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"To defy fate, all one needs to do is to go on without giving up."

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Celeste Lilith

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Celeste is a brown haired woman with her hair up with a white hairband that ends in a red-violet ball and a longer bang of hair on her right side, and when letting her hair down, it reaches to just halfway the shoulder blades. She looks a bit more older than her own age, helping to her own image as older sister character while the most striking feature of Celeste is her prosthetic mechanical arm with three long fingers. Her prosthetic arm has a little bit of reinforcement on top of the radius and ulna of her arm from where she can extend a hidden dagger to fight with, while using the reinforcement at the same time as a make-shift shield for close combat.


Without a doubt, Celeste has probably one of the most diverse personality that can be found without having a split personality. She appears to change from a wise doctor to that of an innocent maiden, back to that of a big sister, reverting to a female with the spirit and youthfulness of a young girl and the knowledge of a mature woman.

One of the more noticeable traits of Celeste is that she can be rather unpredictable, as it is rather difficult, if not impossible to discern her thoughts or motives at times. Despite her personality having different ways of revealing themselves, the one thing that has never changed in her is the philosophy’s that she lives her life by. While most may think them to be rather trivial, there is one that stands out the most, and serves as probably the most characteristic piece of who she is. Celeste her believe in the philosophy that the only thing that is actually worth risking one’s life is "one's legacy", a belief that was passed down by her rehabilitator. She believes that no matter what happens, so long as something of her exists that would be capable of defining some of her deeds or something that is capable of resembling her, she can never be truly defeated since she will be remembered for her deeds and hopefully also for who she was as a person. Perhaps an extension of this belief is derived from the promise that she had made in the past. She had promised to never allow her past to control her, living not only for herself, but also for those she lost the moment that she put the sentinel mask on her face.

In addition to Celeste's great trust in the power of one's legacy, she also has a rather deep understanding of the power of love. She possesses incredible insight on people, often knowing if they are troubled or hiding something.

Celeste seems to be proud of her own power, but unlike one would expect with that pride, she seemingly possesses no physical signs of arrogance or overconfidence. Celeste’s almost immature and free-spirited personality masks her sage-like and experienced attitude, revealing those parts of her when the situation demands it.

Celeste is prone to think several steps ahead when facing opponents and giving her a remarkable (almost annoying) talent for strategic fights that help her to defeat even opponents that have more brute power than what she has. However, while these traits do have a place in her real personality, much of her outward persona can perhaps be considered an intentional facade perfectly designed to cause those unfamiliar with her to underestimate her knowledge and ability. At the core, she is a remarkably devoted protector whose primary focus and personal duty is to her friends and family ( even if they most likely will never know of the protection she gave them). Though she hides it well behind a veil of kindness and helping, Celeste is still a young maiden at heart after all, despite how she may act at times...


Magic & Abilites

Physical Prowess

  • Immense strength: As Celeste didn’t want to rely on just her mental fortitude, she used a part of her own magic source to suppress the chaos of her mask. What this also meant was that in response to that, she had to train her physical strength in order to make up for the lack of magical strength. By forcing herself every day to train with bags of rocks on the barbells for weightlifting, running with animals swimming against streams, climbing mountains and fighting against several animals her physical strength gradually grew to the point of lifting rocks four times the size of her self, and still throwing them with enough force to destroy a part of a castle wall through the sheer force of it with nothing but her physical strength.

  • Monstrous Endurance & Stamina: Thanks to all the training Celeste has done, her stamina improved tremendously, which generally helps with how much she relies on the physical parts of a fight instead of the magical parts like most mages do. Where-as normal mages generally eschew the physical part in order to become stronger in the magical part, Celeste chose for the reversed path, improving her physical more. As she went down that route, she was turning into a physical monster with regards to how much she could output regarding the stamina and also regarding the amount of damage she can take before going down. As her stamina is greater by a great marge when compared to a normal mage, it allowed her to use more attacks and higher speeds without becoming tired or opening herself up for openings. While there are a few exceptions to that, it is mostly tied to her use of a partial transformation with Suzaku. What should be remembered however is that unlike most take-over users, she doesn’t get as exhausted or strained thanks to her previous trainings. One of the best examples for her stamina can be found in her match against Naoto where she managed to keep on fighting without getting visibly fatiqued.

  • Immense Durability: Thanks to how she trained her body, Celeste's body gained an impressive durability. Whenever she used weights for her strength or endurance, her body would have to withstand the pressure that the weight would exert on her body after all, not to mention the pressure of waterfalls whenever she would sit in a waterfall. At the start, she would use a single carrying pole with the added weight of water and food for her durability training, she had to struggle at the beginning since she had to use her strength in a different manner as she previously trained with simply lifting weights, running, climbing and more. As she got stronger and more durable thanks to her slowly combining the different trainings, she added another carrying pole so that she would have one pole for each shoulder, allowing her more space for water and normal weight training. Noticing the bulk she started to build thanks to her weight training, she began to change the durability training a bit so that she would be more toned instead of bulky without losing out on the durability she trained for. An added benefit of her training (besides the increased bone density) in several climates during her travels was that she could withstand several temperature changes a lot easier so that she could fight just as well in a desert as in an arctic environment if you look at it purely from the temperatures.

