con is that it will not leave a stigmata on the target, which very much is the basis of Divine combat.
  • Crusader's Volley (クルセイダーのボレー, Kuruseidā no borē): Carwen propels herself high into the air through the use of Divine Propulsion. Once she is high up in the air, she channels light into orbs in her palms. A lot of the crackling, dazzling light must be conjured for this spell to work, so it takes a while to charge up. Once the spell has been properly charged, she brings her hands together in a powerful clap, shattering and unleashing all the magic upon the foes bellow like a volley of arrows of light. This spell deals moderate damage, but it more than makes up for it with its mass placement of Stigmatas and the wide field it affects.
  • Divine Dragon's Shield: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" in her left hand and from it she shapes a shield. This shield is not long lasting by any means of the word as it can only handle one single spell before shattering into pieces. There is also a very clear limit as to how much power this shield can block and the limit exists with the user. Carwen must make an evaluation of the spell or attack that is thrown at her and put an appropriate amount of magic in the shield to block it. If she were to pour more magic than necessary into the shield, then she just wasted valuable magic. If she puts too little into it, it is going to break and the remaining magic from the attack will break through and strike her. Additionally, the force or magic of the attack that the shield was able to block, 50% of that attack will be added to the next of her own. But the force cannot be added to each other. If she blocks one attack and then another, the power of those two blocks neutralize one another, leaving her with nothing.
  • Divine Dragon's Tail: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" to gather around her leg in order to be able to deliver an even more powerful kick. Similar to the Iron Fist, Carwen can sustain this spell for a long period of time simply by using up lesser amounts of magic to keep it up. And like nearly all of her spells, this one also leaves a stigmata of Carwen's choice on the target.
  • Divine Dragon's Coat: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" into the very pores of her body and being ejected, creating a Draconic-like aura around her which provides her with some further protection. It does very minimal work of protecting against blunt force trauma, but it hinders all sorts of sharp objects and foreign products such as poison, acid or extreme heat or cold as well as various status effects that could affect her. The negative side to this is that it stops ALL external influences from affecting her, thus rendering healing or even supportive magic useless to her for as long as the coat remains active.
  • Divine Dragon's Locust: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" to start to take form all around her, taking the form of small locust-like creatures. These locusts will then start to soar around a wide area with her current position as the center. While these locusts offer no direct offensive value, they are more than effective for blinding her opponents, and tracking them down. These locusts will send a response to Carwen if they find something, thus allowing her to know her entire field and the people within it without actually seeing it.
  • Divine Dragon's Skull Bash: Carwen uses the "divine light" to conjure up two massive curved horns made out of light. This is a pretty basic spell as there is nothing truly advanced about it, it is merely a sort of supplementary spell which more or less allows her to weaponize her entire body. The bash from the horns are vastly more powerful than if she were to perform it naturally.

Advanced Spells

  • Ancestors Ballista: Carwen spreads her legs wide and channels the "divine light into an arc and a string that connects her legs. She will then proceed to channel even further light into it to form the bolt that will be fired. She then grabs the bolt and string with her mouth and pulls back. This spell is the second fastest spell in her arsenal as it travels with blinding speed and power, causing an explosion upon impact. When and if it hits, it will leave a stigmata on her target.
  • Ancestors Stigmata: This is a rather dangerous spell that could either make our break Carwen's battles. This spell is basic punch with some magic infused into it, and it makes so that the Stigmatas that exist or will exist on the target become indestructible, rendering the opponent unable to rid him/herself from them. This magic does not only require magic, it also requires her stamina, which could badly affect her if she is not careful. It also leaves her in a slight daze after the spell has been cast.
  • Secret Art: Sanctified Hammer of the Courageous:
    Sanctified Hammer

