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Casimir Arivata

Casimir Arivata Pre Mug

Casimir Arivata Post Mug

Japanese カシミール・アリバタ
Romanized Kashimīru Aribata
English Casimir Arivata
Personal Statistics
Gender Male Symbol Male
Race Human
Age 22
Birthday Pisces Zodiac Sign March 2nd
Status Alive
Blood Type O-
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Direwolf3 Direwolf
Myraid Fang
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Minstrel
Relative(s) Errol (adoptive father)
Glave Singleton (sworn younger brother)
Rhys Merodach (sworn younger brother)
Jenks (foster brother)
Gopher (foster brother)
Caster Magic Transformation Magic
Clone Magic
State Magic
Holder Magic Oil Magic
Water Magic
Lost Magic Tsunami Dragon Slayer Magic

Casimir Arivata (カシミール・アリバタ Kashimīru Aribata) is a Mage from the guild Direwolf, as well as a member of a group created by his brothers and himself: Myraid Fang. His origins are vastly unknown, as he cannot remember where he came from, only going as far as remembering his time with Errol. When found by Errol, he was taken in for protection and eventually was taught in the art of Dragon Slaying Magic. Despite not being a complete master over it, Casimir has shown to have been a great student of Errol. After Errol disappeared, Casimir went in search for him, and was able to meet Glave Singleton and Rhys Merodach.

After they met, they became brothers over drinking sake and then wandered around in search for their respective dragons, but were unable to find them. Eventually, they came across Roukan, the founder and Guild Master of the Direwolf guild. They were taken in by him, and were allowed to become mages within the guild. Here, Casimir learned of other forms of magic, adding them to his arsenal.

Direwolf, more specifically Myriad Fang, holds the position of being the main protagonists of the story Fairy Tail: Horizon, where they are within Minstrel after its government system has collapsed. Here, they must fend for themselves from intruding guilds, as well as attempt to restore the government system. Every guild has its own territory, and those territories contain their own form of law.


Casimir Arivata Regular Clothes Pre Full

Full appearance of Casimir before the Timeskip

Casimir Arivata Mission Clothes Pre Full

Full appearance of Casimir in his mission clothes before the Timeskip

Casimir Arivata Regular Clothes Post Full

Full appearance of Casimir after the Timeskip

Casimir Arivata Mission Clothing Post Full

Full appearance of Casimir in his mission clothes after the Timeskip






Abilities and Magic

Tsunami Dragon Slaying Magic

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Water Magic

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State Magic

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Oil Magic

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Clone Magic

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Transformation Magic

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  • Casimir's appearance is based off Roronoa Zoro from the One Piece series.
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