  • Impressive Speed: Probably as an example from her training to get stronger, Celeste posesses an impressive speed, capable of keeping up with many animals and vehicles as well as evading obstacles in different parcour settings. As she generally had to rely on her own strength and speed to catch her own food when out in the wild, she was forced to improve or starve after all. After getting enough strength to not only kill her prey with her bare hands, she kept working on increasing the speed until she was quick enough to leave behind an after image whenever she got serious in the fight or hunt for a specific target.

  • Impressive Insight: Even though Celeste can appear to be laid back and lazy, she has shown to be more perceptive and detail oriented then one would expect both inside of a fight and outside of a fight. Inside fights, she seems to have an uncanny knack for figuring out the type of magic and how to cancel out its energy output by releasing or altering the energy around it in different ways. One of the ways she manages to accomplish this, outside of just seeing the attack is in how her opponents behave, as well as how their body responds. If the movement is unconscious or an ingrained reflex, the body usually moves a bit different in comparison to conscious movement. Thanks to her high intellect, which is seen in how quick she manages to pick up the different jobs and studies, she can even think up how to solve different problems at the same time within a moment’s notice, a trait that has helped her while working in hospitals as well whenever she had to fight of opponents. A different example of that can be found in how resourceful she is at times, using even the smallest things from her surroundings that can aid in either beating or stopping fights and opponents. Thanks to both her utilization of the surroundings as well as her attention to detail, she can figure out the mechanics behind several techniques by first observing the basic moves of it followed by the more advanced moves that are used in combination with it, helping her in figuring out how they flow from one move to another and eventually seeing the potential different possibilities that can come from mastering that path. Thanks to that, she managed to pick up the different styles that quickly, allowing her to expend her repertoire quickly even though she hardly ever mastered any of those martial arts styles.

  • General hand to hand skill: It is possibly because of that, that whenever Celeste fights in a physical fight, the techniques she utilizes are so fluid that it can be likened more to movement instead of fighting styles. Since one of her first teachers would make her practice the basics even outside of the lessons, Celeste continued that practice even after leaving them. Whenever learning new styles, she would try to integrate them in her daily life so that it would not just become second nature to use in fights, but also in her everyday life. A simple application of kouho haiho for example can help with avoiding collisions when working in busy areas, in turn ensuring she can keep momentum without hindering anyone during work, but it can also be used to catch her opponents off guard and knock them down. Sure, Celeste might have a lot of strength but that is probably not the scariest part of her strength but rather in how she manages to integrate the soft martial arts that have a focus on guiding and directing in everything she does. The thing that most people often assume because of that is that she has a talent for the different martial arts styles that can be found, which is an incorrect idea as it is more thanks to her talents in the medical field and perception then actually talent.

  • Martial Arts Mastery: As Celeste practiced a lot of martial arts in the past, Celeste can be considered as a master of martial arts thanks to the muscle memory that comes with all the practice from the different teachers. Thanks to the numerous sub-categories of martial arts that she practiced with, she manages to switch between the different styles seamlessly, confusing the opponent as they can’t figure out which style she is using. Acting on her own preference for counters and tiring out the opponent, instead of straight of offensive fighting, Celeste normally uses the grips and locks found in certain martial arts when possible in addition to redirection counters in order to deal the most amount of damage back through the added momentum of a counter. When that is not a plausible option for the situation at hand, she can always switch to a different style. However, one of the biggest mistakes opponents usually make when seeing her fight is that they think that her attacks are either limited solely through physical force or magical force, as they can even be used for something soft like redirecting an opponent, followed by a simple disarming or a lock by aiming for the pressure points that are needed.
    • It should go without saying that punching is one of the most basic things one can do in and outside of martial arts. And as one would quickly pick up whenever learning anything about the different styles, there are multiple ways of punching others just as there are multiple ways of actually striking at others. While everyone can simply bald up their hands to throw a punch, the difference between a martial artist and someone who doesn’t practice the martial arts is that the martial artist will punch with a certain control and intent, where-as the latter one just punches with strength. With the proper technique, one could even rupture organs or break the bones in such a way that the organs get pierced without the victim noticing it at first until it is too late. It should come as no surprise to anyone then that depending on how the arm and hand is placed, the punch itself can have different effects. For example, by keeping the fingers tight to each other similar to a knife, one can utilize a so called knife strike with their hand. The goal for this kind of punch is not to stab, but to cut similar to how one would cut with a knife. This is not to say that one would not be able to stab, but most martial artist fighters use it for a cutting attack instead of a stabbing one.
    • Kicks are no exception to one of the basic things in and outside of the different martial arts. As certain martial arts have the philosophy that you can do the same things with your feet as your hands like jiujutsu, by altering your center of gravity a bit, you can essentially do the same techniques as when punching. By using the side of your feet, you can essentially use a knife strike with the feet instead of your hands, allowing more freedom in how one essentially fights and making it harder to restrain since both the arms and legs have to be restrained.

