1. REDIRECT Template:Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki:Character Template (Other)Catherine Nassau is the current heir of the Nassau family of Narciso, one of the four families whose heads make up the Council of Narciso. Several years earlier she left Narciso to look for her brother who disappeared from Narciso one day.


Catherine is a young woman, in her late teenage years. She has long blonde hair which is wore up, hanging to her right with two braids on each side of her face. She wears a golden bikini top, ruffled sleeves and green shorts, complete with a utility belt. She wears a blue headband, with shoes to match and an orange scarf.


Catherine is kind-hearted, very spirited and energetic. Due to her father not being around much when she was young Catherine spent a lot of time with Giles and he became a father figure to her. Catherine was also close with her brother Keith, as shown by how she easliy left behind her home and former life to go look for him when he disappeared from their country.


Catherine Nassau was born into the noble Nassau family of Narciso who control a quarter of the Council of Narciso. Catherine's mother died when she was young and her father was preoccupied with Council matters and so Catherine spent a lot of time with her brother, Keith. One day however, Keith disappeared from their home without a trace. Nobody knew what had happened to him and everybody spent a lot of time searching for him, but to no avail. With Keith gone the responsibility of the Nassau family heir fell on Catherine. However, Catherine couldn't give up on her brother and so in the dead of night she fled her family home and, resolving that Keith was no longer in Narciso, decided to travel the world looking for him. Accompanying her on her travels was her loyal aide, Giles.

Magic and Abilities

Zephyr (ゼファー Zefā): This magic allows the caster to surround objects in a layer of air; giving that object enhanced speed and the ability to easily cut objects. This magic can also be used on the caster or their ally, this drastically increases their speed by surrounding their body with air. However Catherine's signature employment of this magic is to surround her special knives with a layer of air, increasing their sharpness and power.

Weapons and Items

Knives: Catherine's weapon of choice is a pair of red combat knives. Their blades are slightly curved and the handle is inside a red and yellow ring. These are used in conjunction with her Zephyr Magic.