    Just imagine that it is blue

     Carwen channels the "Divine Light" within her into her hand, forming it into the shape of a dazzling blue hammer of light. This is one of Carwen's most powerful abilities as well as one of her more versatile ones. Once the light has been channeled, shaped and hardened, the hammer will continue to last in effect for one whole minute, after that, a heavy amount of magic is required to keep it active. The hammer can either be wielded in hand, delivering hard, powerful hits. Each hit from this hammer releases a burst of concentrated light, heavily damaging anything it makes contact with. If she so chooses, Carwen can also throw this hammer. Throwing it will result in it traveling at greater power and velocity the further it travels. Upon impact with the ground or an enemy, the pulse will increase in range by half a meter for each meter it travels. When compared to the other spells that leaves a stigmata on the target's body, The Sanctified Hammer leaves two of them and empowered ones at that. This is one of Carwen's most favored spells, preferring to use it as often as she possibly can.
    • Giga Impact: While high up in the air, Carwen will plummet down towards the earth at terminal velocity, forming a dome of "Divine light around her form" which will aid to deliver an even more powerful blow to the target. And while this ability is terribly fast, it cannot be redirected by the user, and should Carwen miss, she could risk injuring herself and it only damages a very short area of one meter from the landing spot.
      • Shatter Impact: Shatter Impact is a follow up spell to Giga Impact. Shatter impact is to be cast moments before impact as it is then that it does the most damage. With this active, the spell will drain Carwen of even more magic, but the result is worth it if she misses. The blow to the ground will result in the dome shattering and causing a great explosion. This also dampens the impact for Carwen herself, thus she will suffer no repercussions if she were to miss her target.
  • Secret Art: Lance of Longinus: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" within her into her hand, forming it into the shape of a dazzling and crackling blue spear of light. One of Carwen's most effective attacks, just slightly lagging behind the Sanctified Hammer, yet with just about the same effect as the hammer but with yet another ability to boot. Where ever the spear travels, so will Carwen. If she were to throw it somewhere, all she has to do is will it and she will appear beside her spear. This has proven very effective in the past as she has been able to use this to both close and increase the distances between her and her foes.
  • Secret Art: Crusader's Verdict: This is a spell that works perfect hand in hand with the Divine Stigmatas. As one might already know, the stigmatas empower future spells and weakens the target that have them. A little secret to them though is that over time that they remain on the target, they actually absorb eternano from the surroundings and even a bit from the target themselves. This can quite possibly be her weakest spell of them all or be the mightiest of all her spells. Well, except for the Lock Burst that is, but that is in a category in and of its own. Secret Art: Crusader's Verdict explodes upon the caster's whim. Although, if the spell were to be activated shortly after the Stigmatas had been placed, the force of the attack wouldn't even be able to compare to the punch of a 5-year old. At maximum power, however... No one knows. At least, not for certain anymore. When she was just a young girl she once tested this spell on her Dragon father, who claimed that the spell was able to cause him minor injuries. Due to Carwen's growth as a wizard, it is uncertain exactly how powerful the spell is at this point. At the other end of the spectrum, the spell can also serve to heal and rejuvenate her allies if empowering stigmatas have been placed upon them. The surge of magic will serve to heal them, help them recover their stamina as well as absorb any remaining magic into their own reserves for future use. This version of the spell costs Carwen a lot more magic than the offensive version of it, but the rewards makes it all worth it, more often than not.
  • Secret Art: Divine Horn Drill: Carwen generates tremendous amounts of "divine" light within her, collecting it inside of her pores, causing an aura of dazzling blue, crackling light to form around her frame. When she has gathered enough and she deems that the moment is right, she will unleash all of that magic, causing the aura to grow substantially and become volatile. She will then launch herself towards her target, her aura spinning at rapid rates. She directs and controls the trajectory of the spell by the aid of her Divine Propulsions. This spell packs a powerful punch, one which, according to her, is enough into crush a concrete pillar into dust with relative ease, which implies some truly immense power, if her statements are accurate.

Divine Glass Dragon Mode

During her journey across Fiore in an effort to find and reconcile with her old friend, Carwen came across a certain young woman who strangely enough knew about her and her association with the dark guild Dragon Soul. A fight broke out between the two of them, which in the end would result in Carwen's victory, despite her downtrodden mood. During the battle, Carwen was overcome by grief and anger. Not towards herself or even the woman in front of her, but towards her foster father and all the "ancestors" to whom she had dedicated her life. So in an act of defiance, despise and sorrow, she offered them the tremendous insult of doing what had once created the divide between her and her friend. She consumed another element. After she did she recieved brand new powers. Powers over glass. Ever since then she has devoted much of her time to develop this mode and get accustomed to the new powers. Her devoted training has led to the point where she can hold this mode for a total of ten hours before she suffers the consequences of her excessive use. She is now powerful enough in this mode that she can surpass the Dragon Force itself. With this mode she combines the progressively stronger "Divine" element with the devastating power of the glass and to add to the pain, all spells now produce one extra Divine Stigmata on the target.