  • Normal Magical Power: While she technically has a rather immense amount of magic at her disposal, most of it is used keeping her partial transformation active at all time, ensuring she looks like a normal human, with the exception of her prosthetic arm, at all time as well as containing and controlling the chaos through her own magical power instead of will power. As the mask increased the flow of etherano that enters her body for refilling the magical container inside the body of each mage, she generally has no problems with the amount at her disposal for most things that she works with. One of the benefits for her reduced amount of available magical power is that it got her to fine-tune not only her control of the etherano she uses but also fine-tune her control regarding the environmental etherano where necessary as she had to reduce the wasted etherano if she wanted to keep up with other mages that could pose a potential problem. Where-as in most cases, the reduced available amount of etherano would be detrimental to a mage, it forced Celeste into such a precise control that she essentially could remove a lot of potentially wasted etherano, in turn getting access to more spells. As an added side-effect, people generally seem to think that Celeste has a high amount of available magic power with how much magic she can utilize where-as it is mostly thanks to her high control of the magical particles. As to why she rarely uses the full potential of her magical power, it is mainly out of fear that people will see her as the monster of zeref whenever they would see her with mask and there-for avoid or attack her so Celeste just prefers to avoid that with her current solutions.

  • Poison resistance: Possibly thanks to a combination of her experience with poisons, antidotes and the natural protection her mask gives her against poison. Celeste got a pretty high resistance against poison which borders on an immunity. As she got curious to how strong that resistance actually was she got from her mask, she began injecting herself with poisons to see what kind of effect it would have on her. Obviously, she held the anti-dote close by in case the poison would be too strong for her resistance to handle. She went through the different available poisons and anti-dotes and she gradually discovered that her body was getting resistant towards poisoning in general since she was able to breathe without a problem in a cloud of her own smoke bombs. Since each of her smoke bombs already have 300 ppm of monoxide at the bare minimum, it is an impressive testament to her resistance as that amount of monoxide is 9 times the amount to make a normal person sick.

  • Expert medical skills: Thanks to her experiences and knowledge in the medical field, Celeste became rather good in that field. Using her herbal knowledge, she first started helping with simple things like healing broths that are used regarding sickness or herbs that help with recovering quicker. As she worked with those simple things, she began studying human anatomy so that she was also allowed to help in hospitals.

Magical Abilities

Take Over
Take-over is her favored style of magic, although also the one with which she has had the most backlash in the beginning. It allows her in essence to take on the appearance and powers of other beings, not only boosting her chances to quickly adapt to the situation, but also giving her an excuse to practice different martial arts styles as she would call it. Her most common take-over resembles an armed robot, mostly to enhance her strength, and defense, although she herself stated that it is partially due to how she looks in the take-over which is also how she got the nickname of the blood-red knight. Aside from having an incredible amount of experience with it, Celeste is also knowledgeable enough about take-over to know most of the secrets that a take-over can bring with them, which also allows her to figure out not only the purpose but also the power a take-over has whenever an opponent uses a transformation against her.

Physical focussed Take-overs


Jizuri suzaku2-Hersteld

Jizuri, which is her most commonly seen take-over form allows her to take the form of a red knight, owing to her nickname of the blood knight thanks to its appearance. When starting this transformation, her entire body gets covered with a mix of scarlet red and jet black energy. The moment her body gets completely covered with the energy, it also starts to change her clothing in the red with yellow armor that this form is known for. As her clothing changes, her hair becomes longer, with more volume added to it. The moment her armor and hair finished, her head gets covered last by the helmet that almost covers her entire head.

  • Immense Speed: One of the main ability's granted by Jizuri is her increased speed not only to her normal speed, but also when she charges some power in her legs, which can increase her speed easily with another factor 20, with the highest speed ever measured in this form being 1000 mph. Unlike her Byakko, this one puts most of her power in her speed. While the full potential is not shown, the few times that she used to charge some power in her legs made the few opponents who got to see that speed fearful of what it could become when fully mastered. Even though her speed is her main forte with this form, she is actually fearful of the speeds she can achieve with Jizuri, which is also the reason she hasn't gone full out with the speed so far.
  • Enhanced Senses: This form causes Celeste's sense of smell, sight and taste to skyrocket, far surpassing the ones of the human body. It also makes things difficult to hide from her, since she can see and hear anyone's movement and pinpoint their location in an area of 100 meter.
  • Enhanced Strength: In this form, celeste's strength has been vastly enhanced to the point of being able to fight on equal grounds with most demons found in the grand magic tournament, save for some of the strongest demons in there.
  • Enhanced Durability: Mostly thanks to her armor, her defense in this form is enhanced to the point of being capable of withstanding hits from crash-magic without experiencing trouble when being hit point-blank with said magic. Downside to that defense is that the moment she releases her take-over, her body starts to show the bruises and other damages to her body more clearly while also making her experience the pain of the wounds she received over time.
  • Enhanced Endurance & Stamina:Her already impressive stamina got a boost to be more aligned with the speed boost of this form, ensuring that she wouldn't tire out quicker thanks to the increased speed. However, that boost to her stamina and endurance only kicks in with a full transformation, ensuring that partial transformations won't get the boost to that area.


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Michiyuki Byakko is Celeste's most powerful Take Over when it comes to defense. It basically allows her to take on not only the appearance and abilities but also the powers of the king of beasts, Michiyuki Byakko. Once the transformation is started, the spell changes Celeste's appearance drastically. Firstly, her entire skin becomes pitch black. Even the clothes she wears at that moment change their color, becoming just as black as the skin at that moment. As the clothing starts to twist around her, it becomes slowly more like a silvery metal shaped like a white armor with the shoulder pieces shaped like box shaped lion heads until it finally settles on the proper form and becomes a combination of silver and metal in coloration. Grey metallic markings appear to start surrounding her eyes, gradually covering the rest of her head in a helmet manner before settling in a mask that fits both perfectly while also removing any obstruction during the moving, breathing and looking. Her body however receives the most notable changes. Besides the skin, her physique becomes more bulky, her muscles expand and become more well defined, bringing it closer in appearance to her ogre king then other forms. Her hands get covered in a protective glove of the same material that is covering the rest of her body. Her leg and feet gain the same change, although the part that sticks out the most regarding the legs is the added shield that is sticking out on the legs.

