Celestic is an independant guild in fiore. its main purpose in earthland is to to hunt down dark guilds. Members of this guild utilize various kinds of magic including devil slayer magic and various high leveled fire spells. The guild mark consists of 2 wings with a blue gem in the middle with gold around it


Celestic was recently formed after the grand magic games, they work in teams of up to 3 to hunt down demons and dark guilds. the guild was founded by Valerien, Alan and Flamez. Most of their members were influenced by demons in some way and vow to seek revenge and some members were demon hunters or dark guild hunters. After the grand magic games they united to create celestic.


The location of the guild is currently unknown, it is rumored one of their members teleports the guilds building every time its discovered, they do this to prevent any assassination attempts taking place.


The guild building is a white tall palace structure with a bright aura around it, the name of the palace is called the light palace.


The strength of Celestic is unknown, but some members are exceptionally powerful. Valerien destroyed Reborn Naked mummy and reborn einswald effortlessly while mages utilizing devil slayer magic slay demons for pay.

The guild is known for having many devil slayers and the reason for this is most likely because the guilds main objective is slaying demons


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