  • Divine Glass Dragon's Roar: Divine Glass Dragon's Roar functions largely the same as its mother spell, but with a few tweaks and differences. One of the most basic and most iconic spells in the Divine Glass Dragon's arsenal. In the caster's stomach the user will gather a vast amount of "Divine Light" and glass shards which will continue to gather until the caster is content with the amount. The energy also gathers very quickly. So quickly in fact, that Carwen can gather more light and glass than she expels, thus, if she so wished, could allow the roar to go on endlessly until she runs out of magic to fuel it with. The initial strike now leaves two Stigmatas on the target which will cause the damage that comes after to be increased. The roar travels forwards at extreme speeds, taking the form of a ray of blinding blue light and glass shards and dust with minor crackles of what seems to be lightning emitting from it.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Iron Fist: Divine Glass Dragon's Iron Fist functions largely the same as its mother spell but, with a few tweaks and differences that makes it a far more powerful attack. When using this spell, she will cover her arm in semi-liquefied "divine" glass which will then harden to the point where it is equally comparable to solid rock just before the punch, which she can then liquify and harden at will. Unlike the mother spell which require consistent focus to maintain, lest it fly off, this spell just needs to be cast and she is golden. The only thing that consistently costs her magic when she uses it is the minor magic cost for liquefying and hardening the glass. It will continue to last until it comes to the point where she no longer wishes to utilize it, or when they have been so used to the point where the "divine" and magic energies have left the glass, rendering it completely useless.
  • Claw of the Divine Glass Dragon: Claw of the Divine Glass Dragon functions largely the same as its mother spell but, with a few tweaks and differences that makes it a far more powerful attack. Different from the Iron Fist, this spell allows Carwen to cover her fingers with semi-liquefied glass which will harden and re-liquify the "divine" glass, creating a pair of extremely sharp claws. In ordinary cases, this spell would be an incomplete one, a flawed spell in its design, thus it leaves no stigmata on the struck target. However, as if the glass has somehow "completed" the spell, it now carries to right properties in order to leave a stigmata behind, making this a far more useful spell than it originally was.
    • Divine Glass Dragon's Clenching Jaw: Divine Glass Dragon's Clenching Jaw is more or less just an enhanced version of the Claws, carrying a lot more power and range. Carwen will proceed to let the "divine" enhanced claws to grow substantially in size until it becomes far larger than herself. She will then bring these two colossal claws together with tremendous force which will cause devastating damage to whomever would find themselves trapped between them. Add to the fact that it now leaves a stigmata behind now, renders this as a most favorable spell to use when excessive force is required.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Hail Shot: Divine Glass Dragon's Hail Shot is an enhanced version of the mother spell and functions very much the same. In one hand she will begin to produce a hefty amount of glass and in the other she will generate a near excessive amount of "divine" light. Once both materials have been created, she will slam her two hands together and cup the materials, shattering and mixing the light and glass together. After a short time of preparation, Carwen will fire off this powerful spell at her opponents. This spell was powerful enough in its original state, now with glass it is a nightmare to deal with in close range. Its power was demonstrated once against the mighty scorpion Mathayus which is famed for its uncanny ability to shrug off attacks from even saint level magics. Despite this, once she got in close range with the scorpion and unleashed this spell, it pierced right through it's powerful chitin, a testament to this spell's tremendous might.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Scale Coat: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" and glass dust into the very pores of her body and ejects it, creating a Draconic-like aura around her which provides her with some further protection. Compared to the mother spell, this is indeed the superior spell. Unlike the original spell which did little to protect her from blunt force trauma, but exceeded in everything else, this version of the spell can add additional blunt protection with addition of absolute protection from sharp object and foreign products such as poison, acid or extreme heat or cold as well as various status effects that could affect her. The negative side to this is that it stops ALL external influences from affecting her, thus rendering healing or even supportive magic useless to her for as long as the coat remains active.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Tail: Carwen begins to produce "divine" enhanced glass in a semi-liquified state to start spreading across her leg, which can then harden and liquify at her will and whims. The tail can cause devastating damage to her foes with just a single hit, and this spell, once used, can be utilized many times over before it's properties fade. Preferring to use it in combination with the Iron Fist, that combination can cause unprecedented damage to a singular foe.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Reflector: Carwen starts off by creating a circular shield with a reflective sheen made from her "divine" glass. This shield functions very much the same as the mother spell, but with a little tweak that makes this the superior spell to use. Just like the mother spell, this spell can block any energy based spell attack and even block physical attacks, whether magical or not, to a lesser extent. Any attack that this shield block will have 50% of its power absorbed and added to the next spell that is cast, making it more powerful, while the remaining 50% of the spells power will instead of getting absorbed but unutilized, will reflect back towards the one who performed it.