  • Immense Durability: One of the main abilities granted by Byakko is her increased resistance to not only physical but magical damage as well. Unlike her Jizuri, this one puts most of her power in her defense. While the full potential is not shown, it was strong enough to endure the fights where most of her forms for take-over come from while her mastery over Byakko was still at the beginning which might elude to the potential resistance of this form when fully mastered.
  • Enhanced Speed: Despite her bulky appearance, Celeste is still very fast and agile, unfitting for her big build which usually surprises her opponents in the beginning. While it is by no means her fastest form, it is fast enough to keep up with most opponents who don't rely on a speed-augmented boost.
  • Enhanced Strength: In this form, Celeste's strength has been vastly enhanced to the point of being able to fight on equal grounds with demons found in the grand magic tournament, save for the some of the strongest demons in there.
  • Adamantine Barrier : One of the few spells she actually has access to in Byakko is the adamantine barrier. After opening the mouth of the 2 lion shaped shoulders a bit, she can create a large, aqua green, magic barrier that can withstand spells as powerful as those of the Jupiter cannon. How it partially achieves this through the utilization of what some people refer to as the second law of thermodynamics. In this approach, the second law of thermodynamics is introduced as "Energy spontaneously disperses from being localized to becoming spread out” or in simpler terms, it basically reduces the amount of stress received by dispersing the energy upon impact instead of keeping it contained on a single spot.
  • Barrier Magic:While it is generally more of an general name for the different spells related to barriers, by utilizing her control over etherano in the near vicinity, she can utilize the etherano in forming different forms of barriers by shaping the energy around her instead of using her own energy. While the barriers made from her own internal etherano will always be stronger, the ones made from the environmental etherano are quicker and cheaper to utilize. As it is possible to let the barriers overlap each other as well as get different shapes, Celeste generally tries to make the barriers overlap while keeping the barest minimum of space in between them so as to reduce the impact on the other layers of each barrier. This way, she can use the weaker barriers much more efficient as long as she manages to pay attention to both the area around her and the barriers themselves. One of the examples for such usage regarding barrier magic is making them overlap in a 8 layered flower shape where each of them is connected in such a way that the energy of the impact is spread out between all 8 evenly. By utilizing such usage of the barriers, one can essentially reduce the total strength of an attack to 1/8th of its strength since each layer received 1/8th of the attack to endure thanks to how it is dispersed in the first place when an attack hits the layered barriers

The ogre king


This spell exchanges her ever-so youthful appearance with a more grotesque one, vaguely reminiscent of that of an ogre. This form was obtained when Celeste fought the leader of an Ogre colony. The transformation enhances all her natural abilities several times, as well as giving her some new ones. The transformation-process gathers a massive wave of Magical energy, which drains the surrounding area. After the gathering of energy, her skin is covered by brown scales of Magic. In her new form, Celeste's pale skin color has been exchanged with a dark shade of brown. Her hair has become pure white and even become shorter, barely reaching below her shoulder blades. Two hornlike pieces of body seem to have grown out of her skull, annoying Celeste slightly since she preferred to be without horns. Both her irises, have become scarlet red and her pupils constantly appears to be elipsed. Two black, scar-like marks appears under one eye each, mimicking the appearance of tears. While the change isn't extremely radical compared to other users of Take Over, this form's strength is worlds apart from her human form.

  • Enhanced Senses: This form causes Celeste's sense of smell, hearing and taste to skyrocket, far surpassing the ones of the human body. Especially her sense of hearing is enhanced, as it enables her to hear conversations clearly kilometers away from her current location. It also makes it difficult to hide things from her, since she can hear anyone's movement and pinpoint their location. Her sense of hearing makes her vulnerable to loud noises, though.
  • Immense Strength: In this form, Celeste's strength has been vastly enhanced in order to match the strength of a true Ogre Nymph King. Like the said creature, which is rather bulky unlike herself, she packs more power than one would think since she can easily pull a properly secured circular bar of construction steel with a diameter of 1 inch / 25mm in diameter, which has enough strength to withstand 20,000 Kg before breaking. It is one of the reasons one would be hard pressed to get restraints strong enough to keep her contained whenever she is in this form for that. While it is probably one of her strongest take-overs -if not the strongest in pure brute strength- she does not like to use this one since it makes her repulsive in her eyes -even though she claims that she gets exhausted too fast in that form in front of others.

