Martial Arts (武道, Budō) is a discipline of codified practices and traditions of training for the purpose of combat, whether it be one-on-one or even more. They may be studied for various reasons including combat skills, fitness, self-defense, sport, self-cultivation/meditation, mental discipline, character development and building self-confidence, or any combination of the above. There is a great diversity and abundance of martial arts but, broadly speaking, martial arts share a common goal: to defeat a person physically or to defend oneself from physical threat.

Many martial artists exist all over the three/four/probably a lot more dimensions, and more often than not many magicians pick up some form of martial arts to utilize in conjunction with their Magic, allowing them to cover all ranges of attacking styles or to just amplify their power tremendously.

Referred to commonly as hand-to-hand combat (格闘, Kakutō) (which is actually a bit of a misnomer considering that martial arts involve more than just unarmed strikes), martial arts involves the use of engaging opponents in melee confrontations employing unarmed moves. A variety of such moves has been shown, with the most recurring ones being different types of punches and kicks, headbutts, elbows, knees, and palm strikes are also used to various extent. Martial arts themselves are capable of being categorized with a variety of criteria, such as traditional/historical arts versus contemporary/modern hybrid martial arts, armed versus unarmed (and various weaponry within these groups such as swordsmanship) and by combat type such as grappling and striking, aerial or grounded battle. As one may have guessed, martial arts have a variety of purposes, whether it's for self-defense, for use in combat sports such as boxing, choreography or for teaching, physical fitness, and meditation, in addition to many more uses. Martial arts, ever since the beginning of the world, have been the definitive way of combat for humanity and other races, being practiced by countless people all across the globe, being utilized by fighters of varying genders, heights, weights, nationalities, and even races; because of this, it could quite possibly be claimed that martial arts are the most inclusive way of life in the world.

The way such form of combat is harnessed varies from user to user: some are shown to employ an aggressive, direct attack style relying on mighty blows and body slams while others prefer performing more fluent and acrobatic motions to strike opponents; but typically, a skilled martial artist will apply preexisting forms of martial arts in combat, however, a truly skilled martial artist has shown that they are capable of creating an entirely new style of martial art from scratch, attuned to their own fighting style in order to keep an advantage in battle. Due to existing all across the globe since the very beginning, countless cultures and groups have developed their own distinct styles of martial arts with numerous schools which teach the public about the combat form, and are commonly introduced to the public by individuals or as brand names by specific cities and organizations – alongside the above listed criteria, many martial arts are capable of being categorized and bunched together by regional origin, such as wushu, which originated in the Eastern regions of the world. Even so, perhaps the most used form of martial arts is Mixed Martial Arts (総合格闘技, Sōgōkakutōgi), also referred to as hybrid martial arts, which involve the integration of techniques and theories from various other forms of martial arts around the world to create a fighting style best suited to its individual wielder. Mixed Martial Arts does emphasize its origins as a mish-mash of styles, whereas numerous other martial arts simply borrow and adapt from other styles, they cannot really be considered true hybrids.

Typically, a user of both martial arts and magic merges both their arcane power with their combat prowess to create a fighting style which is commonly and technically referred to as Integrated Arms (総合魔法と全接戦形(インテグレーテッド・アームズ), Integurēteddo Āmuzu: lit. Integration of Magic and All Close-Range Combat Types) that could be considered a Unison Raid exclusive to the caster themselves which merges their unarmed skill with their arcane skill, making a magician, whom were originally perceived by the masses as "all power, no defense or fighting skills" due to the stereotype of ability-users being the embodiment of the phrase "with great magical power comes low physical resilience" into fearsome melee fighters, allowing them to utilize their mastery over the supernatural as a highly valuable asset when engaging their opponents in close-range combat and turning them into a jack-of-all-trades type fighter – the success of this type of magician led many other magics being developed in order to center around melee combat, such as Palm Magic, which is focused on enhancing the user's palm strikes with magical energy. Compared to the martial artists of reality, martial artists in this world can have highly advanced power when combined with the arcane or just by training really hard; such examples being to fire beams of energy from their bodies, take flight during or out of battle, and so on.

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