  • Crusader's Sharp Volley: Carwen produces two orbs of "divine" glass in the palm of her hands. Once a sufficient amount of divine glass has been gathered she will proceed to elevate herself to greater heights with the help of her Divine Propulsion. Once she deems herself to be at a sufficient height, she will then slam her palms together, shattering the glass, ending with that it starts hailing downwards like a rain of blue, dazzling and crackling arrows of glass. Unlike the mother spell which possessed a sort of blunt property as when it delivered it's blow it would never pierce skin. The Crusader's Sharp Volley however, carries with it significant piercing properties, able to pierce through skin and muscle with relative ease before cracking and fading into dust.
  • Secret Art: Purified Glass Hammer of the Vigilant: Carwen channels the "Divine Light" and glass together within her into her hand, forming it into the shape of a dazzling blue hammer of light and glass dust. This is one of Carwen's most powerful abilities as well as one of her more versatile ones. Once the hammer's materials has been channeled, shaped and hardened, the hammer will continue to last in effect for two whole minutes, after that, a heavy amount of magic is required to keep it active. The hammer can either be wielded in hand, delivering hard, powerful hits. Each hit from this hammer releases a burst of concentrated light, heavily damaging anything it makes contact with. If she so chooses, Carwen can also throw this hammer. Throwing it will result in it traveling at greater power and velocity the further it travels. Upon impact with the ground or an enemy, the pulse will increase in range by half a meter for each meter it travels. When compared to the other spells that leaves a stigmata on the target's body, The Sanctified Hammer leaves two of them in its original state, but now leaves behind a whopping three stigmatas and empowered ones at that.
  • Secret Art: Divine Glass Drill: The Secret Art: Divine Glass Drill functions largely the same as its mother spell with just a few minor tweaks in order to make it all the more powerful that the original. The process of creating the spell, as well as utilizing it, is nearly identical to the mother spell, only that it now includes not simply the "divine" light, but also great amounts of glass dust which then also compresses into glass shards once they have left her pores. The true extents of what this spell is capable of being as of yet unknown. What is known though, is that whatever the original spell can do, this one can do even better.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Canon: The Divine Glass Canon is Carwen's most powerful ranged divine glass spell, surpassing even the likes of her Roar spell. Carwen will begin with generating divine glass within her stomach, gathering up a sufficient amount of enchanced glass and then compress all that glass into a smaller size, no bigger than a marble. She will then guide the small glass orb to her throat where she will hold it. Once she has lined up her sights and deems it is the right moment, she will fire off that marble sized ball at the speeds of a real cannonball. Once it has exited her mouth, the orb will grow back into the size of a cannonball. The glass will then break upon impact with it's target and the copious amounts of light within the glass orb will escape, causing a four meter wide bright explosion. Carwen can also, upon her own will cause it to explode whenever.
    • Divine Glass Dragon's Canon x2: An enhanced version of the Divine Glass Dragon's Canon. The spell functions very much the same as the mother spell, but with a few differences to justify its existence. First of all, upon its creation in her stomach, less glass is applied and compensated with a lot more darkness. When she fires it off, the glass orb will travel two times the speed of it's mother spell, greatly increasing the damage dealt and the following explosion will affect an eight meter wide area with the escaping darkness.
    • Divine Glass Dragon's Canon x8: An enhanced version of the Divine Glass Dragon's Canon. The spell functions very much the same as the mother spell, but with a few differences to justify its existence. First of all, upon its creation in her stomach with even less glass gets applied and becomes compensated with even greater amounts of darkness. When she fires it off, the glass orb will travel two times the speed of it's mother spell, greatly increasing the damage dealt and the following explosion will affect an 32 meter wide area with the escaping darkness.
    • Divine Glass Dragon's Canon x32: An enhanced version of the Divine Glass Dragon's Canon. The spell functions very much the same as the mother spell, but with a few differences to justify its existence. First of all, upon its creation in her stomach far less glass gets applied and becomes compensated with even greater amounts of darkness. When she fires it off, the glass orb will travel two times the speed of it's mother spell, greatly increasing the damage dealt and the following explosion will affect a vastly greater area than the previous versions, standing comparable to that of a half kiloton TNT blast.
  • Divine Glass Dragon's Ballista: Carwen shapes up a long arc of divinely enhanced glass between her legs with a string of light to connect the two ends. She will then channel even more magic into this spell to form up a bolt of glass, loaded to the brim with divine light. After all preparations are complete, Carwen will bite hold of the string and pull it and line up her shot. Once she has acquired her target in her sights, she will uleash this bolt which travels at incredible speeds. Upon impact with it's target, or whenever she so desires, the bolt will explode in a grand display of divine light and glass shrapnel, slicing and blasting anyting apart. If the bolt were to make contact with the mage
    • Divine Glass Dragon's Hwacha: An enhanced version of the Ballista, functioning largely the same as it's mother spell, but with a small tweak to make it even moe powerful. When all the set up has been accomplished, Carwen will unleash the bolt of glass an light upon her foe. Unbeknownst to the opponent however, is that the bolt is created from even greater amounts of light and glass than the original, something which will be revealed shortly why that is. Upon Carwen's command, the bolt will split up into a hundred bolts which will hail down like a rain of death and pain. The explosion that follows encompases a vast area and causes severe damage to anyone caught within but at the cost of accuracy.