The harpy queen


This spell allows her to change to a harpy queen. Once started, Celeste's entire skin becomes pitch black during the transformation. Even her clothes become black as the night. Her hair lengthens to below her shoulder blades, appearing wilder, the color of it becoming a dirty purple with two small jet black horns. While her mouth remains the same, her teeth become sharper. The eyes themselves also change with the sclera turning completely black, the eye itself becoming amber. Her body however receives the most notable changes. As her skin starts to get a normal color back, it becomes more toned, her muscles less defined than normal. Her hands grow to claws, able to slash through various tough materials like rocks, steel and titanium to name a few examples. Her clothing attire consist of a black, bordering on gray, bodysuit with what seems like bones that protect her sides and back, although her shoulders and legs are kept bare. Her breasts are now more pronounced, with small metallic bones under them. From the wrist to her elbows, wings appear on the back of her arm with each of them big enough to cover her own body in both width as well as length. The boots that cover the talons on her feet are the combined work of the delicate and nuanced workmanship of a smith's utmost effort and a tailor making it comfortable to wear, succeeding in granting it an air of formidability and a fine construction, neither exquisite nor crude, and it instead perfectly melds magnificence and functionality.

  • Flight: In this form, through the use of a pair of wings that are reminiscent of an raven's, Celeste is capable of flight.
  • Enhanced Speed: While in this form, Celeste's speed increases dramatically, being measured at 200 mph.
  • Immense Strength: When employing this form, the user's strength is increased to the point where they can easily break through large amounts of solid rock with ease.



This spell allows her to change to Macha. Once started, Celeste's entire skin becomes pure white during the transformation. Even her clothes become white as the snow. Her hair changes color to blue, appearing wilder. While her mouth remains the same, her teeth become sharper. The eyes themselves also change with the sclera turning ocean blue, the eye itself remaining white.

Her right eye is covered with a black eye-patch, adorned with a skull that mostly serves to lengthen her battles.

Her body however receives the most notable changes. As her skin starts to get a normal color back, it becomes more toned, her muscles more defined than normal. Her clothing attire consist of brown leather, bandages and some fur, although her shoulders and legs are kept bare. As the transformation finishes, she raises her right hand to the sky to pull out her sword while speaking a single line; bow down to the queen of the amazons.

  • Enhanced Speed: While in this form, Celeste's speed increases, being measured at 80 mph.

  • Enhanced Strength: When employing this form, the user's strength is increased to the point where they can easily break steel blades with ease.

  • Martial arts master: Thanks to the vast array of different styles that became muscle memory over time for both Macha and Celeste, she has collected a rather vast arsenal of the different martial arts styles from all over her travels, which fall under specific categories instead of simple offensive or defensive notions. Independent of whether they are of the hard type or soft type, many of them are rather broad in their strength and different applications, but all of them with the potential to be lethal when used properly. As the main goal of martial arts was, and still is, the protection of themselves and their own area. This is not to say that even her offensive skills are made with defense in mind, it just means that while the root of all martial arts was made to protect oneself, you can still kill the opponent as a means of protecting yourself from the attackers. And while there are a lot of different martial arts techniques that could be considered to be derived from other styles, it is mainly in her free style fighting that that becomes rather visible as there are techniques from all the different styles she has expertise in whenever she goes into free style. Some of her moves allow for setting up others for defeat, some for just slowing down and others are just for plain killing or disarming depending on the job or opponent. A nice little added bonus for her combined mastery of the martial arts and the medical field is that she can utilize it for healing others through setting bones, improving the blood flow or resolving the pain in muscles a lot better to name just a few potential uses. One of the other area’s that she got experience in thanks to that is the area of pressure points and bone joints, allowing her to perform acupuncture and setting bones with minimal effort, making it look as easy as simply drinking tea to others. Another one of the benefits that her increased repertoire has is that it allows her to flow more fluidly between the different styles of martial arts, whether they are of the so called hard type or soft type within a moment’s notice as both Celeste and Macha trained to adapt better to seemingly every situation. As such, she has shown others how accustomed she got to the different fighting styles, including the different techniques in those fighting styles. However, one of the reasons Celeste herself, and probably Macha as well before the take-over, never stuck with a single teacher or fighting style was because none of them taught how to change a normal basic attack into fatal ones or fatal ones in harmless ones. A simple example could be found in disarming an opponent through a simple utilization of the arm joints and pressure points. When done properly, one first disarms the target by pressing either the pisiform bone (located next and slightly above the wrist ) or by pressing the triquetral bone so that the target either drops the weapon or releases the grip just enough for you to take it out of their hands without a problem. When utilizing a more dangerous version of it however, and one that teachers usually abhor from teaching is by using that same disarm technique in a slightly different manner to get the owner to either stab or shoot themselves with their own weapon. A training that can come close to such a practice however is randori, or the practice to having multiple opponents at once to fight against. As such, one could conceivably consider martial arts to not only be fighting with the intent to protect, but also fighting to master ones control over their own body, which is rather fitting considering how she has to deal with both the fight of control over her own body with take-over and the chaos from her legion mask at the same time. Thanks to the combined experience and skill, Celeste managed to utilize circular movement in such a way with her techniques that she could redirect and counter an attack almost instantly. As those kind of techniques are generally combined with either kicks or punches, it allowed her to gain a pretty strong combination of defense and offense. As said before with the medical uses of her martial arts, both in the form of Macha and in her normal form, she can use her capabilities both offensively and defensively in that regard. Simply aiming at the key pressure points or chakra gates of the opponents body, whether it is through a palm trust or even something as simple as a simple prick when aimed correctly, Celeste can essentially alter the path that the energy is following inside of an opponent’s body, essentially healing, strengthening or even weakening the opponent during their fight. In some rare cases, hitting the right pressure point could even incapacitate the opponent entirely. However, in doing so, the joints can end up weaker or their own internal energy can get disrupted in such a way that they are either locked out of using magic all together or just completely drained until the body has recovered from the disorder. While that generally seems to have her own preference in dealing with opponents as it is a clean and quick way to settle things, she actually doesn’t use those kinds of techniques a lot out of fear that she could do more damage then she’d want to inflict. Sure, she can neutralize the damage in most cases as she just has to reverse the changes but knowing how easily she can screw up thanks to her past she prefers to settle it without using internal damage as even a simple tap can dislodge a joint when done at the proper angle and pressure point, ultimately snapping the bone through the dislodging if it is not treated properly in time.

