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""I will get strong one day!, maybe?"
— Cecil's wish
Cecil Ridell
Name Cecil Ridell
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Human
Birthday 18th September
Age 20
Gender male
Height 6'0
Weight 67kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Blue
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Black ravine
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation none


Team none
Partner None
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Relatives Aeokh Ridell (Father)
Marital Status Single
Alias fist of zephyr

one push by the wind

Magic Wind magic
Cecil Ridell (セシルリデル Seshiru Rideru) is a member of the black ravine guide. he is compelety obsessed with master wind magic.


Cecil is a tall well built , muscular-lean young man. He has a muscular tall body tall and has muscular build. He brown eyes, along with his short spiked blue hair going down to his ears. He is seen with a smile on his face most of the time.

most of this outfits are casual, he his normally seen with a jacket, white or light blue vest, blue jeans or black jeans and red trainers. The design of his jacket changes from time to time. some times it's a short blue jacket, other times it's a black jacket with white shoulder pads.


Unlike most people his age, Cecil is very calm person, he it's not one to rush ahead without thinking. Most of he time He would choose to talk instead of just charging in and hitting people on the head. He is a very respectful person and treats everyone he means with the same respect.

He is never afraid to speak his and doesn't sugar coat what he thinks. He is a very caring person and would chose to feel all the world's pain, so no one else has to. He hates mages who attack people who can't fight back.

Cecil is at many times shown to have a complete lack of motivation. He will complete job, mission and help other people in danger but he need will normally say he needs a purpose to do anything meaning full in his life.



Magic and Abilities

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Cecil is highly skilled in unarmed combatant. He can to on many opponent's at once unarmed. He is able to block and counter attacks, form strong opponents just with his hands. He able to use a opponents strength against them.

Enhanced Speed: Cecil is able to move to at high speed. He can easily dodge attacks with reflexes but he prefers to just block or counter most attack.

Enchanced Strength: Cecil has high strength despite his lean body. He can break the ground and bones with a single punch. This immense strength is normally used to carry the huge metal weapons. Cecil makes with his magnet magic

Enchanced  Durability: Cecil his able to take highly damaging attacks and large amounts of damage without collapsing due to pain. Cecil's Durability increases when he is protecting someone.

Wind Magic: This Magic allows the user to control the wind. Cecil is shown to have great affinity for this magic over his magic.

Zephy Knuckle: Cecil can reinforce his hands by pouring magical energy into them. this allows cecil to use his hands to blocked attacks and increase the power of cecil punches

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