Drive (ドライブ Doraibu): Drive, a Subspecies Magic, is a type of Magic-amplification technique used by Third Generation Dragon Slayers that brings out the true power of their capabilities as a user of Dragon Slayer Magic, excluding the power boost granted by Dragon Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing the user's physical prowess to a degree, particularly the user's speed. The Drive spell is exclusive to Third-Generation Dragon Slayers; and as the name indicates, it is activated via some kind of mechanism; in this case, Drive is initiated by harnessing the power of the Dragon Slayer Lacrima which is embedded within the user's body. Upon command, the Lacrima begins to distribute the Dragon Slayer Magic Particles stored within the crystalline orb at a swifter pace, accelerating the output and flow of magic from the Lacrima to the user's body in order to enhance all of their fortes, increasing the strength, speed, and potential that the user possesses tenfold, allowing them to take on even foes much more powerful than themselves; entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability as their element cloaks around them. While in this state, the user demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of their Dragon Slayer Magic without exhausting themselves. This state grants the user the ability to perform new spells; as well as making their pre-existing spells far more powerful, with various users only employing several skills only while in Drive. The Drive spell harnesses "the power that kills Dragons"; at least according to the words of the first users, the Sabertooth Twin Dragons; whom are actually noted to be rather weak compared to their First-Generation counterparts. However, in the hands of an actually capable Dragon Slayer, the Drive spell would be capable of allowing the user to dish out some serious damage. However, the uprise of magical energy could easily obliterate the user or severely damage their body, if harnessed for too long. Carwen has displayed significant prowess with the Drive magic, able to sustain this state for two whole hours before her body will begin to react badly to the continous usage of it.