  • Master Swordswoman: Due to the amazones being dependable, and rather masterful weapon users, her skills with the sword have been honed to a masterful level in this form, letting her strike multiple times while being able to change the types of attack (from slashing to piercing) without any difficulty.
    • General mastery of the sword: Celeste, in the form of Macha has proven multiple times to be a master, or in her case a mistress, of the sword. As Macha used her sword more than her martial arts when she became the queen of her tribe, Celeste inherited that skill when changing into her. Gaining an almost natural connection to her blade, it allowed her to fight almost flawlessly with her blade as if it was an extension of her own body and also removes any potential wasted movement. Two of the sword fighting schools she has experience with this way are khadgavidya and fencing, although her skill makes it look more like she is dancing then sword fighting.

Although not really one of her best styles of magic, she does have enough experience with it to allow her access to her armors, weapons or tools, though she is not above using it simply for dressing up when in an hurry.




A dagger made of an unknown metal that seems to be unbreakable as it has been able to withstand the brute force that Celeste applies on it continuously during her fights while the sealing mechanism that keeps the dagger in place seems to break a lot easier. The dagger itself appears to be a tactical combat dagger. The hilt of the dagger is hidden inside Celeste her prosthetic arm. The quillion, while being long enough to protect against bladed weapons, is a bit unusual in the fact that the right side of it has a point curved downwards similar to a demons claw where-as the left side has the point curved upwards. Since it is a full tang construction, the quillion has also added in a bolter pair reinforcement for a stronger construction. One of the decorations that can be seen whenever she pulls out the dagger is between both quillion, an ornate red beryl crafted in the construction in such a way as to make it appear like the dagger grew around the beryl instead of the beryl being added for decoration. The ricasso has a small part jutting out on both sides, transitioning into the bladed part, before it finally tapers to a spear point. As the bladed part is covered in inscriptions, whenever there is magic channeled through the material, the inscriptions start to glow pink, a few shades brighter then the red beryl between both quillion.

Nine Legion Masks For Celeste, her mask allows her not only to summon and control the sentinel Tribe and control how they use their Poison Magic but also obtained some of their resistance to poison in general.
When summoning her army, several columns of different poisons appear in a range of 20 meters surrounding her, each one of them seems like 20 feet high from where her army seems to walk out of.

Smoke bombs with normal smoke to confiscate sight and poisonous smoke bombs.

Shards of glass

Trip wires

Hidden fuses

Claymores filled with steel balls

Normal explosive claymore mines.

Utility and non-combat related


While Celeste is generally seen using it for combat, she uses the wrench more for construction and repairing then actual fighting. Strengthened to the point that it could withstand Celeste her normal grip, it is similar to a box-end wrench but, instead of encircling the nut completely, it has a narrow opening just wide enough to allow the wrench to fit over the tube, and thick jaws to increase the contact area with the nut. This allows for maximum contact whenever she is working or building with softer metals in the nuts as those are generally quicker damaged with open ended wrenches.


Her pipe, which looks like a kiseru. It was a gift from one of her old travel companions, something to remember him by as far as she can recall.
While normally the rau is not made of silver, this one was made with a rare mountain silver that would enhance the flavors and properties of whatever the user would smoke through it.
As she didn't want to damage the rau, she placed a black cover on it to ensure the rau would not be damaged.
The suikuchi and kuchimoto are forged out of a mixture of silver and bronze, giving it a bit different appearance then normal bronze. The gankubi however is made from the purest silver one could find. Some of the herbs and tabaco she is smoking through them are also helping her heal or relax through their relaxing and healing properties.

Her herb collection, while not as extensive as she would like is pretty solid in its own case, ranging from herbs for healing, sleeping, relaxation all the while to the poisonous ones for interrogation and murder.

One of her more healthy herbs is bone set, which is good for keeping sickness and inflammatory diseases away where-as elder berry is another one of her common herbs as it detoxifies the body tissues and purifies her blood. While not entirely proven by the magic council, it is also believed that elder berry blocks the replication of a virus, in turn stopping it dead in its track as some of the research done by the council shows a 91% success rate. One of the downsides however is that it is a rather expensive herb to buy if a herb shop actually has it and the places where it does grow are generally not area's one can traverse safely.
Another one for relaxing is peppermint as it has a relaxing effect on both the head and the muscles.

On the other end of the collection however, there are herbs like night shade and oleander that she utilizes for several purposes like her bombs, traps and assassinations thanks to how clean the kill usually is. Unless doctors know what was used as poison, the victim will usually be dead within a few minutes up to a single day depending on the dosages and combination is used within the poison. One of her more common combinations that she utilizes for killing her targets is tropane alkaloids from the nightshade and oleandrin from the Oleander.