Dragon Force

When a Dragon Slayer enters Dragon Force, they effectively turn into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin. According to Zero, Dragon Force is the final, most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain; granting them power comparable to that which a real Dragon possesses: the power to utterly destroy everything. Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by standard Dragon Slayer spells, and grants the user access to more advanced, powerful attacks. It also drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, and considerably boosts their Magic Power, which becomes visible, taking the appearance of a Dragon. Like just about all other Dragon Slayers of the third generation, Carwen can utilize the magnificent powers of Dragon Force just by willing it.

Draco Surge

Draco Surge is the term used to describe the transformation of a human into that of the dragon. The dragon slayers who achieve this state will carry with them near unfthomable power. However, while achieving this state is a relatively easy task if one is just aware of how, mastering it is monumentous feat in and of itself. The first transformation will not be an optional change. Once the slayer has reached the point of no return, the change will slowly sneak itself upon the mage in stages. Fangs, horns, scales and claws will begin to appear on the slayer's body, their frame will start to grow, little by little, until the power comes to the point where it will come like burst, hastily transforming their body into that of one of the most powerful beings in existence. Once this form has been reached, it is gonna take the mage some time to adjust to the changes in their body. Even more difficult than that will be the task of figuring out how to change back to their original state. Without proper guidance, this can take years to figure out but once learned the mage can freely enter and exit the state as they see fit, even restricting it to only transforming specific parts of their body, gradually rising in power the further the transformation progresses. Wether this is worth it or not is up to the individual to decide, but the power that accompanies it can not be disputed as it by far outclasses anything from the Drive, Dragon Force and even the Primal Dragon Mode. This transformation also works in perfect conjuncture with the Dual Element Dragon Mode.

Even outside of the draconic transformation, Draco surge has a more than positive influence upon the mage's body. Once this mode has been achieved, the user will experience a considerable boost to their physical capabilities due to the aforementioned changes. Even as a human, the body will still be of a slightly more draconic nature, more so than usual. The body can endure much more trauma and the muscles can perform even greater feats of strength and speed. 
  • Unfathomable Strength: Upon her activation of the Draco Surge, Carwen recieves a monstrous boost to her physical prowess, able to overcome any obstacle in front of her with her raw strength alone. To Carwen, there are three so called Tiers to this power. The first tier of the Draco Surge is when she begins to tap into the quite frankly obscene power of the dragon. There will not be any noticable change to her frame, other than some elongated canines, and a hefty boost to her physical and magical prowess. With only the first tier activated, Carwen carries a significant boost to her muscular frame. Her strength is multiplied many times over, allowing her to pick up and crush objects hundreds of times larger and heavier than herself. She can create air pressure waves with such intense power through mere hand swipes can break rock and tear through siginificant portions of land, leaving them completely devastated. As it stands, despite the colossal boost of power, this power lacks behind in comparrison to her Dragon Force which offers a bt more in both the magical and physical aspect. The Second tier of this power dwarves the previous state. Second tier is when the effects of the Draco Surge begins to take form and give a visible indication of the power that is begining to well up inside of her. Her frame wil begin to become covered in silvery, draconic scales, her hair will change from her glossy raven-black to bright and golden, claws will begin to grow from her fingers and toes, as well as wings sprouting out of her back. While in this second tier, the thought of the dragon force becomes almost laughable as it is such an insignificant state. Carwen's power is elevated further than before, now being almost without equal. Mere waves of her limbs are enough to devastate the surroundings, creating hurricanes, blowing everything to oblivion. Her punches can obliterate the top of a mountain, crushing the rock and shattering it into dust and pebbles. The power of the second ter however carries more risk than benefits. As the body is closing in to the might of the dragon, elevating to a realm of power previously unthinkable, begins to place great strain on the body, The power a dragon contains was never meant to be harnessed by the human body, and even though her body is partially taking on the form of the glorified reptiles, the body is still human, and as such can not fully handle the might it is tapping in to, rendering the second tier a most dangerous state of being. The third and last tier is almost too frigthening to imagine of a human being. The thrid tier is the state every dragon slayer builds up towards, wether it be intentional or not. The Dragon. To become a dragon is the final stage of the Draco Surge, the final step to take and the ultimate power to achieve. While in her draconic form, Carwen harbors such power within her that she stll remains unable to contain and limit it, only able to go full forward and all out against her foes, something which more or less spells doom for all her oppoenents and the very land itself. Because of this, it is rare for Carwen to even dare enter this stage, fearing that she may cause such great devastation that it may leave a permanent scar upon the world. She can crack open entire mountains, cause tremendous earthquakes with her mere steps and capable of levelling whole forests with her swipes and roar alone.
  • Incomprehensible Speed: The first tier is still a step bellow the traditional Dragon Force, but she is still granted speed unlike many. While in the first tier, Carwen is able to "naturally" move at speeds that equals, if not even surpasses any other speed enhancing boosters or magics. This works greatly to her favor, able to move from one side of the battlefield to the other in the blink of an eye. Carwen moves like a blur on the field, proving almsot impossible to keep track on and will deliver her blows just as fast. The second tier steps this up even further. Once she has entered the scond tier, it would next to require a miracle to keep one's eyes on her movements, her running sometimes being mistaken for being some sort of invisibility or teleportation magic. Even without the aid of her trusty propulsors, Carwen can run at speeds which borders on mach levels, leaving only dust and temporary images of herself in her wake. The third tier is... relatively unchanged from tier two. At least as far as ground speed goes. The ground speed is at large unchanged from the previous tier. In fact, the third tier is, if anything, slower than the previous tier. This might be due to her monumentous size and weight. However, while that may be the case, her flight speed is another story entirely.. Carwen has demonstrated an unthinkable speed limit while airborne, able to fly across the land of Fiore at speeds surpassing that of the four dragons who destroyed the 3000 Face bombs across Fiore.
  • Monstrous Endurance: The first tier is just like the other traits and therefore lacks behind a bit when compared to the powers of the dragon force, yet this power is not to be ignored. While in the first state of the Draco Surge Carwen's already supreme endurance is elevated to heights touched by few. Just at the mere first state of being, Carwen can endure so much more. Canonballs can no barrage her from every concievable direction and she thinks nothing of it. Strikes comparable to that of meteors are but mere warmup for this enchanced mage. The second tier of Draco surge is just outright ludicrous. Niether of the previously mentioned obstacles are even of any care to her anymore, her body convered in sleek and smooth Dragon Scales, hardening her body beyond comprehension and granting her even further resistance to magic, able to tank even more of a beating, though even more than simple physical attacks. Even magic now stands as little of an option against this beast of a woman. One such demonstration of her aundant sturdiness is upon a spar with her lover Hotoke in a battle to test the limits. Entering the third stage of Draco Surge, the perfect tier, the ultimate state of being, while carwen was merely in her second tier, Hotoke delvered a blow to her frame which tore up the surrounding landscape and cracked a mountain, yet she still stood up, battered and bruised, but still ready for more. The third tier carries with it power unthinkable to common minds. Carwen has displayed prowess like no other before her, able to resist immense amount of trauma and shrug it off like gnats invading her airspace. However, it is here where one would seemt o find that maybe she is not quite full dragon yet as sufficiently powerful spells can still cause her damage even if they are not of draconic origin.
  • Enhanced Magical Power: Just like the other enchanced traits, the first tier is not much to speak of when compared to the might of the dragon force. However, there is a twist to this that sets this tier apart from the dragon force. Unlike the previously mentioned power up, The Draco Surge functions in perfect combination with the Dual Element Mode, adding the great power of the mode together with the draco surge and Carwen will find that the first tier, as far as magic goes, far surpasses the power of the Dragon Force, able to crush and devastate anything in her surroundings to the point where her simple roar spells can nearly destroy a smaller town. The second tier elevates that already mosntrous power to a point where her power is simply put getting absurd. Even the most basic spells can now compare to her most powerful of secret arts in sheer might, more than ten times enhancing the previous power, allowing next to nothing stand in Carwen's way when she goes all out. The cost of this however is as she closes in on the power of the dragon yet remain in a slightly humanod form, the power starts to gt overwhelming for the fragile form. The only way out of it is to either leave the Surge or to enter the third state. The third tier is the final and ultimate state of being, surpassing all previous tiers and magical boosters as none come even close to the might of the dragon, power incarnate. Cities can be laid to waste without as much as a drop of magic to amplify the feat. Mountains shiver at her approach, the hardest of steels and alloys are like paper before her, and whole nations termble at the thought of the dragon's onslaught. However, as with all inconquerable power, it eventually leads to complacancy, a state Carwen is less than pleased with. With nothing to put limits on her, with no one who have proven able to stand up to her sheer power, she has stgnated in her growth, seemingly finding no more obstacles to surpass.
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