The Oleandrin is used to interfere with some of the essential processes in the body, the most important process in those are the inhibition of proteins that enable the cells to exchange the cation of Na+ ( sodium that loses an electron ) and K+ ( potassium that loses an electron ) between the spaces of the cells and outside of the cells in the body which are used by the electric signals in the body to travel to nerve cells. Oleandrin binds to specific amino acids within the protein, ensuring that the protein will lose its function the moment that the binding process is completed. After the Na+ flows into the cells, they will start to depolarize which is causing the sodium gradients to disappear as it cannot be transported back in the external cellular membrane once it flows into the cells.

One of the key reasons for depolarizing the cells in such a way is because the sodium gradients is the transporting force ( or driving force if you prefer that term ) for transporting the other proteins. One of those proteins that will get stopped this way play an important role in cardiomyocytes thanks to sodium-calcium exchangers. Cardiomyocytes are the muscle cells that make up the muscles of the heart.
The muscle cells for the heart, unlike most other parts in the body rely on a constant flow of blood and supply for delivering oxygen and nutrients while at the same time removing waste products like carbon dioxide.
To make the contraction of the heart possible, it is crucial to have a calcium influx into the cells from the extra cellular fluids. After the contraction of the cardiac muscles, normally the calcium is pumped out of the cells and switched out for the sodium thanks to the sodium-calcium exchanger mentioned before. However, when the sodium gradient is depleted, the calcium cannot be pumped back into the cells and as a result accumulates in the cardiomyocytes. Thanks to the high calcium concentration, actin and myosin filaments will also bind stronger in the cardiac muscles which makes it rather hard to relax properly. As a result to the problems with relaxing the cardiac muscles properly, it becomes unable to make new contractions which will result in cardiac arrhythmias, causing decreased cardiac output and a shortage of the oxygen in vital tissues.

The nightshade part of the combination however is used more for its atropine, hyoscyamine and the effect that they have when used on someone where-as the scopolamine from the nightshade is rarely used in any of her combinations or even pure. Atropine is one of the active agents in the nightshade that she most likely utilizes the most out of those three thanks to how it works in combination with the other herbs she has access to. Thanks to its effects on the heart rate – seen in its uses to treat slow heart rates – and some nerve agents, it is a decent combination with the oleandrin that Celeste uses when she has to take out a target in a clean and silent way without leaving any traces. Some of the more common side-effects that might show up on the ones she uses atropine on are a lowered saliva production, dizziness, potentially extreme confusion, dissociative hallucinations, nausea, blurred vision, loss of balance, increased size for the pupils and a higher heart rate ( although the higher heart rate is not that noticeable when combined with medicines, herbs or something else that has a focus on either lowering the heart rate or hiding the increased heart rate for the mind ) . After getting it in the target, the atropine usually works within a minute and lasts for half an hour before the effects start to wear off. After a single day, the atropine has already been absorbed in the body or dissolved making it impossible to trace after that time period, essentially making it one of the best weapons for assassins if they prefer to kill through poison without leaving any traces. One of the reasons she prefers to use atropine in combination with oleandrin is because of how it works on the sinoatrial nodes, atrioventricular node, vagus nerve acetylcholine receptor sites and the bronchial secretions.

The vagus nerves that get opposed cannot lower the heart rate as one of the more important functions of the vagus nerve, the ones that lower the heart rate when stimulated by the parasympathetic nerves, are essentially blocked by the atropine. Blocked would still be the incorrect term since the atropine opposes the actions instead of blocks them, but it is close enough to an explanation towards most people. The sinoatrial node is the one responsible for the heart rhythm thanks to the cells that produce the electrical impulse that make the heart contract, which is why it is also nicknamed the natural pace maker for the heart as it keeps the heart beat at a stable rhythm. By increasing the rate that the impulses are fired, the heart rate increases, lowering the time that is needed for the oleandrin to essentially shut down the heart. The mechanics for this are rather simple even though the explanations are usually not that simple, as it can be compared to creating action potential.

The sinoatrial node initiates the action potential in order to make it pass throughout the heart and cause the contractions needed after expanding. A simple way of describing the action potential here is a change in the voltage ( which is a membrane potential ) that is across the membranes of the cell itself, produced by the movement of charged atoms ( ions in this case ) . Non-pacemaker cells like the ventricular and the atrial cells have a period of rest, immediately after an action potential has been released so as to keep the membrane potential relatively constant, which is also known as a resting membrane potential. The resting phase that comes after an action potential got released ends when another action potential reaches the cell, similar to a tag team setup. The so called pace maker cells however exclude that resting phase and have the membrane potential depolarize immediately after the action potential, which is also known as a pacemaker potential. Once that potential reaches the so called threshold value it will produce another action potential. Other cells like the purkinje fibers and the atrioventricular node can however also initiate the same action potential but those cells have a slower rate and therefore the atrioventriculare nodes will always lose in a match of speed towards the sinoatrial node.

There is however a small difference between the non-pacemaker cells and the pace maker cells regarding the action potential, but that difference lies in the phases. Immediately after an action potential, when the membrane potential is very negative thanks to it being hyper polarized, the voltage slowly begins to increase. This is initially thanks to the closing of potassium channels which lowers the flow of potassium ions out of the cells. Alongside that, channels known as hyperpolarisation-activated cyclic nucleotide–gated channels ( or hcn for short ) begin to activate as a result of the potassium channels being closed. It is however a rather unusual property of ion channels, which is why the flow of the sodium and potassium through the hcn is nicknamed as a funny flow. This funny flow causes the membrane potential of a cell to gradually increase as the positive charges of sodium and potassium start to flow back in the cell. This funny current causes the membrane potential of the cell to gradually increase, as the positive charge of both Na+ and K+ is flowing into the cell.

Another mechanism involved in pacemaker potential is the so-called calcium clock. In the calcium clock, calcium is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum ( which is essentially a membrane bound structure in the muscle cells ) spontaneously, which is known as a spontaneous Ca2+ spark ( which is required to initiates muscle contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscles and muscle relaxation in smooth muscles ) . This increase in calcium within the cell then activates a sodium-calcium exchanger, which removes one Ca2+ from the cell, and exchanges it for 3 Na+ into the cell (therefore removing a charge of +2 from the cell, but allowing a charge of +3 to enter the cell) therefore increasing the membrane potential. The calcium is later pumped back into the cell via calcium channels located on the cell membrane and SR membrane. The increase in membrane potential produced by these mechanisms, activates T-type calcium channels and then L-type calcium channels ( which open very slowly ) . These channels allow a flow of calcium ions into the cell, making the membrane potential more positive.

Then there is also the depolarization phase. When the previously mentioned threshold value for the membrane potential is reached, the membrane begins to depolarize in a high tempo, becoming more positive charged as a result. The main attribute for that flow is the Ca2 spark mentioned in the calcium clock mechanism, through the now fully open L type calcium channels and as long as the T type channels are open, the hcn channels are closed completely thanks to their deactivation.

Long story short, when messing with any of those mechanics through nightshade or oleandrin just to name a few of her poisons, you essentially shut down the heart and potentially other organs as well thanks to the collateral damage caused in shutting down the heart that way.

As there are cases where Celeste needed to immobilize her target instead of outright killing them, she started looking into herbs that could do that. After some researching, she found several curare recipes that could be used for either paralyzing, inducing sleep or inducing an altered state of consciousness for multiple purposes like interrogating, fear inducement and more. For most of her curare recipe's she needs plants from the Abuta genes that can be found in the menispermaceae family as components. These recipes are based on alkaloids and include tubocurarine, a poison used by tribes on their poison darts, that is obtained from species of Curarea, Chondrodendron, Sciadotenia and Telitoxicum. Seeing how effective those tribes could hunt with those, she went and memorized both the poisons and antidotes possible with the different herbs available in curare mixes. Whenever one of those curare with a focus on immobilizing her target would either penetrate or be breathed in, depending on how strong she made the curare, can be between 1 minute for some of her stronger ones up to 15 minutes for some of her weaker ones. With the weaker ones, it is more of a gradual process where they will slowly start to feel drowsy, numb, lightheaded or as if their limbs and entire body became a lot heavier until they start to crash down thanks to the curare taking full effect. With the stronger ones however, it is more of an acute effect since the effects are happening at such a high speed and force that it knocks you out similar to a knock-out punch. In the cases that she would prepare curare in the traditional way, the curare always turned out as a dark, heavy viscid paste that would taste very bitter to who-ever would taste it, making it rather hard to use through someone’s food.

During her travels, Celeste managed to get such a rich bounty of plants rich in alkaloids that an effective curare can already be made by boiling down several plants of any combination, up to 20 different species. Once the mix becomes a thick syrupy tar, it is strong enough to bring down anything from a human to an S-class demon. There are also ways to make it less like a tar and more like a liquid or gas, but those usually require a few more days of preparation as Celeste would need to make tinctures of it in the case of liquid curare and would have to get the dust from several curare's in order for it to be effective in the air. Needless to say, the airborne version is usually used in combination with her bombs or when she needs to take care of a group of people instead of one where-as the tar and liquid form can be used more aimed at a specific person. As for how it works, since the various components are organic compounds classified as either isoquinoline or indole alkaloids, with Tubocurarine as the major active component in several of her poisonous darts. And as an alkaloid, tubocurarine is a naturally occurring compound that consists of nitrogenous bases—although the chemical structure of alkaloids is highly variable.

Like most alkaloids, tubocurarine consists of a cyclic system with a nitrogen atom in an amine group. Because of this structure or thanks to this structure, tubocurarine can bind readily to the receptors for acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which blocks nerve impulses from being sent to the skeletal muscles, effectively paralyzing the muscles of the body. Since tubocurarine binds reversibly to the acetylcholine receptors, treatment for curare poisoning involves adding an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which will stop the destruction of acetylcholine so that it can compete with curare.

For those reasons, Curare is an example of a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant that blocks the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, one of the two types of acetylcholine receptors, at the neuromuscular junction. The main toxin of curare, d-tubocurarine, occupies the same position on the receptor as acetylcholine with an equal or greater affinity, and elicits no response, making it a competitive antagonist. The antidote for curare poisoning is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (anti-cholinesterase), such as physostigmine or neostigmine. By blocking acetylcholine degradation, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors raise the amount of acetylcholine in the neuromuscular junction; the accumulated acetylcholine will then correct for the effect of the curare by activating the receptors not blocked by toxin at a higher rate.

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